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TTT #125 – Low Pressure Goals for 2018

Resolutions and goals are posts that we are often hit with a lot in January and it comes as no surprise to see it as a prompt for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday (since this week hosted over on That Artsy Reader Girl). I struggled with it a little though as I already wrote a post sharing my 2018 reading goals. And I have no urge to share any personal resolutions at the moment. It makes them not happen, haha.

These are some things that are on my mind but I did not want to make a big goal. I just don’t want to drown in goals throughout the year. But I do have these in the back of my mind. Others are things I am in no way actively working towards but would be nice, you know.

My Main Goals for 2018.


  1. Hit a 1000 followers on WP for my blog.
  2. Hit a 1000 followers on my bookstagram.
  3. Hit a 100 150 followers on bloglovin’.
    I know we always say that numbers don’t matter and I still stand behind that. But seeing some progress through them is nice. I don’t however work towards these as a goal. If they happen it will be great. But if they don’t, then that is fine too. I hit the 100 just around the change of the year for bloglovin’  so that is cool I guess.
  4. Post reviews on a retail site for review copies at least. 
    I have mentioned before that I can’t post reviews on Amazon as I would have to purchase over 50 Dollars on there. But I have been assured that this is not the case for Barnes and Noble.Apparently Wordery is very easy to use as well. And I know that reviews on retail sites are very valuable for authors. So I want to make a bit more effort on that portion. As time allows it anyway.
  5. I don’t have to review all the books I read.
    Read further explanation here.
  6. Reread more books if I feel like it.
    Sometimes I do want to reread books but I feel bogged down by all the unread books I have in my possession.  So I do not end up doing that. But I want to give it more of a chance.
  7. Read all the books gifted at Christmas 2017.
    Sometimes we get all these books and there they end up on the big stack as we go to all the other books.
  8. Read pre-orders within 2 months.
    I guess this one is clear. I pre-order books, and while I did read a bunch of them last year, I also did not get around to a bunch of them. So I need to be more selective and make more of a point to read them when getting them. I don’t pre-order them for nothing…

Do you have things you don’t nessecarily form a concrete goal for?

44 thoughts on “TTT #125 – Low Pressure Goals for 2018

  1. Gosh, I’ll be excited just to hit 100 WP followers lol. I’m close! That’s interesting to me though that you have significantly less BL followers since I have more BL followers than WP. Unfortunately we can’t really control these things :-/ So I totally get what you mean about how you want them but they’re not active goals. Good luck with the rereads and Christmas books!

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  2. I need to crosspost to retail sites as well, I’m not very good at remembering to do that! And not having to review EVERYTHING is another one- I’ve decided to lighten up on myself, and if I don’t want to review a book, I don;t! It’s kind of liberating lol.

    Great list!

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    1. Me too. Even with review copies. 😦 But I am trying and beat the backlist is helping a little with that.
      Right? It feels kind of nice to just write a review when you want to instead of ugh no not another one.


  3. Annemieke, your photos are fabulous, you can count me as a follower on bookstagram. I also have to agree with reading your pre-orders… I do pre-order for a reason and I’m also guilty of that. Good luck reaching your goals.

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  4. I like the one about not having to review every book and am off to check out your explanation post.
    I discovered the joy of re-reading last year but I don’t do it very often. I think I should make more time for old favourites this year too 🙂

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  5. I managed to hit 100 Bloglovin’ subscribers last year too and I’m amazed. I’d be happy to hit 120 this year. I like to interact with a lot of my followers and have learned that lower numbers makes that more realistic. I am looking to find some new favorite blogs though!

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    1. Thank you! Right, still managable but I’ll still read them. Well I hope. So far I am off to a good start. Reading my first pre order of the year. 😉


  6. Wishing you all the luck in reaching your goals! I especially love the re-reading one, it’s something I want to do more too, so here’s hoping we’ll both geet to re-read some more in 2018 🙂

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  7. Soms maak ik me nog steeds de bedenking dat ik meer volgers zou kunnen krijgen wanneer ik me daar actief op zou toespitsen. Bijvoorbeeld door SEO te gebruiken of door betere titels te bedenken bij mijn blogposts maar uiteindelijk besluit ik steeds dat ik die tijd liever in het lezen en bloggen zelf investeer. Al zou ik het natuurlijk wel leuk vinden om nog meer gelijkgestemde zielen te ontdekken via mijn blog maar tja heel eerlijk … ik heb er gewoon de energie niet voor om me daarop toe te leggen. Meer eigen boeken lezen dat ga ik dan weer wel doen. Af en toe iets herlezen lijkt me ook fijn. Ik dacht trouwens dat ik goed bezig was met mijn tbr maar ondertussen kreeg ik in totaal 4 boeken cadeau én ik kocht er zelf ook eentje dat ik al een tijdje wilde.

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  8. I love the idea of taking more time to post on retail sites. That’s something I should look into as well. We gotta support those wonderful authors who provide our books. ❤

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  9. Not reviewing every book I read is a habit I’d like to adopt. When I thought I couldn’t write a full review for all my reads, I ended up writing mini-reviews, but this year I want to let myself not review books at all if I’m not in the mood. What a strange but necessary goal to have. Wishing you lots of luck with all your goals!

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