Time to Crunch Some Numbers – Reading Statistics 2017

One of the things I like to do in my little green book with the text ‘Write it down everyday for always’ that you might have seen in some photos about blogging, is to keep track of some statistics. I’ve been doing this for the past few years. I think it is interesting to see how much I reread or if I picked up more new releases this year. I do change things every year about how I show things or what I really keep track of.Ā  Like last year I used PiktoChart to create these charts.

There is one thing that I would like to keep track of and that is my diverse reading. But I find it hard to keep track of own voices as you can never be a 100% sure of that. Not everyone comes out saying it is an own voices book (which is more than understandable, they shouldn’t have to) so that is not something I can keep track of that would be representative. How do you keep track of your diverse reading if you do it?


Previous Years

2015 // 2016

Onto the Charts of 2017

release dates 2017

Starting of with some release dates and it is quite striking to see how many 2017 releases I read despite doing the beat the backlist challenge. It is however similar to last year where I read 33% of 2016 releases. However this year I also had the priviledge to read 3 2018 releases which is amazing. I did seem to have picked up less older books that are of 1999 and before. Where last year this was 15% it has lowered to 10% this year.

2017 ratings

I love seeing my ratings. Clearly I rated mostly 3 and 4 stars this year. This was somewhat similar to last year. However percentage wise I rated 5 star books less than last year which was not what I was expecting. I felt like I had read an amazing amount of 5 stars compared to last year. Goes to show you.

how i received my books 2017

One of the new things I am adding to this post is how I received my books. I actually won 5% of my books. Woohoo. And clearly I get gifted a lot of books too. This is mostly through my husband and my mom who love to give me things. It is surprising to see how much they actually enable me though. Like can you imagine how much less books I’d have if they didn’t give me so much? I would have been able to get my tbr down. Not that I am complaining or anything though. ā¤ I could just buy less…

target group 2017

Looking at this target group it is not surprising that non-fiction is 0%. I mean they just don’t read as fast. Oops. Last year I read 44% YA and 24% adult so I have clearly upped my game when it comes to reading adult books like I wanted to. But my middle grade has dipped an all time low, going from 20 to 9%. I guess I’ve been struggling finding middle grade that really appeals to me. Maybe when Merijn is older I’ll be reading a lot more middle grade, haha.

series standalone 2017

This is always a bit of a miscelanous section but I enjoy seeing how much series I start and how many I actually finish. Clearly my abbilities to finish series are severly lacking. But I did up my game compared to last year. I guess that has to do with me binge reading some series compared to last year. The other sectin is mostly sequels and the like that didn’t fit in any of the other categories.

physical ebook 2017

Last year I did not share as it probably came as no surprise to anyone that I read 85% physical books. However this year this clearly changed. As I mentioned last year, I got a lot of more review copies and so I read a lot more ebooks. And hey, I even read some audio books. Go me.

gender 2017

It is good to see such a strong female presence in this.

pages read 2017

And last but not least, the pages I read per month. This time in a chart. Clearly I had a huge spike in the Summer. Honestly you can see in this chart when I was doing well and when I was doing a bit less mood wise. Funny how that works.

25 thoughts on “Time to Crunch Some Numbers – Reading Statistics 2017

  1. Yay graphs! You did great at reading from a variety of release dates! And that’s awesome that most of your books were 3.5 stars and up. You did pretty good with a variety of sources too. Wow lots of physical books! Re: finishing series, it might not be your fault if you didn’t finish a lot since that depends on whether the final book has been released or not. That last chart is so pretty! And to answer your Q, I don’t keep track of ownvoices, I just keep track of what diversity is in the book šŸ™‚

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  2. Love your charts, Annemieke! ā¤ So cool that you still read lots of books from 1999 and older (although the percentage dropped from last year). I typically only read books that old if it's a school requirement, which I should remedy IMMEDIATELY. D: Hope your 2018 reading's even better, lovely!

    – Aimee @ Aimee, Always

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  3. Oh, leuk! Hier was ik op aan het wachten sinds je in een reactie had gezegd dat er een statistieken-post aankwam. Eigenlijk zag ik vrij veel zaken die ik zelf nog niet mee opneem in mijn leesjaar-terugblik maar die wel heel interessant zijn. Misschien neem ik volgend jaar wel enkele van hen mee in mijn statistieken.

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  4. Yeah, it’s impossible to know every single #ownvoices group, but I made a tag whenever I do know. Other than that, I try to make a note of what kind of diversity (POC, LGBTQA, mental health, disability).
    Didn’t you also get books from the library? I didn’t see that in your pie chart!
    And speaking of charts, how did you make yours? They look so nice and colorful!

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    1. I think I might need to make a note of what kind of diversity there is in a book too. Thanks. šŸ™‚

      I did but there were so few that I didn’t take them into account. And the graph of how I acquired books is just from what I bought, not what I read. šŸ™‚ Next time i’ll probably take them along with the phsycial and ebook section. šŸ™‚

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