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The title of this post might trigger a recognizition in you. If you are thinking along the lines of Goodreads I will say you are right. Every year goodreads shares with us our year in books that we can share a link to on other social media. It is a lot of fun to see. This year you can also compare to last year which is fun too I think.

year in books 2017 1

In December Esther from BiteIntoBooks created the Goodreads Your Year in Books Meme where you share the elements from your year in books in a blog post. Since I quite enjoy seeing this every year I thought it would be fun to share it with you through this means here as well.

year in books 2017 2

year in books 2017 3

This year I let more go which books and graphic novels and novella’s I’d add to my challenge. Instead of all these rules and it shows in this section of my year. The pages aren’t accurate I’m sure as I did not always manage to add the correct edition.

Most Popular
1984 by George Orwell (2,328,884 people also read it)

My Average Rating
3,5 stars

It is interesting to see that my rating now is 3,5 stars while in 2016 it was 3,7 stars and in 2015 it was 3.3. I asked myself the question last year whether or not my pregnancy had influenced my ratings and have them turn out higher and I feel that there is beginning to be a strong case for this…


Highest Rated Book
Gravity Falls Journal 3 by Alex Hirsch

My First Review
De Klauw (Magycker 1) by Adrian Stone


All 141 Books

2017 books 1.png

2017 books 2.png

2017 books 3.png

2017 books 4.png

2017 books 5.png

2017 books 6.png

2017 books 7.png

2017 books 8.png

2017 books 9

2017 books 10

2017 books 11

2017 books 12.png

2017 books 13

2017 books 14

2017 books 15

2017 books 16.png






14 thoughts on “My Year in Books

  1. holy Ssss 141 books THAT’S AWESOME Annemieke! I see SO MANY books I adored here or that I will be reading soon! We have such a similar taste in books 🙂 Hope you have another great reading year!

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  2. Ondertussen maak ik al enkele jaren telkens in januari zo’n terugblik post op wat ik las. Deels gebaseerd (en af en toe gecorrigeerd) op Goodreads en vervolgens uitgebreid met een aantal zaken die ik zelf nog heb uitgerekend. Ik vind het gewoon heel erg fijn om even stil te staan bij wat ik juist las. Tja, boeken en cijfertjes blijven echt de enige wiskunde die ik wél leuk vind. Ik vond het Goodreads-overzicht er dit jaar precies ook fijner uitzien.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dat klopt. Het is ook zo interessant om te zien hoe het veranderd met vorige jaren. Ik heb mijn statistieken blog vandaag online. 😉 Deze vond ik even leuk om als extra te delen. Het ziet er inderdaad leuker uit dit jaar.

      Liked by 1 person

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