TTT #123 – New to Me Authors I Read in 2017

Happy New Year Top Ten Tuesdayers and The Broke and the Bookish! I hope you had an awesome turn of the year. May 2018 bring us everything we want.

So to get our Tuesdays going in 2018 we are starting with the topic of new to me authors. This is a reoccuring topic every year and for some reason I alway struggle with what way I want to go with this one. I mean you can go for authors you read for the first time. Those are technically new to you. Or you could go for those authors that you hadn’t or barely heard about before 2017.

I decided to go with the last one to give them some extra attention.ย  There were probably more than these last year but I choose to go for just these ten.


Jurgen Snoeren / Review


Vic James / Review

Seanan McGuire / Review

F.C. Yee / Review

Molly Ringle / Review


Kristen Ciccarelli / Review

C.B. Leeย  / Review

Keezy Young / Review

Scarlett Thomas / Review

Matt Wallace / Review

28 thoughts on “TTT #123 – New to Me Authors I Read in 2017

  1. I’m impressed that the only author on this list I’ve read before is Vic James! I was intrigued by Gilded Cage, but I completely forgot I read it until right now. O_o Will you be reading the second book?

    Which of these authors really stuck out to you the most? I would love to read one of their books next year upon your recommendation!

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    1. Haha that is an accomplishment. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am going to read the next one. I have it ready for me on my shelf but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

      I’d say F.C. Yee as I really really loved The Epic Crush of Genie Lo. It was so funny.

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  2. Seanan McGuire staat hier tussen mijn TBR te wachten. Hopelijk kom ik er dit jaar aan toe. Alhoewel … het is het eerste deel van een serie als ik het super vind wil ik de andere delen natuurlijk ook in huis halen en dat is dan weer nefast voor die tbr-lijst.

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