Goodreads Choice Awards 2017

December 5th, the day where the Netherlands celebrates Sinterklaas. But this year this was the day where Goodreads also announced the winners to this years Choice Awards.

It always starts at the start of November with the opening round, moving to the semi-finals to end with the final round. Since I’ve been on Goodreads I have always voted on the awards. It is always great to vote on a favorite book. For the longest time I didn’t realize you could nominate your own books in the opening round though. If you were clueless like me, please remember it for next year. Goodreads doesn’t seem to be very openly sharing this information either which is a shame. The Language of Thorns got into the semi-final that way this year I think.

I’ll be honest and say that I have always found it so awkwardly placed. I mean it is about the books of 2017 and yet it isn’t even the end of the year yet and there are still plenty of books coming out in December even. I guess they go towards 2018 but that feels weird since they were released in 2017? I don’t know. It always makes me feel a bit weird. Anyway, I thought this year I would share which categories I voted in, which books I voted on in the final round and which books of runner ups I am interested in if I haven’t read them yet.


Untitled The choice awards have a bunch of categories as there are so many genres too. I don’t know about you guys, but generally I will only vote in a few categories. Honestly, some categories I don’t even look at the nominated books since I don’t read them anyway.

The categories I voted in for (semi) final round was Fantasy, Science Fiction, Debut Goodreads Author, Graphic Novels and Comics, Young Adult Fiction, Young Adult Fantasy and Science Fiction and Middle Grade and Children’s.  These are actually a lot of categories for me. I don’t often vote in Science Fiction since I don’t often read the newest releases in this genre and so I rarely have one to vote for.

A new one for me is also Graphic Novels and Comics. I did read a bunch more this year of these and one of them was actually nominated. Young Adult Fiction is also a category I don’t always have something to vote for as fantasy and science-fiction have their own category for young adult. But again, this year there was something.


Honestly, I’ve been reading a lot more new releases this year but the only category that somewhat showed in was Fantasy. In this category there were a grand total of 3 books I could choose from to vote for in the (semi) final round: Etched in Bone, A Conjuring of Light and Fantastic Beasts, the screen play. My semi-final pick, Etched in Bone wasn’t in the final round though and I ended up choosing A Conjuring of Light.

Surprisingly I actually had a Science Fiction choice which was Waking Gods. The next category was Graphic Novels and Comics. The only one there for me to vote for was of course Wires and Nerves, volume 1. Though I did recognize more of the others this time.

The Dutch cover of Caraval

It is always interesting to see Debut Author Book picks and for some reason I often have read at least one of them. This year this was Caraval. Though if I had known about the nominating my own books during the start of the opening round I probably would have gone for something else and hoped others would vote along.

My Young Adult Fiction vote of course belonged to Monty and Percy from The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue. In a shocking turn of events there was a second book that I read from the list which was The Upside of Unrequited.  Moving towards the Fantasy and Science Fiction portion of Young Adult I had a shocking three books in the semifinal round that I read: Flame in the Mist, The Language of Thorns and Caraval. My semi-final pick The Language of Thorns wasn’t in the final which bummed me out. I ended up going with Caraval but that was by far not a favorite.

Lastly there was Middle Grade and Children’s. My vote did not go to The Empty Grave as I haven’t read that yet. I know. But the two I did read were two Riordan books. The Dark Prophecy was a let down to me but I loved The Ship of the Dead.

The Winners

And so the winners were announced. The only book I voted for that ended up winning their category was The Ship of the Dead by Rick Riordan which was well deserved in my opinion.

Untitled In Fantasy the screenplay of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them won the award and I am kind of flabbergasted by that as there was so much good fantasy in the nominations and you all voted for a bloody screenplay… I mean this movie already garnered so much, and don’t get me wrong, I loved it too, but I don’t think it is the just winner of the fantasy section of book awards. But that is my opinion.

In Science-Fiction Artemis by Andy Weir won. Big Mushy Happy Lump won Graphic Novels and Comics. The Hate U Give won Goodreads Debut Author and Young Adult Fiction. And unsurprisingly A Court of Wings and Ruin won Young Adult Fantasy.

Stacking Up That TBR

For a change I am going to look at the winners and their 2 runner-ups to see if maybe I would want to read them. From the first three in Fantasy (Fantastic Beasts, Norse Mythology and A Conjuring of Light) I have already read two. And Norse Mythology is one I own and already want to read. Lookin further into the nominees I see quite a few others I’d like to read but in most cases I have to start or catch up in the series. Naming a few are The Bear and the Nightingale, Oathbringer, Assasin’s Fate and Stone Sky.

As for Science-Fiction I have no interest in reading Artemis. I just wasn’t taken by his first book and I don’t think that this book will be better for me. I have read and voted for Waking Gods, the second one. The third one is a Star Wars book. I don’t really follow Star Wars so that is a no for me. From the others I do have the Binti series on my radar but I want to read the others on my shelf from this author first.


Moving on to Graphic Novels and Comics, the big winner was Big Mushy Happy Lump. I’d love to read that one since I love Sarah’s comics and I loved the first one. I have no interest in the Wonder Woman comic though. And I’m still not out on if I want to read Saga or not. My vote went to Wires and Nerves that ended up as fourth.

When it comes to the winner of the Debut Goodreads Author and Young Adult Fiction, The Hate U Give, I do want to read this at some point. I think I’ll take it out of the library next year. It is not what I usually pick up but as it is an important read I decided I wanted to give it a go anyway.

Further in the Debut Goodreads Author was my vote Caraval. That was the only one I read. It came in second. Third was The Bear and the Nightingale. With Young Adult Fiction my vote, The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, came in fourth. Looking at the rest of the list I am most interested in Eliza and her Monster.

With Young Adult Fantasy and Sci-Fi I’m interested in a few. The second highest vote went to Lord of Shadows. I recently read the first book and while I am not in love I have been assured the second one is much better. I also want to read Strange, the Dreamer and Wintersong as I have those on my shelves. Warcross and Our Dark Duet I’m still kind of going back and forth on.

With Middle Grade and Children I have no interest in any of the top nominees beyond the Rick Riordan books. The Empty Grave didn’t even make it passed the first round. Booh. (Even though I still have to read it)

Which books did you vote for?

18 thoughts on “Goodreads Choice Awards 2017

  1. I was disappointed about the Fantastic Beasts win for the same reasons you were. 😔

    I voted the least this year than in previous years because I hadn’t read many of the books and two of them that I did read I didn’t care for, so of course I didn’t vote for them. I was really surprised with the MG choices because I read a lot of MG this year and I think only one I read showed up and it was one I didn’t like. Ha ha. I did some write-ins, one made it to the second round, but not to the finals. I have a few of the other books that were nominated, but I hadn’t read them yet. 📚

    Yay for The Hate You Give. 💜

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  2. Ik denk dat Fantastic beasts heeft gewonnen omdat ook veel mensen op dat boek hebben gestemd die normaal geen fantasy lezen. Ik vond de winnaars een beetje mwah mwah. Ik was er niet zo onderste boven van dit jaar

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    1. Dat is wel een goed punt ja. Maar toch jammer dat een screenplay witn.
      Ik ben het ook wel daar mee eens. Sommige winnaars was ik ook een beetje mwah van.


  3. Ugh, the Goodreads Choice Awards are always such a joke! I also don’t understand why they start so early. Are December books really included in the next year’s awards? I always thought they were left out completely.

    I’m almost done with Artemis, and I’m actually pissed that it won. The story is alright, but it’s ridiculously sexist and makes me really angry while reading.

    The only book I voted for that won is The Hate U Give – twice! It was well-deserved, although I don’t understand why Dear Martin, which has the same subject but was released in November, isn’t getting the same attention. I’m almost tempted to say I found it more powerful than THUG!

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    1. Right? Apparently they seem to be included in next year as Fantastic Beasts screenplay came out last year in November/December I think. So weird.

      Oh that sounds terrible. Glad I am not planning on picking that one up.

      I still have to read THUG but I am glad it won considering the subject. I’ll have to keep Dear Martin in mind for after I have read THUG. I hope they will translate that to Dutch as well.


  4. I’m honestly not that thrilled that Fantastic Beasts won, either. I mean, I enjoyed the movie, but I felt like there were more deserving books in that category. Oh, well. It’s JKR, so I’m not entirely surprised. I REALLY recommend LORD OF SHADOWS! I just finished & loved it.

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  5. I read The Hate U Give a couple months back and I’m happy that the author won an award! I found the book really engaging and I thought it highlighted issues especially important to read about today. Yeah, it’s kind of disappointing to see the screenplay beat out other fantasy books! I also enjoyed reading A Conjuring of Light…but there’s next year for other stories, I suppose. Thanks for sharing!

    claire @ clairefy

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  6. Only vote for biography: Hunger by Roxane Gay….I always feel bad because I’d like to read the other books on all lists and I don’t think it’s right to vote if you haven’t read the book (…and kind of not read all the other candidates)

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    1. It is a little difficult to vote when you haven’t read all the books, but on the other hand, there is no way to be able to have read all the books as we all vote in the books to begin with, haha. I don’t have that much time. And yeah, I don’t vote if I haven’t read the book either.

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  7. Every year I use the Goodreads choice awards to vamp up my TBR with books otherwise I wouldn’t read unless it is for all this pressure LOL This year I added pretty much all the winners: Artemis, Without Pressure, Before we were Yours, Little Fires Everywhere, Teh Sun and her Flowers.. What Can I say?? sometimes I just like to follow the herd 😀

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