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TTT #116 – Books I’m Thankful For

In two more days Thanksgiving will be hitting in America again. As you will probably know by now I am not an American and as such the holiday doesn’t mean much to me. However The Broke and the Bookish has given us a prompt that fits with the holiday that I can actually go ahead with.

There are books that you might have read in certain periods of your life that mean something more to you. Or maybe you recognized yourself in the book. It can make you thankful the book exists. Or maybe you are just so very happy you were able to find a character to treasure in that book. So here are some books I’m thankful for.


To Be Released

Untitled Tess of the Road by Rachel Hartman
I am so very happy that this book will finally be published. I’ve been waiting on this one forever it feels like. I’ve already read it.

King of Scars (King of Scars 1) by Leigh Bardugo
Oh my gosh. Who isn’t happy that Nikolai is getting a book?

Untitled (Untitled Trilogy) by Maggie Stiefvater
This book will focus on Ronan from The Raven Cycle and I am just happy this book will exist. We might just have to wait a long time on it.


Paaz (Paaz 1) by Myrthe van der Meer / Review
This Dutch book about being admitted to a psychiatric ward and depression was an eye opener to me as to how much I related to some of the mc’s thoughts.

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer / Review
This series is what jolted me back into reading, got me to tumblr, bookr and from there I started my blog. So I am thankful that this series brought me back to something I love so much and is now such a big part of my life again.


The Golem’s Eye (Bartimaeus 2) by Jonathan Stroud
This is the first book my Jonathan Stroud I read and I am so glad I picked it up and it has made me such a Stroud fan.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
It made me cry… In the train…

The Epic Crush of Genie Lo by F.C. Yee / Review
I don’t know what it is what draws me to this book but I love it so much. I’m glad diverse books like these are making their way into the foreground.

41 thoughts on “TTT #116 – Books I’m Thankful For

  1. Such a great list Annemieke! I have Tess on the Road to read soon and I am SO HAPPY you liked it! Also The Lunar Chronicles are such a gateway read, right?! They just suck you into the genre. And I want to read The Epic Crush soooo bad!!! Soon, def soon!

    I love top 10 Tuesday… Here is my post if you’re interested in my choices ā¤

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    1. I really liked Tess on the Road though it is a bit of a different read than Seraphina.
      They really do and they are so easy to get into.
      Oh my gosh you need to read The Epic Crush. It is my favorite read of the year.

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  2. I just started in The Raven Boys and I really hope that it’s as good as everyone says it is!
    I also only read the first book of the Lunar Chronicles, I should definitely pick it back up and read the rest of the series!
    Great list! šŸ™‚

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  3. The Lunar Chronicles got me out of a big reading slump too! Glad you enjoyed it as well. Great list thanks for sharing it. I’m now off to check Paaz out šŸ™‚

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  4. Annemieke,
    Totally agree about King of Scars, because Nikolai was my favorite person in Siege and Storm. He totally deserves his own spin off. Well earned, sir, well earned. Ronan Lynch is a curious character who intimidates me a lot. I don’t think I’d have approached Ronan in high school. Maybe Adam, though, would be an acquaintance. Definitely Noah Czerny would’ve been my pal. ARGH. I need to read the Lunar Chronicles soon, then. I heard good things about it, but I haven’t started reading yet. (Also: Tumblr? You’re on Tumblr?! Please share link, because I’m on there, too. I’m @dinasoaur on there).

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    1. He does.
      Oh I would not have gone near Ronan either, haha. I might have smiled at Adam in high school but that would be it haha.

      I haven’t been on Tumblr in a while, like over a year? But my usernames were signourney and signourneybooks.


  5. This is wonderful list! I love that you include both To Be Released and Released books. It never occurred to me to include to be released books…

    I *adore* The Lunar Chronciles. It’s also a series which got me back into reading as much as I do. I can’t believe I didn’t include those! I’ve only read the Six of Crows duology from the Grishaverse. I really should read the other books, right? Right.

    I am thankful for the collection of books I read as a child which built me into the reader I am today. You can check them out on my own Top Ten Tuesday here!

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    1. Yeah I was thinking about it and the to be released were actually the ones that were the first to come to me, haha.

      Well I mean you do get more Nicolai in Shadow and Bone books (but only from the second one).

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  6. Ahhh another reason I need to read Genie Lo since you also adored it!! šŸ˜‚ And omggg I’m so freaking excited for all 3 of the books you listed that aren’t released yet. The Ronan trilogy is everything my heart needs and I’m so excited for DRAGONS with Tessa of the Road!! Also Nikolai!! I have wanted that book since I first picked up Shadow & Bone. šŸ˜ 2018 is going to be freaking brilliant.

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  7. I’m not American either, but I adore this prompt. ā¤ I think it's such a wonderful idea to take a step back & remember all the thing we're grateful for. And YES, I adore the Lunar Chronicles!! So. Much. Fun. ā¤

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