Books With Adaptation I’ve Seen And I’d Still Like to Read

Well that title is a mouth full.

In case it is making you squint your eyes, like it makes me do, I am going to be sharing books that have a movie or a tv adaptation that I would still like to read. In this case I will have seen the adaptation. I could not think of another title though. Titles are hard!

While in most cases I try and read the book before seeing the adaptation, watching something can sometimes just be easier instead of reading the book. Especially with classics. And in some cases I don’t even realize it is an adaptation. When I was younger I was particulary clueless on this subject.

Now that I am older and more active in the online book community, it is easier to keep track of. Even so, watching a movie can be more convenient most times. Especially when my husband wants to watch it with me, and he certainly doesn’t care about reading the book first. He’ll just not read the book.



Ender’s Game / Book / Movie
Ender’s Game is an older Sci-Fi story that is rather well known. It is actually the first one in the Ender Quartet but the others have never gained the same attention as the first book has gotten. They almost feel like forgotten books. In 2013 it got a movie, with Harrison Ford. One of the reason my husband wanted to watch it. We both enjoyed the movie and I am very curious to see how it holds up to the book though.


Alice in Wonderland / Book / Movie
This book by Lewis Caroll has had various adoptations throughout the years. From Disney to the latest real life action one and her depiction in the tv show Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. But for now I am referring to the last movie in 2010. Yes, that one with Johnny Depp. I love the idea of Wonderland. It is so whymsical. But seeing as I have a very thick book for it I have not yet started reading it.

Beauty and the Beast / Book / Movie
For the longest time I did not realize this was even based on a book. I guess growing up with Disney and its movies, it is hard to look past them. One can’t have missed the real life action movie released earlier this year. With that there was more attention for the original book as well and I found a lovely pop up version in September that I am hoping to read next year. Very curious to see how similar it is. Or not.

The Wind in the Willows / Book / Movie
This is such an older children’s classic but I remember it the most from the cartoon from 1995. I was the right age for that at the time. I remember it being fun but I don’t remember that much. It will be interesting to read the book.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest / Book / Movie
When I was still in high school we watched this movie during English class once. It is one of those that kind of sticks with you even though it is almost 15 years ago. Recently I remembered having seen the movie and thought about the actual book. It would be interesting to read, even if it is out of my usual genre.

Stand By Me / Book / Movie
For the longest time I didn’t realize this was actually an adaptation. Interestingly it is actually an adaptation of a short story by Stephen King from his bind-up Different Seasons. I watched it on a sick day during high school and fell in love with the bond between the boys in this book. The ending also really made an impact on me.

Jurassic Park / Book / Movie
Okay, I am not the biggest Jurassic Park fan, but my husband loves to watch them. I do however find it very intersting to know that these movies are based on a book.

The Jungle Book / Book / Movie
Another movie that took me ages to realize it was actually based on a book. I’m curious to see how the story is written.

Bridge to Terrabithia / Book / Movie
They tend to show this movie a lot around Christmas time, often on the BBC, and there is something so heart breaking about this book. I’m curious to see if this is one of those rare books that will make me cry, despite knowing what will happen.


TV Show


Under the Dome / Book / TV Show
Look Stephen King has always been on my radar, but with so much he has published I never quite knew where to start. When his Under the Dome became a tv show I bought the book for my husband who loved the show. He is never going to read it, most likely. But there is a good chance I will try it at some point. I love sci-fi shows but books are harder for me to read. It is a shame the tv show was cancelled. I still have to see season 3 though.

Midsomer Murders / Book / Tv Show
I think a lot of people don’t realize but this show is based on the Chief Inspector Barnaby books by Caroline Graham. There are about 7 books out. After that they of course went their own direction with it all, but that is where it roots lie.

13 thoughts on “Books With Adaptation I’ve Seen And I’d Still Like to Read

  1. Bridge to Terrabithia is an amazing movie and it follows the book really well. (I may be biased because AnnaSophia Robb and Josh Hutcherson are two of my favorite actors haha). The Ender’s Game movie is fantastic as well. šŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ā¤

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    1. Haha, the movie really struck a cord with me when I first watched it. I had no idea back then it was even a book or what it was about. I was just bored and came across it as I was zapping. But it has stuck by me. Good to hear it stuck to the book really well. šŸ˜€


  2. I was the same with ‘Alice in Wonderland’. I always liked the Disney version but after I watched the Burton movie, I picked it up and read it. It was bit more weird than I thought, but I still enjoyed it.

    Ender was the other way round.. I read it, liked it and started watching the movie, but did not finish it. Just didn’t work for me.

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  3. Deze moet ik opslagen vermits er hier in het nog uit te werken lijstje een post staat gepland over verfilmingen die ik zag terwijl ik niet wist dat ze op een boek waren gebaseerd. Met misschien een klein stukje over verfilmingen die ik zag terwijl ik het wel wist maar geen zin had om het boek te lezen. Foei Liesbet, foei! Als het lijstje verschijnt probeer ik ook naar jouw blogpost te verwijzen. Als ik het vergeet dan trek je maar eens aan mijn oren. šŸ˜‰ Jammer genoeg durft dat wel eens te gebeuren vermits sommige ideetjes heel lang moeten wachten tot ze worden uitgewerkt. Dit lijstje staat al een tweetal jaar te wachten ondertussen.

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    1. Haha ja zulke boeken heb ik ook. Met Ender’s Game wist ik wel dat het boek bestond maar ja, film kwam eerst, hihi.

      Oh herkenbaar. Ik heb momenteel ook een lijst waar dingen al even op staan. Volgens mij zijn wij ook nog allebei steeds van plan een lijst te maken met boeken die een mooie hardcover onder de dust jacket hebben verstopt zitten. šŸ˜€


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