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Books With Some Creepy Creatures

Next Tuesday Halloween already hits. Here in the Netherlands it isn’t something we really celebrate but I love seeing Halloween episodes or how everyone in America gets very excited about it.

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without some creepy creatures. Over the ages these creatures have had all kinds of different interpretations. And I don’t think we all see them the same way. But isn’t that the best fun with these creatures? I haven’t read all of these books but I have only added ones that I’ve heard great things about. In other cases I have read them and they weren’t for me. But I know others really like these. In some they are at the front, with others more apart of the whole supernatural world.



Twilight / Glass Houses / Interview with the Vampire / City of Bones / Vampire Academy / Dracula / Dark Lover / The Historian / Guilty Pleasures / Fevre Dream



Written in Red  / Shiver / Bitten / Moon Called / Soulless / Magic Bites / Nightshade / Sisters Red / Fateful / Born at Midnight



Anna Dressed in Blood / The Screaming Staircase / The Raven Boys / The Graveyard Book / The Restorer / Shutter / The Legend of Sleepy Hollow / Doll Bones / The Girl From the Well / It’s a Wonderful Death



The Darkest Part of the Forest / The Goblins of Bellwater / The Mysteries / Darkfever / Artemis Fowl / Tithe / The Iron King / The Wee Free Men / Wintersong / Lament



The Amulet of Samarkand / This Savage Song / Neverwhere / Cracked / Lord Loss / Bad Moon Rising / The Novice / Fablehaven / The Box of Demons / A Demon Bound



A Discovery of Witches / The Witches / The Bone Witch / Equal Rites / Practical Magic / Good Omens / Charmed Life / The Ocean at the End of the Lane / The Near Witch / Daughter of the Blood



Zom-B / Pride and Prejudice and Zombies / Forest of Hands and Teeth / Raising Stony Mayhall / World War Z / The Girl With All the Gifts / The Walking Dead / Something Strange and Deadly / Warm Bodies / Feed


Do you have any more recomendations for these creatures?

11 thoughts on “Books With Some Creepy Creatures

  1. That’s a really cool collection, thanks for that!
    I am not a big fan of vampires & werewolves, but give me Zombies, witches and demons any time 😀
    ‘The Forest of Hands and Teeth’ looks good! And I should try some Diana Wynne Jones, lots of people I know like her books!

    Pratchett’s witches are my favourites and ‘The Ocean at the End of the Lane’ was a great scary read!

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    1. I haven’t read a real vampire book in a long while, honestly.
      The Forest of Hands and Teeth is one I’ve been hearing on and of about that interests me. And Diana Wynne Jones is amazing.
      I haven’t read Pratchet’s witch arc yet but I did read Tiffany Aching and it has me very interested in that arc.

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  2. Yes! My favorite thing about reading about diff paranormal creatures is seeing how each author puts their own unique spin on them. I have read Interview, Dracula, and Warm Bodies, but those are the only ones from your list. Some of these are on my TBR though, like Raven Boys and Wintersong!

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  3. You have so many on here that I love! ‘The Graveyard Book’, ‘Interview with the Vampire’, ‘City of Bones’, ‘Neverwhere’, and ‘Dracula’ are all just awesome!

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      1. Neil Gaimen has written some gems. In addition to ‘Neverwhere’, I thoroughly enjoyed ‘The Graveyard Book’. It’s supposed to be one geared toward children, but I still rather enjoyed it.

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