Books and Cats

Books and Cats – In Loving Memory

When I first started this blog I had an item called books and cats where I showed my cats ‘posing’ with books. Since then a lot of things have changed. I’ve had to pull back the previous books and cats blogs because of the photobucket drama and I had a hard time finding all the pictures that went with those posts from over the years. Mika is less playful and does not ‘pose’ all that much now there is a toddler walking around.

But the biggest change is of course that we had to put Amigo to sleep a year ago. It still hurts. He was my big buddy. So I figured why not revive the books and cats idea with sharing the pictures of Amigo with books that I could still find. And remember my precious buddy.

Amigo otherbound

Lovely Amigo came to us on December 5th 2011 and was with us for 5 years. When we got him he was a bit older than we wanted to. The animal shelter guessed 6 years, but he was affectionate towards us so we ended up taking him home. Much later it turned out he probably was already 10-11 years old when we got him.

amigo and the son of neptune

Which probably explains why he was such a sleepy head. This certainly was one of his favorite poses to sleep in. It was so cute. He would let you scrub his tummy which was quite the priviledge. When he was sleeping like this it was easy to snap a quick picture with a book.


Other times he would wake up and start cuddling the books like this. Just another thing to sleep on.


He could honestly pull the cutest sleeping faces and just looking at this picture just makes me want to cuddle him.


He was the dominant cat in our home. Mika knew that though as Amigo grew weaker, Mika grew stronger though she never did take his dominant position away. He was never nice to my parent’s dog. But he accepted Merijn very easily. Here he is in the process of claiming his sleeping spot back from the Blossom Books pillow.


Sleepy head.


This picture shows him as a bit older and you can clearly see how thin he has become. It was hard to watch.


Amigo was especially good at photo bombing stack of books pictures.


He had to show his dominance over the stack of books. Amigo lion I liked to call him.


Another photo bomb as I was trying to take a picture in our backyard. He’s being so creepy, I didn’t even notice him there at first…

Excuse me as I now go bawl my eyes out….


13 thoughts on “Books and Cats – In Loving Memory

  1. I love him, and I have never met him. Amigo was your little protector and companion, it sounds like. I think I can relate to this pain. Momo had to be put to sleep like 7 years ago, and I still get pangs of longing. Do you only have Mika now? Does she get lonely? Thank you for sharing Amigo with your readers. I needed to see such sweetness in a lovely baby boy’s face right now. Hey, if you want or need hugs or talks, or any support, I’m here for you, my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He really was. He knew I was pregnant before I knew. Hugs for your loss of Momo.
      We do only have Mika now. I’m not sure if she is lonely. Sometimes I think she is, other times I think she is fine.

      Thank you dear. ❤


  2. What a beautiful cat! Thank you for sharing. My cats are getting older and I’m trying to treasure every day with them. Clearly I need to take some pictures of them with books! I love the last photo.

    Liked by 1 person

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