I Experienced Harry Potter…

…which is not quite as dirty as that title makes it sound.

The Harry Potter exhibition or also known as the Harry Potter Expo arrived in the Netherlands earlier this year. From the start I knew that my husband and I wanted to go see it. While Maarten might not be very bookish, he does love Harry Potter. But with Merijn and Maarten’s work we just never managed to make time for it. And then the end of the exhibition was coming in sight.

Luckily for us they extended the time to visit until September 2nd which was in Maarten’s first week of Summer vacation. When I heard that I ordered the tickets right away.

So September 1st we hopped in the car, dropped Merijn off at grandpa and drove straight to Utrecht to see the exhibition. I didn’t even realize when I got the tickets it was epilogue day but clearly I have great choosing abbilities.

Beware that this post has a lot of pictures!

When I ordered the tickets I choose the collector’s one. One of the trio and one of the train which of course was for Maarten.

We choose the time slot 10.30-11.00. These timeslots served to make sure that not too many people went in at once. You could stay as long as you wanted once inside.

The introduction started with the sorting hat of course!
In the next room we got some shots from the movies before being allowed into the next room.

In between the scenes and the moving pictures you could see the hogwarts train. It was crowded around that immediately so we went on.


Hermoine’s Items
Ron’s items, and I promptly forgot to take pictures of Harry’s, haha.
Left Dutch, Right English. I thought it was fun to see this comparison.
Some potions items like the school book, wands of Snape and Slughorn, the cauldron etc.
Maarten pulling up a mandrake.


Of course I had to sit in Hagrid’s chair!
The Flying Key from the first movie
Spooky! From the cemetary scene in movie 4
Ravenclaw Pride!
Banners from all 4 houses
The wall outside the great hall..
Selfie with the doors
Selfie with Maarten
At the start we could get our picture take with some props and at the end of the exhibition you could look at it and choose a background.
This is how our picture turned out!
A lot of the things in the store were super expensive. But besides the photo I did get a Ravenclaw scarf I’ve been wanting for years and a pin!

Overal it was a lot of fun to visit this exhibition. We did go through it rather fast. Quicker than the hour and a half the website gave it. Even so I do think it was worth a visit and fun to see. I don’t think it is something you would visit multiple times though.

Aftwards we went to the Primark and I of course got some more Harry Potter stuff.

This great Marauder’s Map sweater, a ravenclaw notebook and pillow. Totally a Ravenclaw day!
This little card was attached to one of the items and I thought it was cute.

32 thoughts on “I Experienced Harry Potter…

  1. Leuk om te zien! Ik was vorige maand met een groepje van Medusa ook naar deze tentoonstelling gegaan. Ben nog bezig met fotoblokjes maken van die dag, maar we hebben met z’n allen zoveel foto’s gemaakt dat het uitzoeken wel even duurt XD Wij hebben ook alleen de foto gekocht in de winkel, was wel duur idd. En in welke Primark ben je geweest ?

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  2. I went in March (I think?) and it’s a really fun exhibition! It was really cool to see so many props from the movies 🙂 Hagrid’s chair was so comfy! I didn’t want to get up but I don’t thik the people waiting for me would’ve appreciated that haha. Looks like you had a great day! 🙂

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  3. Ravenclaw!!!
    Zelf ben ik hier niet naartoe gegaan want ik ben afgelopen vrijdag naar de studio tour bij Londen geweest. Maar leuk om via je foto’s toch een beetje een sfeerimpressie te krijgen

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ik krijg meteen zin om terug te gaan. Bij mij is het ondertussen al meer als een jaar geleden dus het kriebelt echt meteen weer wanneer ik jouw foto’s zie. Spijtig genoeg waren het bij ons gewoon tickets die je thuis moest afprinten want die collector editie ziet er super leuk uit als herinnering. Ik dacht dat het een bewuste keuze was om zolang mogelijk te wachten met jullie bezoekje om zo de drukte te vermijden. Al een geluk dat jullie uiteindelijk toch nog een moment vonden om samen naar daar te gaan.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ja je kon voor de collector editie kiezen. dan moest je wel iets meer betalen (natuurlijk).
      Toen ik hoorde van de verlenging heb ik gelijk de kaartjes besteld haha. Dat was zo’n beetje de enige dag dat het zou kunnen.

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  5. that sounds like a fun exhibition! I do admit that I’d probably panic because there’s other people there. Was the crowd friendly at least? Also: gosh, dang it, they should’ve had food for you guys! Hogwarts-y food. I mean, I know that’s not very practical, but, come on. Everyone likes food. What would you have liked to see in the Great Hall (if they had food)?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There were time slots so that not too many people would go in at once. So crowd wise it certainly wasn’t too bad. And everyone was friendly to let others take their pictures and such.
      Haha food would have been great.

      Thanks. 😀


  6. Brilliant! I love the photos. I can’t remember what was going on when this was in NYC, but I didn’t make it down to see it. Did they have anything special going on because it was epilogue day? I would have chosen the train background, too. And sitting in Hagrid’s chair! Jealous! I am glad they extended the showing so you didn’t have to miss it. 🙂

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  7. Awesome pics! If you ever get a chance to check out the Studio Tour in London I highly recommend it. Haven’t published my post on it yet but it’s in the works – I can’t wait to go back and see it all again 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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