Why Do I Pre-Order Books?

A while ago Cait from Paperfury wrote an article about post ideas and one of the things she mentioned in there as an example topic was pre-ordering books. Which got me thinking. And counting.

In the first six months of the year, out of all the books I’ve hauled up to then, I pre-ordered ten books. That isn’t quite as bad as I thought it would be. To me it felt like I had pre-ordered about half of what I had bought, but that wasn’t the case. I never pre-ordered books until I became more invested in the book community. I never even knew it was possible to pre-order books before then to be honest. It was just not something I considered. But these days I am so far into our community that I live and breath books (and diapers on occasion as a mom, you know).

Pre-ordering seems to be a large part of our community. And I wondered for myself why I have started to pre-order. Please share below in the comments other reasons you might have to pre-order a book.


Untitled It is the feels that often make me pre-order a book. When a book I have been eagerly awaiting shows up online as avaible to pre-order, I cannot help myself. It is almost like buying the book normal. Except I have to wait. Months sometimes. But it is the act of having already bought it that feels satisfying to a point. A small point I suppose.

To support a (favorite) author

If you did not know, when you pre-order a book they count towards the first week of release sales if I recall correctly. So by already pre-ordering the book I support the author which is a great way. You could wait to release date, but hey you might be out of money or not be able to for any other reason. Pre-ordering makes things just a bit easier. And pre-orders also show ahead of the release date how much actual interest there is in a book.

Pre-order swag

For the above reason publishers and authors often offer pre-order swag giveaway. If you show a receipt of your pre-order you can get various type of pre-order swag. Signed bookmarks, bookplates, buttons and so on. Some of us do love our swag and it can be a great incentive to pre-order a book. I do have to say that I have not often done this as it is not always international.


One of the main reasons I love pre-ordering though is when you wait for the opportune moment, the price will be lower than the price on release date. Prices can often vary over the months up to the release date. I do have to say this does not count for Dutch releases as the Netherlands has a set price for books.

Surprise gift to yourself

What you say? Why yes, sometimes life might be so busy that you might have forgotten that you pre-ordered that book or that time is going quicker than you thought. And all of a sudden there is a package. But you hadn’t ordered anything, right? Surprise! Here is your pre-order! This has happened to me, I’ll admit.

22 thoughts on “Why Do I Pre-Order Books?

  1. I don’t pre-order books online anymore.. the times I did in the past i got the books later or at the same time as everyone else who ordered when it was officially published. 😦

    I do order or reseeve book I really like at my local bookstore though. That worked out better!

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    1. True. Online it can be a problem when it doesn’t arrive on time. I’ve had that happen to me a lot of times as well unfortunately. It sucks but I still pre order to support the authors. 🙂

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  2. I have never pre-ordered anything… it’s something I’ve considered doing (mainly because of the bookish swag), but I’ve just never got around to it. I don’t but many physical books anymore, I mainly read eBooks or borrow books from the library because I’m slightly very broke. Lol if that changes anytime soon I will definitely start preordering because I do like the idea of it

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  3. The only books I preorder are ebooks, usually if it’s a book in a series I already love. That way I can get the book literally as soon as it’s released lol. And I don’t have to remember the date, it’s just a pleasant surprise when it pops up on my kindle! Although I usually remember the date anyway lol. I’ve never really been sure about what counts for author’s sales or whatever, I feel like I’ve heard all different things in regards to that.

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    1. You can pre order ebooks but here in the Netherlands (on the sites that I order at anyway) I can’t pre order ebooks. They just aren’t available until the release date.
      It is a nice surprise!


  4. I don’t pre-order books often, but all the reasons above are reasons I do! I love supporting my favorite authors, getting a good deal, getting book swag, and the magical book mail I get! Obviously, all this stems from needing the book RIGHT NOW. The only reason I don’t often pre-order is that I am trying to save space. I’m certainly a library girl. But some authors are insta-buys, for sure. 😀

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    1. I wish I could save space. I just rearranged the shelves a bit to create more space. (Sorry Merijn, your books went to another shelf than my main ones.) I should though.
      That they are. 😀

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  5. My reason is usually always a discounted price, but if I know an author is struggling with promotion I will pre-order, like with Intisar. I used to do it for author M.R. Graham, but she got too full of herself. I don’t think I have ever pre-ordered for swag, but if it was the right book and good swag, I probably would. I can’t surprise myself because I never forget what I order. Ha ha. CD

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  6. Ik doe het eigenlijk niet zo vaak en waarschijnlijk nu zelfs niet meer. Het laatste boek dat ik in pre-order bestelde kreeg ik uiteindelijk bijna een week nadat het uitkwam én dat was uiteraard niet mijn bedoeling. Al zijn die pre-order spulletjes die je kan winnen natuurlijk wel leuk.

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  7. Annemieke, this is such a wonderful discussion you have started! So cool. I am fascinated by how things work in the Netherlands. By the way, I’d be super curious to read about how you manage to read so much, because, you can teach me a lot, friend!
    Okay, back to pre-orders. I don’t normally pre-order things anymore, mainly because they tend to be postponed in the mail anyway (I order like 4-5 books per month). With free shipping here, you have to wait like a week for it to get here. Instead, I order the stuff I like that is out already and I wait till the things I want come out. That way, I get to see the reaction, too, and use it as a guide for my buying and reading experience.

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    1. Thank you. In the law there is a set price for books that publishers and bookstores can’t deviate from though not sure how everything exactly works. I might look into that for a post some time if you like?
      I’m a quick reader and I try and use every moment I have to read (which means all of Merijn’s naps). Other than that I have no skills in that department, haha.

      That works too. I most often use it for the books I think I will highly like though there have been occasions I have been wrong. It is onfortunate that so many pre-orders came in so late. 😦


  8. Door deze blog besef ik me plots dat mijn pre-order van The Boy on the Bridge nog altijd niet is binnengekomen.. en dat boek verscheen in mei oeps! Verder pre-order ik eigenlijk bijna nooit, vooral omdat ik meestal niet zo goed oplet wanneer boeken zullen verschijnen XD

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