Reading Journal For My Son

Do you ever look back on your childhood of reading and regret things? I do. I am often told how I threw a book through the room when my mother was teaching me how to read. Poor book. I think I remember that too. And there were a lot of children’s books I come across now that I would have liked to have read back then (and they were out then). But I think my biggest regret is not remembering all those books I read. Especially those from the library.

I read so much back then. And I reread a lot too. But for the life of me I cannot remember all those books. Sometimes I see a Dutch childrens book and it looks familiar but I am not sure if I have read it or not. I read a lot back then and as a child I suppose you don’t easily hold on to those memories as you grow older. Especially not when you don’t read nearly as much during high school as was the case with me.

Don’t mind my handwriting.

The last few months I have been thinking about that a lot. I would like Merijn to be able to remember all the books he has read. So I had the random idea to create a Goodreads for Merijn. Don’t worry, I did not. Next to not wanting to create a profile for him without his consent for social media, I also don’t think most Dutch books would be on there. Not the picture books and such in any case. But that brought me to another idea. I will keep a reading journal for him. Mostly this will just be the books we read throughout the years. I know I was never good at keeping up with my own list. But isn’t it more fun to do it for another person? Especially when this person is your son. UntitledI found a Jip en Janneke notebook in my stack of notebooks and knew immediately I would be putting the reading journal in that one. Jip and Janneke are two characters from various childrens stories by Annie M.G. Schmidt of which we also have a huge bind-up.

I want to give him fond reading memories. I know a lot of people don’t always have those and/or find reading a struggle during school time. I’ve said this before, he doesn’t have to become a reader like me. I just want him to remember reading fondly. And so far he seems to like books, even if it is just to play with them (which I think is a great way to introduce books at this age).


What are some of your biggest reading regrets and fondest reading memories from your childhood? Do you remember most of the books you read during your childhood?

14 thoughts on “Reading Journal For My Son

  1. Yes! Oh, I wish I had thought of this for Sebastian. Merijn is one lucky boy. I have been heartbroken when I have asked Baz about certain books we read together and he has not an inkling of memory for it. He had a picture book, Pyx, that he adored and he has no recollection of it. We still have it so I hope when I go through the book boxes that he will remember it when he sees it, but all.the library books we read he will have no visual for remembering. I love your post photos, too. The journal is going to look lovely. ā¤

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    1. Yeah it is so hard to remember all those books. With the reading journal and a time line he at least can look them up or see the title and maybe remember in the future.

      Thank you. ā¤

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  2. Oh this is such a wonderful idea Annemieke!

    You could still create the GR account with a dummy name and just gift it to Merijn when he is older. You’ll be surprised about the books you find there! I thought the same about Latin American literature but still I haven’t seen I book I read that it’s not on GR.

    I would still keep a journey though. It’s so much more personal! I wish I had done this with my kids! I guess it’s not to late to start. I will follow your lead! Thanks again for this wonderful idea.

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    1. I should do it in my husband’ name haha. But I think creating a profile should be his own decision when he’s old enough.
      That is true. But a lot of Dutch books aren’t on there or not correctly because they split up the original book when published in Dutch and things like that. šŸ˜¦

      It never is too late to start! šŸ˜€
      Thank you.


  3. I LOVE THIS!! YOU ARE THE BEST MOTHER! I honestly wish I knew what I’d read growing up. And also how much? Like I always thought of myself as a prolific reader, but I doubt I finished more than a few books a month sometimes when they weren’t for school.šŸ˜‚ I didn’t start devouring hundreds per year till I was about 14. It’d be so fun to look back on a reading journal, so I think it’s awesome you’re doing this. šŸ˜‰

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    1. Aaaaw thank you. ā¤ Exactly. It is great knowing what you read and other things. A bit of statistics, haha though I don't think they count yet at this age. šŸ˜€


  4. Wat een leuk idee. Je kan er naast de titels van de gelezen boeken ook leuke anekdotes en uitspraken aan toevoegen. Als hij later net als ik een slecht geheugen heeft Ć©n het jammer vindt dat er zoveel herinneringen vervagen dan is een boekje als dit goud waard.

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