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I Want To Be a Publisher!

One of the things I like doing as I scroll through my bloglovin’ feed is to save various book tags. They are just so great to fill in and some are super creative. Sometimes I get tagged but most of the time I decide to fill in a tag because I have really taken a liking to it.

As is the case with this tag. Jaike from Jaike vs de Boeken recently created a tag called Ik Als Uitgever which translates to Me As a Publisher. It was inspired by thinking of which books would be great translated to Dutch. I have enjoyed reading some of the answers others have been giving on this tag and I have felt inspired to fill it in myself. I also think this is just such a great idea for a tag.

As this tag is originally in Dutch I’ve had to translate the questions. And this is of course approached as being a Dutch publisher.


What Genre Would You Focus On?

Of course I would go for Fantasy and Sci-Fi with a slight focus on High Fantasy and dragons. I cannot be changed~ We need more good fantasy! Target group wise I would mostly focus on Adult and Young Adult but would not turn away any good Middle Grade or even New Adult.

Would You Publish Per Book or Per Author?

That is a difficult question. My first response would be per book as you never know if you will end up liking other things that the author writes and if they would all fit in with your focus as a publisher. However I also want to be there for the authors and giving them something to build from. So I suppose I would look at this per author to see if I could go for them or the book, also depending on other things they might have written in the past and what their preferred genre is.

Would You Change the Cover?

In most cases I would not unless I disliked the original cover a whole lot. Original covers keep translated books very recognizable to readers who are up to date with what is being released internationally.

Which Authors Would You Definitely Want to Publish?

A.M Dellamonica / V.E. Schwab / Intisar Khanani / Courtney Alameda / Vic James / Imani Josey / Andrea K. Host / Tara Sim / Rachel Hartman / Diana Wynne Jones / Corinne Duyvis / Marieke Nijkamp

I picked authors who barely or have no translated work here yet.

Which Books Should Definitely be Translated?

All my favorites? But the Sunbolt Chronicles, Timekeeper, Seraphina, Otherbound. So many great different works these above authors have written that deserve to come to the Dutch book market.


For those of you not living in an English speaking country, which books would you definitely translate?

14 thoughts on “I Want To Be a Publisher!

  1. Ooh this is such a fun tag!! And I do think it’s great when publishers care about the author not just a single book. :’) It’s like working with the author and growing them and building them up AND IT SEEMS LIKE A LOVELY IDEA. Also I would loove more readily available translated books from other countries! It’d be good to get different perspectives and just different cultures (!!) more easily available on the shelves. :’)

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    1. I agree. Authors sometimes have so much insecurity. And true. There are so little authors from various countries that are rarely being translated. šŸ˜¦


  2. Het eerste waar ik nu aan denk is de Kate Daniels-serie van Ilona Andrews maar er zullen ongetwijfeld nog meer titels opduiken wanneer ik eindelijk eens werk maak van deze tag. Ik vrees echter dat het nog even zal duren vermits de blogplanning al is volgeboekt.

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    1. That is difficult, but I think it is important to keep close with your translators and see what they need. I think they are often freelancers, right? I think I would want a small team on staff if possible and make sure they could bounce things of each other. Translating certain phrases and jokes can be hard and it can be easier to talk things over. And listening to feedback from the readers is always good.

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      1. That’s a really good point! I never thought about how translators might be freelance. Having a network of them, and the ability to work together, is also important to establish consistency in your brand, too. That would also drive a following. Which is important!

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