Hello Ebooks in My 2017 Read Pile

Judging from my physical TBR pile you will know that I prefer to read mostly physical books. I have almost 600 so obviously I prefer to read mostly physical books. I think there is just something about holding a physical book in your hands that an e reader just can’t ever achieve.

Having said that though I have noticed an increase in reading ebooks this year. It wasn’t like that before. I struggled with picking up ebooks and forced myself to buy ebooks so I would have something to read on there. That didn’t work. I still have a few of those ebooks still unread on my e reader. But this year this changed.

From reading 15 ebooks over 2016, I have already read 17 ebooks this year so far up until the end of May. Okay, granted, some of those are novella’s. But still! I am clearly picking up my e reader more and more this year. And I have had some thoughts about that recently. So here they are.


I pick up ebooks quicker

I tend to order a lot of books online. I do buy books in book stores from time to time but sometimes it is just easier to buy online. Maybe I should just buy in book stores. I might not buy as many books as I do. Hmm. But in any case, this does mean that I have to wait until I have the book. With an ebook this is not the case.

You can download them straight onto your ereader and that itch that I had to read is still there as I have the book. Often I download or buy ebooks when I have time to read as well so that way I pick them up a lot faster. Also a lot of the ebooks I read are also review copies. That is also a great reason for me to pick up ebooks quicker.

I think I might also pick up ebooks quicker now because I am scared that I might forget about them if I have them on there too long. I don’t have a physical reminder in the form of my shelves for them.

I have no problem picking

As I don’t bulk buy a lot of ebooks and I pick them up faster I don’t have a huge pile on my e reader. This means that when I take my e reader to bed with me and want to pick out a book from it I don’t have as much trouble picking one. I have no stress as to what to choose as I just don’t have that many on there. Sometimes I even pick up my ereader because I want a certain type of book and I know I have that on my ereader. Or hey, sometimes I even buy that certain type of book only to read it right away. So less choosing chaos.

With physical books they are all there in my main living room. I am confronted by them every day. This causes my focus and interests to shift so much more quickly. Because hey, I have had that on my shelves for a while or that just looks mighty interesting. This is why a monthly tbr works so well for me. Because that way I can focus more.

My TBR pile does not decrease

Having said that, reading ebooks does not make a dent in my physical tbr pile that I am trying to bring down and that kind of sucks. I really want to get that down a bit but ebooks are getting in my way. Dangit, haha. On the up, they don’t make my TBR pile increase either. They help with filling in less space.

I buy cheaper ebooks

I do look at the price and I tend to buy cheaper ebooks. Generally no more than 6 euro or so. With that I can buy more ebooks for the price of a paperback or hardcover. That makes me excited and I think this can ignite my urge to want to read more ebooks as well. So many ebooks these days that I want are getting cheaper bit by bit. Okay some big names are not and big anticipated releases go very high but even so I tend to want those physical anyway.


Ebooks are so much lighter to read

Wel duh, Annemieke. But really this does make a difference. When I was pregnant I really struggled reading in bed, and after that I had a hard time as well because of the c-section. Heavy books and trying to find a comfortable reading position can be so hard, especially when you can’t lay down on your stomach because your back starts to hurt. That has been getting better through yoga a bit, but it stopped me reading books in bed for a while there.

Big ebooks kill me

Not literally as they can’t squash me like a bug, but whenever I see that an ebook is 400 pages or more I dread it when I have no trouble with 400 pages in physical form. I think it is because with an ebook I feel I make no progress while with a physical book I can easily see being half way. Knowing I am half way and seeing I am half way just don’t make the same impact on my reading experience. This is why I can’t see myself reading big adult high fantasy books on an ereader unless they are review copies.


Overall I am happy that I am using my e reader more. At least I didn’t waste any money on that investment. And it leaves more space for physical books I really want, haha.

Have you noticed an increase or a decrease in your digital reading habits over the years?

16 thoughts on “Hello Ebooks in My 2017 Read Pile

  1. I agree with a lot of these, especially the last one! I tend to only pick up smaller books and never over 400 pages as well because I always feel like I didn’t make any progress. I have been reading more book on my e-reader lately, though. Mostly short books or fast paced ones. I don’t think I would I ever read a huge classic or fantasy novel on my e-reader.

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  2. Great post! I have been reading ebooks more this year than ever before in my life, especially since I invested in a Kindle Paperwhite, which I love. It’s so much better on my eyes than reading on my phone’s Kindle app. I also buy lots of ebooks on sale for $2-3 so that is nice and cheap, but I almost always still prefer physical books. I only prefer ebooks when I am reading laying down in bed because I can turn the light off and get cozy with just the screen’s backlight. I also don’t like huge ebooks for the same reason as you listed!

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    1. Oh yes, an ereader is so much more pleasant on the eyes than a phone. The phone makes my eyes strain so much after a while. Kindles do look like great ereaders. I have an old sony without light, haha.

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  3. I totally agree with you physical books have always been a preferance for me and long ebooks tend to make me feel like I’m not making any progress to. My ebook pile seems to have risen dramatically with my discovery of arcs and my new kindle app. I still choose physical books over ebooks as much as I can though, which is one reason I’m so behind with my arcs šŸ˜›

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  4. I am a die-hard ereader fan. I love not having to hold open a book, and the cat loves it too because I can read and pet her at the same time. I love knowing I can throw my Kindle in my backpack and have 100s of books to choose from. I love being able to lie in any position in bed to read and being able to read with the lights out. I can’t read on the bus (or in cars) because it gives me a headache and makes me sick to my stomach, so it is great being able to switch over to text-to-speech. Also, in the bus junction terminal, it is best not to have your nose in a book because they do not announce the arrivals and departures of the city transit buses, ha ha. I have not missed a bus transfer since I got my Kindle Fire. XD

    As you know, I love my ebook bargins. I will even wait until popular books go on sale. I still buy harcovers of the ones I love, but they are more for decoration than reading. Although I do envision my someday grandchildren reading them. And as you said, it is nice to get ARCs this way. I bet you will be reading 80% of your books as ebooks in a few years. Ha ha. šŸ˜€

    Oh, and I forgot about eating! E-readers wipe off and books don’t. šŸ™‚

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  5. In the end, I still prefer a physical book over a digital one but since I’ve started reading for NetGalley and love prowling on Amazon as well, my kindle app is stacked up with a lot of books and so I’ve read a lot of digital books in the past year.
    And the fun thing is.. I haven’t had to pay for most of my e-books so far, lol. I wrote an article on the blog some while ago about how you find free e-books on Amazon very easy. They’ve got a daily collection of approximately 30.000+ free e-books and most of them are genres I’d prefer to read, so if I’m in the mood for something new I just prowl on there and always find several new free e-books, yay! But I’ll try support writers for as much as I can. Anyone who’s seen my bookhauls since my first blog article came online, could see I don’t have a problem spending money on books, lol.
    There’s much to say of reading E-books and/or physical books. I like physical books more but reading E-books definitely has some pro’s as well! It’s much easier to take my phone with me than a book and since my phone’s always with me I can always read when I’m out the door, that’s really perfect!
    For me, reading more E-books the past year hasn’t helped in decreasing my physical TBR at all. I still keep buying more than enough books each month, lol. Reading more e-books makes my TBR only more enormous since I now add physical AND digital books to the TBR, but well.. I couldn’t care less hahahaha.. It means I’ve always got more then enough to choose from when I want a new read.

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    1. I don’t really look on Amazon. I don’t want to pile up all these free books that I’ll end up not reading. I’m really trying to pick and choose better. I already have a physical pile that is too overwhelming as is, haha.

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      1. Thanks to the Amazon free books I’ve discovered several authors who I came to love soooo much ā¤ And from the ones who also got their books printed I buy them as well later on for the collection and re-reads ā¤ But I get your point haha. That's why I don't often look on Amazon, but it always comes in handy when I'm in need for a specific genre and I don't have much to choose from anymore.

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  6. I definitely read more ebooks now (than I used to, and than physical books) – it’s partly the convenience factor as it’s so much easier to manage on the Tube, and partly that most ARCs I get sent are e-ARCs. I do love a physical book though, so still buy them regularly (although often secondhand).

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