Unboxing – Books Ever After Secret Summer Swap

As you might have known already, I am a member of the Dutch Goodreads group Books Ever After. While I am not that active when it comes to reading along with the month books, I do like to go there for a chat or to be active in other ways.

Last year they did a secret Christmas swap for the first time that I did not end up joining. But it looked like a lot of fun. So when this secret Summer swap came up I of course had to jump right on in.

My Packing Skills

One of the rules for this swap is that you would gift a book with a max price of 15 euro but also create a fun package around it. This could be by sending swag or something you made yourself. Or even just wrapping everything amazingly. Just sending a book would not do in any case. And we would all unpack on the same day. Which was June 9th. Yesterday. Of course I als created a package for the person that I drew. But as of me typing this she has not shown her unboxing online (once she does I will link). I’m not much of a DIY person but I did add some things next to the book and made an effort to pack everything nicely. But moving on. I got my package on Thursday and really had to refrain from opening it up.

The package in my bookshelf
All prettily wrapped with a lovely card. It did not reveal who my swap mate was but I know who it is now.
Some lovely swag!
Some Blossom Books sticky bookmarks and a great bookish pin!



But the best things in the whole package were these. Book marks and cards made for my blog! Look at them! The top picture is the front and obviously the header of my blog. But the lower pictures shows the back which has all of my pictures. I hadn’t even noticed that the first time I looked at them. And the back of the cards have the same. It’s so great! I’m so happy with it.


And last but not least the book I got from my wishlist is The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig. I am so very curious about this book and love this cover for it. I’ve followed the author on twitter for a while so I’m pleased to finally have a book by her. Maybe it will even be on my tbr next month, who knows.

Thank you so much Alexander for this great package. I loved everything, but most of all those thoughtful book marks and cards!

7 thoughts on “Unboxing – Books Ever After Secret Summer Swap

  1. Die gepersonaliseerde kaartjes Ên bladwijzers blijf ik een super attente verrassing vinden. Met Kerst deed ik mee aan Emmy’s lootjes voor de BAK en de Secret Santa van Kwante in Wonderland. Deze zomer doe ik mee aan Audrey’s zomerkaartjes-actie en de Summer Book Swap van Emmy. Binnenkort mag ik dus weer enkele mensen verrassen.

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    1. Ja dat vond ik ook! Echt super leuk en ik heb de bestanden ook gehad. 😀
      Ja met BAK heb ik de afgelopen 2 jaar ook meegedaan. Maar ik probeer niet teveel mee te doen, haha. Merijn kost al genoeg. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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