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Back in March I was tagged by Kirsten from Boekwereld to do this tag that is called Questions and Answers that she got from Kwante in Wonderland. In it I will answer 5 bookish questions. So here we go.

What is the first young adult book you read?

I can’t honestly remember. Here is the thing. I probably read young adult before I even knew what young adult was. Back when I was that age I don’t remember it being called that at all. The term has been around for a long time in USA but not so much here I think. I don’t recall it being called anything other than the section to 12-18 in our library.

But the first young adult I read that got be back into reading was Cinder by Marissa Meyer.

Post 3 bookish gifs and give them commentary

I am not much for gifs. I dislike gifs reviews on Goodreads. So I’ll be skipping this.

What was the last (young adult) series you finished?

Snow Like Ashes trilogy by Sara Raasch.

Name one thing you hate and one thing you like in young adult books

By now you will probably know that the romance in young adult does that make me very happy. But especially instant love and love triangle are the bane of my existence. I need slow burn romance in young adult books, okay. Not every teen falls head over heals in love with someone.

Something that I enjoy is the characters and the characterization. Sometimes the characters in young adult books are just easier to relate to then those in adult books. Funny considering I’m an adult. Or something that resembles one in any case.

Do this cover test and post the result


I got the Princess diaries one wrong because I can’t remember ever having seen that cover, haha.


You! If you feel like doing this go right ahead.

11 thoughts on “Questions and Answers Book Tag

  1. Oehh like this tag a lot! Think I’m going to do this one as well soon 🙂
    I think my first YA was Fallen by Lauren Kate. Well, technically Harry Potter but that series starts off as middle grade so I don’t think that counts as an answer haha.

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  2. Goh, vroeger kreeg dat genre in de bib gewoon de benaming adolescenten-boeken. Het is al eventjes geleden dat ik daar voor het eerst tussen mocht snuisteren en ik herinner me vooral dat het aanbod vrij klein was. Ik weet niet met zekerheid wat mijn allereerste YA-boek was maar de kans is groot dat het er eentje van Dirk Bracke, Patrick Lagrou of Bart Moeyaert was. Ik zie nog heel wat covers voor me maar kan jammer genoeg niet meer op de namen van de auteurs komen laat staan dat ik weet welk van hen het allereerste was dat ik las.

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    1. Ja klopt. Het is erg verschoven de laatste tijd.
      Ik vind het stiekem jammer dat ik vroeger niet heb bijgehouden wat ik allemaal las. Maar ja dat was toen nog niet zo’n dingetje.


  3. Oh yes, the term “young adult” has been around here for a bit. I took a few classes in children’s literature, and they included young adult literature in there. I have yet to read Cinder, but I want to read it so badly. Do you ever just feel like you want to read all the books at the same time? But, at least there’s things to look forward to by not reading them all at once (which is pretty impossible anyway).

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  4. Oh I think I might just do this one as well. I do love Buzzfeed quizzes even if they’re totally ridiculous most of the time.

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  5. I got four wrong, ha ha! Here in the US, MG used to be called Junior and YA was Teen. The Teen section was primarily paperbacks in spinning metal racks. I also read a lot of what is now classified as YA (before I knew it) because I used to read everything Baz was reading for school. The first time I started hearing the term Young Adult being thrown around was after the Twilight books became popular.

    You would not like my early blog reviews because I used lots of gifs, heh heh, but artsy ones and old black and white movie gifs. A.G. Howard said I was doing the aesthetics thing before it was a thing. Her Splintered series kind of screamed for that type of review, though. Ha! XD

    I love, love, love your lunar chronical’s photo. ❤

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    1. Yeah young adult really came more known after Twilight. But it still took a few years before young adult actually came across here.

      Haha. I mostly hate them on Goodreads as so many overuse gifs. Like there does not need to be one after every sentence. Stop.

      Thank you. ❤


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