Bookshelf Tour 2017- Playing the Number Games With My Shelves

As I was looking at my shelves preparing for this bookshelf tour I realized it would be fun to really count all my books. This means I counted ALL of them. Well those upstairs. I left out manga, comics like Donald Duck, picture books, children audio books and non-fiction. So not ALL of them. But most of them. I could not see anymore numbers at the end.

So I incorperated them in this infographic below. One thing, with the genres I decided against counting my children’s books amongst them as they are mostly history. But that would make it seem like I read a lot of history which I do not.



27 thoughts on “Bookshelf Tour 2017- Playing the Number Games With My Shelves

  1. Super leuk om te doen hé. Ok, ook een beetje confronterend én aan het einde kan je inderdaad geen cijfertjes meer zien. Toch vind ik het heel leuk om dit éénmaal per jaar te doen en er een blogpost aan te wijden. Dan verschiet ik er telkens weer van hoeveel boeken het in totaal zijn.

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    1. Haha ja best wel confronterend. Het is wel grappig om het na een aantal jaar ook te vergelijken en zien of dat je nog steeds erg naar een bepaald genre trekt of juist niet meer.

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  2. Wow! So many books. That must’ve taken forever! I’ve got a list of all my books if you ever feel like doing something like that again? 😛

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  3. So interesting to see all those numbers! 😀 Haha the difference in numbers between Fantasy books and other genres is hugeee. Don’t think anyone needs to second guess which genre you prefer xD

    I’ve started doing a bookcase tour last year and a couple of months ago started doing the second tour but I’ve only shown photo’s of the books and such and no stats, so if you wouldn’t mind I’d like to steal your idea and do this stats post as well? 😛

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  4. Good lord, you were motivated! I love stealing your ideas, but this one tired me out just reading it. I want to go back to bed now. Ha ha. I thought for sure your MG and YA numbers would have been more even. I think I would probably be surprized at my percentages for some things, too. What surprized you the most?

    I love the graphics. ❤

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    1. It was so much work, haha. I don’t actually own that much MG. More children’s books really though I suppose a portion of those could also go into MG. We don’t really have that category here. At least not called that. It is all by age. I think I was mostly surprised to see how even my English and Dutch books have gotten.

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