Intro Book Shelf Tour 2017

It is that time of the year again! Time for another book shelf tour. I quite enjoy doing these every year to show you how my shelves change.  In March I got another book shelf and I completely reorganized my shelves. I thought it would be good to slowly start making a book shelf tour again of 2017. Best timing really.

If you want to see previous book shelf tours, I’ve made a page here that links to all of them.

Likely these posts will be divided in five or six parts posted throughout June and July. But first, let me start with an introduction to my shelves.

2015 > 2017

Looking back at previous pictures of my shelves, quite a bit has changed on them. Not only did I get another book shelf, the other two book shelves look different from last year and two years ago as well. They have gotten an upgrade so to speak.

As you can see my book cases have gotten a tad bit taller. We added an extra component to them. We also added the doors in front of them with Merijn who is of the age of wanting to grab everything. This way my books are protected. It is still full though and I clearly got more books, haha.

The third bookshelf is blue. I saw this Billy limited edition and I had been wanting to get a new book shelf but they don’t have the color of the other two book shelves anymore. Which really sucks. But this color also quite worked with our front room where I have my book shelves. It isn’t as tall as the others as I can’t get another component on it (for now) but it has the same doors. Unfortunately not the same handles as Ikea apparently got rid of those as well. I swear Ikea gets rid of all the good things…


I changed my organization slightly from previous years. With the addition of the third book shelf I could move some of my favorite books to that shelf. That left me with more space in the other book shelves. I still got a classics shelf and a harry potter shelf in one of those.

And the majority of the books are still divided by genre. But I have divided books a bit more by hardcovers and paperbacks and by read and TBR.  I feel that will work a bit more for me. That way I can easily more see what I still have to read. What series I have more of one of and still have to start and so on. I also quite enjoy seeing all my hardcovers near each other. Of course on the shelf itself I like seeing them all organized on height. It gives a more clean look I feel.

Funko Shelf

Now that I have re organized and have a bit more space I thought I’d make a shelf of funko’s. The funko’s I have have not changed much since I last showed them. But now I do have Scooby-Doo added. I do have a Harry Potter still in his box near the Harry Potter Shelf and the Hogwarts train in his box at the top. No room for it here and as they were gifts to my husband they shall not be removed from the box. Like Marty from Back to the Future on this picture.

I have also put those two autographs here which is nice.

Bookish Mugs Shelf

And with more shelf having most of my bookish mugs together was also a great idea. This one is in the blue book shelf and they are on a glass shelf which gives it a nice feeling, haha.

Anyway here you first see my Accio Chocolate Milk mug from BookLove Speciality Shop with a bookmark by them as well. Behind is a mug that says Read, Relax and Repeat that I bought at random in my local bookstore. The next two say the same thing and are from Urban Books for The Others serie by Anne Bishop. The smaller one was in the swag pack last year and the bigger one I got from Evelyn from Westerhof bookstore in Zwolle. ❤

Then in the corner in the back we have my YA Books mug about dating fictional characters. Up front is my colorful Blond Amsterdam reading mug. In the dark is a mug of a maki from a zoo, haha. I figured it fit here. It is plastic though. I think it will be fun for Merijn in the future. Then two Harry Potter books I recently bought. One of Ravenclaw, and one of the Marauders Map. I also have a Blossom Books mug but that is on a different shelf below this one so you will get to see that in the actual book shelf tour of the blue book case.

Books and Bookish Things in Other Parts of the House

As you might remember I have some book shelves upstairs as well. But most of these are now in Merijn’s room. This year I won’t be doing a tour of those because they are a bit of a mess, and I am still waiting on getting some of my older children books from my parents (they are digging them out of the attic).  Below are some of the books on shelves on the wall that I want to keep for now but don’t want downstairs. I decided to showcase a few of these on these.

14 thoughts on “Intro Book Shelf Tour 2017

  1. What a brilliant idea to put bookmarks in the bookish mugs! I might steal that idea! I love the blue bookcase (I like blue and yellow together) and I like the idea of doors. If I could find shelves with doors I would take my vintage and antique books out of my china cabinet. I am looking forward to the individual shelf tours. 🙂

    PS. I adore that pillow. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh leuk om je boekenkasten weer te kunnen bewonderen. Ik vind het vooral tof met de vorige foto ernaast dan zie je nog meer hoeveel er veranderd is. Misschien moet ik het binnenkort ook maar eens zo aanpakken. Gewone vriendinnetjes hebben vrienschapsarmbandjes, wij hebben vriendschaps-boekenleggers. Nog eens een super dikke merci daarvoor! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ja klopt. Het was leuk om dat zo te zien.
      Vriendschapsboekenleggers are the best. ❤ ❤ (Sinds dat je eens had gezegd dat je die mooi vond had ik er nog een liggen en was aan het wachten op goed moment te sturen en die was nu).

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  3. This is great! I love your shelves, they look really well organized. And all those Funkos, yeah! I only have a few but love them and plan on getting some more. Love all your bookish merchandise 🙂

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  4. I love seeing book cases from fellow bookworms ❤
    Very cool to see the difference of your collection from what it was 2 years ago to what it is now.

    Love your mug and bookish items collection as well, so much amazing stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

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