Bookish Moms

May 14th.

Next to it being my third wedding anniversary today, parts of the world celebrate Mother’s Day today. Here in the Netherlands as well. My first real Mother’s Day. I feel this combination deserves a book, don’t you?

I felt this certainly was a great day to make a list of some bookish moms to celebrate this fine day. How are you spending Mother’s Day?

Sally Jackson
Book: Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan
Sally is of course Percy’s mom and I can really see what Percy’s dad saw in her. Of course exposing Percy to Gabe wasn’t perhaps her best choice in life but regardless she tried to keep him safe with that through other things. And once she could cut herself off from him she did. She’s a strong woman and I am sure she would do anything for her son.

Molly Weasley
Book: Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
I could of course not leave of this fierce lady. One has to be super fierce when you have that many kids and complete rascals at that. I mean Fred and George… Yeah they are a handfull. Imagine them when they were still baby’s! So I can only have respect for this mother.

Book: Seven Realms by Cinda Williams Chima
I took an instant liking to Willo from the second she appeared in The Demon King. She took Han under her wing when he had a really difficult time and tried to protect him from some of the hardships in life. The same goes for her real son Dancer. Even if they both didn’t always feel that way throughout the series.

Dr. Sophia Kovalenka
Book: Firebird by Claudia Gray
While maybe not as present as I would have liked throughout the series I quite enjoyed this mom (and dad too) in this series. They are researchers but have always left open the door for their children to become whoever they wanted. They are a little quirky too but warm despite. Seeing some of the alternate Sophia’s was also very interesting.

Leila Hart
Book: Timekeeper by Tara Sim
I did not think I would end up being so drawn to Leila when I started this book with how her relationship was with Danny at the start of the book. But as we learned more of both their backgrounds and what had happened I started understanding her more and I grew to actually like her at the end. Parents are not perfect.

Maura Sargent
Book: The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater
Maura deserves so much love. Blue’s family life is quite different, living with her mom and her two friends and cousin. But it creates an interesting dynamic. Maura has always given Blue a lot of space to do what she wants, trusting her judgement. I admire that.

Lois Chandler
Book: Don’t Hex with Texas by Shanna Swendson
Lois is Katie’s mom who we met in an earlier book in this series but we see most of her in this book when Katie returns home. The whole family endeared me to a point and it was interesting to see the family dynamics and how Katie’s relationship was with her mom.

Nadine and Patty
Book: The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli
Nadine and Patty are such an interesting pair together who lovingly raise their three children. Both have such warm personalities and I was so glad to see what happened for them in this book nearing the end. ❤

Which bookish moms would you list?

6 thoughts on “Bookish Moms

  1. Sowieso Molly Weasly. Maar verder … euhm … Lily Evans, Angela Fiore Katt (Kitty Katt’s moeder). Het valt me hier meteen op dat heel veel hoofdpersonages geen moeder meer hebben of er totaal niet mee overweg kunnen. Ik ga precies toch ook nog eens door mijn Goodreads moeten snuisteren in plaats van enkel naar mijn eigen collectie te kijken.

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  2. Molly Weasley is my hero! Ha ha. My main love of her is that she took Harry under her wing when she saw he needed a mother fugure and his being “famous” had nothing to do with it. Happy anniversary and first Mother’s Day. ❤

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