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TTT #91 – Top Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want to Read a Book

While we may have thousands of books on our phsyical and goodreads tbr’s, there are always those that we prioritize or we feel like we want to read instantly. So what is it that makes us prioritize a new release book over that book you bought two years ago for instance?

Last year I believe I did a similar topic to a freebie post for top ten tuesday (as always created by the lovely ladies over on The Broke and the Bookish). It is nearing on a year. I did take it a bit more loosely this time around and not just words or themes that we see in a synopsis. Shall we see if my top things have changed a little?



  • Dragons. Dragons tend to be the best thing in a book.
  • Egypt. I’ve always had an interest in Egypt since I learned about it in history class and watched Stargate SG-1. The pharaophs, the pyramids, the desserts, the gods and so on. For a while it wasn’t nessecarily something that drew me to books, but lately I have been having it draw me back in.
  • LGBTQ+ and other diversity in fantasy/sci-fi. Instant want to read. Especially if it is also written by an own voices author. I don’t know how fast I can click want to read on goodreads.
  • Fantasy by Dutch authors. I want to support more by Dutch authors so I love hearing about more fantasy from them.
  • Recommondations by book friends. Some of you know my taste and know what I would like so if some of you say read this, I shall put it on my pile.
  • Buddy reading. This may sound weird but I can get excited about a book when I’m going to read it with someone else. To be able to talk about it. Especially if it is with someone I have a lot of contact with.
  • Magic, wizards, witches, sorcerers and so on. Fantasy isn’t my favorite genre for nothing, you know.
  • Pretty editions. I’ll admit that a pretty edition can really make me want to read a book. I know. We all have our weaknesses.
  • Sass. I need my sass and sarcasm. I need my laughs.
  • Wanting to avoid spoilers. The struggle is real.


Do you share any of these with me? What is the number one thing that sells you over to want to read a book right now?

35 thoughts on “TTT #91 – Top Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want to Read a Book

  1. This is a great list! I agree that buddy reading is great, and I can get excited about a book that I would have otherwise overlooked if I weren’t buddy reading it. It’s a great way to expand our reading preferences!
    Do you have an Dutch fantasy author recommendations?
    I’m also looking both for more dragons and more diverse representation in fantasy!
    My TTT

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    1. It really is. It can get those backlist books more to the present again as well.
      I’d really rec Corinne Duyvis. And if you like some horror along Thomas Olde Heuvelt. Also Jen Minkman (though I’m not sure how much she still has out in English). Also a bit older (and more children fiction) by Tonke Dragt.


      1. Oh, is Thomas Olde Heuvelt the author of Hex? I have that on my TBR! I also recognize one of Corinne Duyvis’ titles, but I didn’t realize she was Dutch. Thanks for the recommendations. 🙂

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  2. Sass and dragons for me too. IT’S LIKE WE’RE TWINS BASICALLY. 😍😍 I also looong for more diverse fantasy! I know there’s some out there, but never enough honestly. It’s always an insta-need for me too!!

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  3. Definitely dragons! We need more dragons! Egypt is great too. and all the fantasy! lol

    I would like to read more fantasy by European authors…

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    1. Yeah fantasy is a very American dominated genre it feels like. You can always start with Corinne Duyvis who has Otherbound (fantasy) and On the Edge of Gone (Sci-fi/Dystopia). 😉 I think On the Edge of Gone would really be up your alley.


  4. I think I share a few too:
    Magic, wizards and witches always make me want to read a book. Lately, I’ve also been looking for diversity books, any kind of diversity, though some are hard to find, I always add them to my list. And to avoid spoilers. I know the struggle, it’s really hard.

    Those are the ones I share with you, now to my own reasons:
    Greece! Give me any book with Greeks, mythology, heroes, or the like and I’ll read it. I might not like it, but I’ll definitely read it.
    Terry Pratchett. If it has his name on it, I’ll read it, no questions asked.
    New Mexican authors. I don’t like old ones, they’re confusing, but I do like encouraging new writers, specially if they are from my own country, so anything by them, I’ll buy.

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    1. We really need more diverse books as long as not all books are diverse in some way.

      Greek Mythology is always great. And I knew about Pratchett haha. I would say same but Dodger was such a miss for me. Still I’m going to end up checking out all his books somewhere during this lifetime.


  5. Ik heb nog nooit aan buddy reading gedaan, Egype spreekt me niet meer aan als een ander land Ên ik vrees dat ik nog niet zoveel Nederlandstalige fantasy heb gelezen. Op die drie na kan ik me in al je puntjes terugvinden. Ok, ik lees niet elk boek waar draken in komen maar ik vind het wel super fascinerende wezens. Urban Fantasy en Paranormal Romance zijn mijn favoriete genres. Als ÊÊn van hen ook nog eens gecombineerd wordt met heksen en/of tovenaars, of wanneer boeken/bibliotheken er een belangrijke rol in spelen dan ben ik meteen verkocht.

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    1. Ik lees ook niet zoveel nederlandstalige fantasy maar dat is dus iets wat ik wel wil veranderen en zorgt momenteel ook zeker voor mijn directe aandacht. Voornamelijk wanneer het high fantasy is.


  6. I don’t think I have ever seriously thought about this. I love ghosts, but I generally never see them as major characters. I love stories set on space stations. I try to read diverse books, too. And you know I love buddy reads!

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