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Booktube, Book twitter, Booklr, Book blogs, goodreads… There are so many different ways to express your love for books. But there is another popular way and that is Bookstagram. The art of taking pretty pictures of books. I never knew I would enjoy something like that so much. Somehow it is so rewarding to see a picture turn out great.

So when I came across this book tag I knew I had to do it.

What’s your Instagram handle?

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A shelfie for you on this Sunday.

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How long have you been in the bookstagram community?
Oh I’ve had to actively scroll through my feed for that. I made my instagram account back in March 2013 but it was a personal one back then. Slowly I started inserting more books over the years. There was a period that I dabbled halfway in the bookstagram community but also posted random and cat pictures inbetween in 2015. I didn’t take my bookstagram participation serious until the second half of 2015 (and even then there was still the odd cat picture). From the start of 2016 it has been strictly books. Though cats and baby appear with books from time to time. So I’d say two years.

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'Look mommy, I can read too!' 19 Weeks today.

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How many people do you follow?
On 27-03 I followed 805 people.

How many followers do you have?
On 27-03 I had 761 followers. I’ve been stuck around that number for a while.

What are your favorite hashtags?
#books / #bookstagram / #booksofinstagram / #readersofinstagram / #madaboutbooks / #bookwormlife / #shelfie

What is your favorite genre of pictures?
Books, duh. But I love seeing books and cats together or shelfies.

How often do you post?
Wednesday, Friday and Sunday between 6.00-6.30 am

How often do you check Instagram?
A few times a day. I love seeing what everyone posts. Or how my own posts are doing, haha.

What’s your favorite filter?
On instagram that is clarendon. On my Ipod I also like to use the chrome filter.

iPhone only, purist or rebel?
I use my IPod

What is the best part about being in this community?
To get to share the love of books. To share recs. To see photo ideas work out. To see other people’s creativity.

What is the worst part about being in this community? 
How people don’t seem to be able to listen to each other. There can be a lot of yelling happening or people being offended personally when someone doesn’t like their favorite book or their favorite book is called out for being problematic. I wish people would be more open to listening to POC and others.

Three favorite IG accounts currently?
How can you make me choose?

@Paperfury / @Novelknight / @sarasreadingnook  / @diversityreads / @daredystopia

Come find me!

10 thoughts on “I Heart Bookstagram Tag

  1. Wat een leuke tag! Misschien ga ik hem ook een keertje invullen 😀 en zo tof dat je mij vernoemt bij je favorieten ❤ ik ben wel een beetje slecht in regelmatig foto's posten haha, maar ik doe het wel graag!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah it is great that IG automatically posts them through to my fb page now. (at least that way it gets some activity, haha) Cats and babies do tend to be the best liked ones. 😀


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