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TTT 90 – Most Unique Books

From the online Cambridge Dictionary:

Unique: being the only existing one of its type or, more generally, unusual, or special in some way:

While I’m sure there are some authors who like to think their book with their story is the only existing one of its type, with the amount of books published I don’t think this will be true. However I do think there are plenty of books who are special in some way. That can stand out from the crowd of books. So here are some of the books that I have read that I feel are unique in some way.

Of course I am linking up with The Broke and the Bookish for their top ten tuesday who prompted this topic to us.


  • The Pyramids of London (The Trifold Age 1) by Andrea K. Host
    That title alone is unique and what drew me to this book in the first place. But beyond that the entire feel and world of this book is different than what I have seen before.
  • Illuminae (Illuminae Files 1) by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman
    Most of you will have heard of this book and their unique set up of the book. It is told through documents, interviews and so on which creates a rather interesting reading experience.
  • Indigo Springs (Astrid Lethewood 1) by A.M. Dellamonica
    Again in this case it is the set up and that it worked for me while reading is what makes this unique. The back and forth between history and present as our main character draws the story from his prisoner. Also the magic system in itself is unique.
  • Discworld by Terry Pratchett
    Not one book but a whole series. There is so much in this series and you don’t have to read it in the publication order which is such a bonus. I love how I can just weave through the series and pick and choose where my interest goes to the most.
  • On the Edge of Gone by Corinne Duyvis
    It has an autistic main character in a sci-fi book. I have only read books with autistic characters being the side characters so I was extremely pleased about this.
  • Bartimaeus serie by Jonathan Stroud
    A book where in it works that one character is in first person point of view and the others in third person point of view.

Have you read any of these?

23 thoughts on “TTT 90 – Most Unique Books

  1. I totally agree with you about the Discworld series. Its amazingly unique and love how the different characters just randomly pop up in different storylines! The The Edge of Gone sounds really interesting. I’ve never heard of it but I’ll definitely be checking it out.

    Great list,
    Happy Reading
    Rachel @ Paein-and-Ms4Tune

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  2. Illuminae’s making a lot of lists and rightly so, it’s so unique. And I just finished Gemina, which was amazing. So I’m all on about that series at the moment. lol

    The Pyramids of London looks pretty great too!

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  3. Nope I have not read any of them, but I did read another series of Andrea K Host, which was also very unique and amazing (as are all the books from her I’ve read up till now): the touchstone trilogy. Have you read it yet?

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  4. Zodra ik de titel van je lijstje zag moest ik meteen aan Het kaartenhuis van Danielewski denken. Ik hoop toch alleszins dat je die naam zo schrijft. Het is ondertussen immers al zo’n 14 jaar geleden sinds ik dat boek las maar ik vond het echt een unieke ervaring. Heel bijzonder.

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  5. I have to get to On the Edge Of Gone now that I have it! One of the most unique books I have read is The Glittering World by Robert Levy. The faeries are very unique, earthy, and more like Native American folklore. It is a trippy story, that is for sure. 🙂

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