Six Authors I Want to Read All Works of Previously Published

Sometimes we come across authors when they just had their writing debut. Other times we come across authors who have been active for years. Decades in some cases even. The books we read of them make us fall in love with their writing, their characters or their world building. And this makes us want to read all the books they publish from now on or even go back and read all previously published books.

I don’t quickly call an author a favorite author. In some cases I enjoy an authors writing in this book but not that much in another. Though even I can admit that I have my pull towards certain authors. And having read one book or series I want to read more by them. So here is a list of authors from who I want to read all works previously published.


Terry Pratchett

You might have noticed that I am slowly buying all Discworld books and (even slower) reading them. But that series isn’t even nowhere near all that he wrote. Reading all the books he published until his death is a life long goal for me reading wise (low pressure). One that I shall enjoy immensely. He has such great ideas in Discworld that I am so curious to see what else he came up with outside of this series.

Neil Gaiman

Another author who has a long list of already published books. Even comics with Sandman. I think Gaiman can be a bit of a hit or miss author for a lot of people but so far for me he has been a hit. I love that he writes children’s books and adult books. He also publishes a lot throughout the year. Often twice.


Jonathan Stroud

Surprise! But you are not, right? You all know I love the Bartimaeus series and Lockwood as well. But he has written about 3 other books I believe in between these series (or before I’m not quite sure). I would love to read those as well. They are quite lesser known and standalone books.

A.M. Dellamonica

I loved Indigo Springs, and even if Blue Magic didn’t do it for me as a ender to that duology, I am still immensely curious to see what else she comes up with. I also read a very short novella about another world that I quite enjoyed that sold me over more so to read more of her work.

V.E. Schwab

I hesitated putting her on this list but I am also very interested to see how her ideas play out. So far I have enjoyed almost all the books I read by her and I still have Vicious to read and one other I believe.

Cinda Williams Chima

Seven Realms, I lived for that series for a while. Han certainly wormed his way into my heart even though I found him highly annoying at times, haha. Obviously I’m reading Shattered Realms but did you know she has written another series before and during Seven Realms, the Heir Chronicles. I’m curious about her. The bits that I did read in The Warrior Heir clearly showed she has grown a lot in her writing though. I still want to read that series though.

19 thoughts on “Six Authors I Want to Read All Works of Previously Published

  1. The Heir is not that great, from what I remember. The ending of the first book was really cliched and the character development was really stunted. The Shattered Realms is a big improvement by taking it the setting off Earth.

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    1. Yeah I read the first 30 pages or so before setting it to the side and I could really tell that Chima has grown in her writing since then compared to Seven Realms. Still the last two of the Heir chronicles were written during the same time as the Seven Realms so they should at the very least be up to par. I hear you can read those seperately from the first three Heir apparently. I’ll still give it a go in the next few years I think. But will probably not go out of my way to get them at the moment.


  2. I love the Discworld! I’ve read probably about 20-25 of the Discworld novels, in no particular order. After Pratchett’s death I decided to do a whole Re-Read and start with the first novel he published. I am only as far as book 4, ‘Sourcery’ now, but will see it as a life long goal as well 🙂

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    1. I’m just going to try and get trough them all first before even thinking of rereading, haha. Did you ever get to read Tiffany Aching? Reading in publication order really shows how much he has grown as a writer I think.

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      1. I havent read them yet, but heard only good things! They are definitely on the list 🙂 i read most of pratchett’s earlier books and a couple of the late ones. Totally agree! You can really see how his writing changed!


  3. Pratchett, me too. Gaiman, me too. I will be reading a Stroud because of you (and no, I was not surprised you had him here, you’re silly, ha ha), but although I have that Lockwood novella, I think I will wait and start with some Bartimaeus. I will probably end up reading all of Schwab’s offerings even though I didn’t like Vicious and This Savage Song because I loved ADSOM so damn much! I am going to try and read all of Alice Hoffman’s books. And hopefully I will love Octavia Butler because I have almost all of her books now. Thanks for sharing your list. ☺

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    1. Hah! I think the lockwood novella is only fun if you have already read the first book or so. It wasn’t that special if I recall. Bartimaeus is just a tad darker than Lockwood so maybe more your thing. Yeah I’ll probably get the sequel to This Savage Song as an ebook at some point to read.
      I have never heard of Octavia Butler. 😮

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      1. Octavia Butler was one of the first female SciFi writers, and I think, the first African American SciFi writer. She died in 2006 at the age of 49. I had no idea about her books either until I saw them on Talitha’s blog, Victorian Soul Critiques. We have similar taste in SciFi, and she loves them.

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  4. I am a strict rule follower, so I was unlucky enough to start out with The Color of Magic with Pratchett.. The first Rincewind book is just… not very good. I’ve heard that from many fans, and I have more of his books, and I know I should try something else, because they get so much better, they say. But I haven’t been able to after that first one…

    Gaiman is pretty much an auto-buy for me though 🙂 except I also don’t rush myself to read them. I don’t want to run out.

    I actually don’t know some of those others, I’ll have to check them out 🙂

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    1. Ah I can understand that. That was the first one I read too. 😉 His writing really has improved since that book throughout the series. If you do ever want to try again, consider trying his Tiffany Aching arc, the young adult books of the Discworld series. You get the world, the better writing, great characters and overall just a bit easier to step into his writing than perhaps with some of the other arcs.

      You want to savour them. 😉


      1. Hm, I don’t know, YA is the LAST genre I will read 😀 but maybe if you say they’re lighter. Is it really okay to just read out of order though? That’s what puzzles me. Like, I mean, as long as it’s first in the series? For example, first of Mort or first of Tiffany Aching?

        And yes, you get me – totally want to savor the reading experience 😀

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      2. It is lighter. And you can read out of order. Each book wraps up the story line at the end and each arc follows the same characters. So there is the Tiffany Aching arc (first book The Wee Free Men), Death arc (Mort), Witches arc (Equal Rites), Rincewind arc (color of magic), city watch arc (guards!guards!), moist van lipwig arc (going postal) and then there are a few books like Pyramids that aren’t attached to any arc. But I’ve been reading the Rincewind arc out of order and that works fine too.

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  5. Same here for Pratchett and Gaiman. I’ve managed to get all Discworld, and I’m slowly looking for all the rest of the Pratchett book. For Gaiman I’ve just started buying his books, I like how he writes, he’s weird.
    I’d also like to read everything from Amy Tan, Tom Holt, and Rowling, and I think she is the only one I’m up to date with.

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    1. Haha yes Gaiman has some weird ideas in his books. I just finished American Gods last month and for me it was the weakest book by him I’ve read so far but even so it is not bad and I still want to see the tv show.

      I still want to start Comoran Strike I think but haven’t really gotten around to buying those books yet. I’m curious to see how she holds up. I haven’t heard of Amy Tan before.

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  6. Ik las tot nu toe enkel het eerste deel van De Zeven Koninkrijken-reeks van de laatste schrijfster. Dat boek vond ik echt wel goed alleen kwam het er dan vervolgens niet meteen van om verder te lezen in de serie en ondertussen zijn we weer enkele jaren verder. Blijkbaar ben ik iemand die meteen moet kunnen verderlezen wanneer ze een nieuwe reeks ontdekt. Anders verdwijnen de vervolgdelen in mijn immense tbr.


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