TTT #88 – Signed Books and Things I Own

For this week we are meant to talk about authors we want to meet or have met for The Broke and the Bookish Top Ten Tuesday meme. While there are some authors I’d love to meet, you will most likely be able to name them anyway if you know me a little. And the list is not very long. For that reason I decided to change the topic for today a bit.

I’ll be sharing with you the books I have gotten signed, by the author themselves or won through a giveaway for instance.


Signed Books


    • Onder Mijn Huid by Marlies Slegers
      I won this through a facebook giveaway through the publisher. I have yet to read it though. I have not been in the mood yet.
  • De Stem van de Zee (Eiland in the Mist 1) by Mara Li
    I got this signed by the author herself which was great.


  • In Transit by Margaretha van Andel
    I got this signed by the author at the same event as the previous book. It was great to hear her talk about her book and she seemed like a lovely lady.


  • Talon, Rogue and Soldier by Julie Kagawa
    I completey forgot that Julie Kagawa would be visiting a book store in a city nearby back in September and I was so sad (because I was still getting rid of those pesky pregnancy hormones, haha). When we visited the book store a few weeks later they had these signed so I bought them.


  • Het Laatste Licht by Jen Minkman
    It was great to see Jen in person after having seen her on social media and after having reviewed two of her books. So I bought another one and got it signed.



Other Signed Things


  • Book plate and book mark signed by Jess Cluess
    When you pre ordered her book she send out some pre order swag!
  • Book plate signed by Anne Bishop
    I got a goodiebag for The Others series by Anne Bishop by the Dutch publisher for sort of pre ordering the fourth release and in it was the book plate.
  • Book mark signed by Vanessa Gerrits
    As you could read in my post about the event, I got a book mark signed by Vanessa Gerrits.


Not a whole lot but still I’m happy with what I have. Do you own signed books? Do you stick your book plates in the books? Because I haven’t yet. For some reason something stops me from doing that.

26 thoughts on “TTT #88 – Signed Books and Things I Own

  1. This is such a cool way of doing the topic! And same, I don’t put book plates in books either – I always feel like I’m going to somehow ruin them by doing it.

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  2. Oh oh this is awesome! I do own a few signed books which is soooo exciting. My favourite one is from AG Howard because it’s personalised to me. ❤ And I do actually have a signed book plate for Wintersong but I haven't stuck it in either.😂 I don't know why!?? Sticking stickers in books scares me haha. I'm using it as bookmark instead.

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  3. Great twist on the topic! I always keep signed books, I love getting books signed and managed to get some of my Celia Rees books signed a few years ago which was amazing; she was one of my favourite authors during my late childhood/early teens. I’ve never been able to get into Julie Kagawa’s books, but the covers of Talon, Rogue and Soldier are lovely. =)

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    1. Thanks. 🙂 I have to say i wasn’t a fan of The Iron Fey books either, but I have yet to read this series. It has dragons so that is always a great selling point to me, haha.


  4. So great that you got to collect a few signed books already! I have 1 signed book, but I do have a few bookplates. But I just keep them loose in the book, because sticking it in feels too permanent somehow and I’m scared I’d ruin the book. Haha, that sounds crazy so I don’t even know why 🙂

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  5. Ik heb onlangs nog een lijstje gemaakt met mijn gesigneerde boeken. Het waren er meer dan ik dacht maar misschien maak ik er nog wel eens een blogpost rond. Tot nu toe had ik maar ÊÊn bookplate (Anne Bishop) en die heb ik in ÊÊn van haar boeken geplakt. Ik had schrik dat ik hem anders na een tijd misschien kwijt zou spelen. Dat hij van tussen het boek zou schuiven of zo.

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  6. That’s still quite a bit though! Those Julie Kagawas were definitely a find. All of the popular signed books I happened to win in multiple book giveaways were not books from any of my fave authors. I sent The Diviners, and The Iron Trial to Elizabeth from So Long… & Thanks For All the Fish. I traded Dorothy Must Die and Compulsion.

    I guess A.G. Howard counts as a popular author now? I have two of the Splintered series ARCs signed and personalized, and a collectors flip ARC of the first one with a signed bookplate in it. All the rest are indie authors who have also become my friends, so those books are near and dear to me. Maybe even more than a popular author. Ha ha. 💟

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  7. Ik heb zelf slechts drie gesigneerde boeken, allemaal van de boekenbeurs vorig jaar. Voor mij persoonlijk hebben gesigneerde boeken stiekem eigenlijk niet echt meerwaarde – ik geniet enorm van het lezen maar heb genoeg aan het verhaal. Een vriendin ging vorig jaar naar YALC en bracht een gesigneerd kaartje mee van Michael Grant en dat vond ik dan wel weer heel tof!

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    1. Ik vind het wel grappig om dingen gesigneerd te hebben, maar het hoeft inderdaad niet nodig. Ik zal niet stad en land zomaar afreizen voor een handtekening. Of het moet iemand als Jonathan Stroud zijn maar die wil ik dan graag ontmoeten en die handtekening is maar bijzaak, haha.

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