Books I Did Not Finish and Why

I always see lists like the worst books of 2016. They also make me feel a little eh and I don’t tend to read or watch those. I guess it is the word worse that does it for me. I don’t mind people making a list of books they disliked the most in 2016. I guess because that gives off more as it is their opinion while worst (without my) suggest that it is widely accepted. For me that is a bit too negative.

It did get me thinking though and I realize I rarely show my thoughts of books I did not finish. I guess because I feel I don’t always read very far within the book and so it does not deserve a review as my thoughts are so little.But sometimes it is good to show what made you dnf a book.

Now I do not often dnf a book. I tend to power through. There is often something that catches me. But with these 8 books below I could not continue in the last few years.


Lycidas (Uralte Metropole 1) by Christopher Marzi
Lycidas is one of those books I tried very hard to like. I think I bought this book when it first came out in Dutch in 2009.I gave it a try every year but somehow I never got past page 180. I think a lot of it had to do with how the story was told. We would go back and forth between the person that told the story in first point of view and the actual story. I found the narrator very annoying and I recall there were some things that made little sense to me. The world was interesting but that just wasn’t enough to get over the writing style.

The Magician King (The Magicians 2) by Lev Grossman
I really enjoyed the first book to this trilogy and when I read that I didn’t realize for years there were two more books. For me the story was done. So I was already hesitant picking this up. The start to this serie cut out the characters that I most liked and the world I wanted to read about. Another character was added that I had little interest in and after about a 100 pages I could not get myself to pick it back up. There is a small chance I might give this another go, but that won’t be for a long time.

The Mirror Crack’d (Miss Marple 9) by Agatha Christie
I read another Miss Marple book before this which was an okay read. But the start to this novel was incredibly boring and I found it torture to get through a chapter. There was nothing that held my attention.

Dodger by Terry Pratchett
Surprise, a Terry Pratchett book. This book is a historical standalone with no fantasy. I actually listened to this as an audio book, but had a hard time holding my attention to it. I enjoyed the narration but the story and character were of no interest to me. They style was very different too. I decided not to torture myself with it and just continue on with the Discworld books.


The Death Cure (The Maze Runner 3) by James Dashner
Oh my. I honestly thought the first book had potentially. Absolutely hated the second one and I could not for the life of me remember why I would even pick up the third one when I started reading it. Thomas and I shall never be friends.

Dreamcatcher by Stephen King
A book I started for a buddy read but that neither of us ended up being very taken with.

The book was off to a good start initially. There was enough mystery and curiousity peaked by giving us some bits and pieces. Like this line thing they kept referring to or their friendship with a fifth person. But the writing style didn’t quite take me. The chapters had chapters within itself. Sometimes a paragraps, other times quite a few pages. It is not something that helps with my reading enjoyment but it is something I can overlook if I enjoy the story.

However the second part of the story started with a military section and that is where my attention started to waver. It dampened my interest immediately. There was nothing appealing about this section at all. And the leading person was such an asshole that I did not want to read about him at all. I found nothing of interest in him. The sections with the four guys started being less interesting as well especially when one fell away.

We struggled along for a bit after that but we both realized that we weren’t very willing to pick up the book. Stopped at p318

Rivers of London (Peter Grant 1) by Ben Aaronvitch
I found the writing blunt and to the point. There is no dressing up and it makes the main characters rather annoying. The way he treats his female friend also bothered me. Enough reasons for me to dnf.

Throne of the Crescent Moon (The Crescent Moon Kingdoms 1) by Saladin Ahmed
I’m sad to say that I can’t see myself finishing this. Next to not liking the characters, they also very heavy focusing on their duty to God. Now I have no problem with religious characters at all. I can admire that conviction but I don’t need to see oh almighty God every two sentences.

I could have gotten past that though but as soon as a girl from a tribe was introduced is where it stopped for me. The mc referred to her and tribe members in general as savages, barbarians and had zero respect for her customs. I had to put the book away and after sleeping on it have decided that I am not picking it back up.

It is a big shame because the world and the plot with guhls and the falcon prince did interest me.

Do you dnf a book often?

22 thoughts on “Books I Did Not Finish and Why

  1. I had a DNF experience with a Christie and I felt like the world’s worst reader. Who DNF’s Christie?? But it wasn’t grabbing me, and it wasn’t one of the better known ones- maybe I picked a bad one to start with. LOL about The death Cure- haven’t read em but was curious. Saw the movies. I don’t know.

    Rivers of London- that series kinda appeals to me but I haven’t taken the plunge. Don’t know about that one either. 🙂

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    1. Haha I felt the same way but it just wasn’t for me. I have to say that the one other I read also was not amazing in my book but at least I finished that one. Apparently I do not have a taste for Christie haha.


  2. I’ve had so much trouble DNFing books. Though, as I wrote a little while ago on my blog, I’m getting better at it! Good thing too, because why bother with a book you don’t like when there’s still so many more out time to read? The first book I DNFed after several tries was The 100 year old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared. Everyone seemed to love this book and rave about it. I just reminded me of a boring history textbook.
    Since then, I’ve let go of quite a few more books. 🙂

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  3. Dit vind ik echt interessant. Ik moest trouwens meteen lachen toen ik Lycidas zag staan. Dat boek las ik enkele jaren geleden en ik heb me er echt doorheen gesparteld. Meerdere keren heb ik overwogen om te stoppen maar ik heb het dus uitgelezen en dat voelde toen aan als het behalen van een gouden medaille in één of andere olympische discipline. Ik ben trouwens niet verder gegaan met de reeks, zo gek ben ik nu ook weer niet. Eén boek was echt voldoende voor me. Het laatste boek dat ik niet uitgelezen heb was De dief van de tijd van John Boyne. Ik vermoed dat ik er op dat ogenblik gewoon niet voor in de stemming was. Het staat wel nog steeds in de kast.

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    1. Haha. Blij te horen dat ik niet de enige ben die moeite had met dat boek. Het was ook nog eens zo dik. Ja soms zijn er inderdaad ook echt boeken waar ik niet voor in de stemming ben. Die zet ik vaak ook terug en dan pak ik het later wel weer. Soms pas jaren later, maar goed.

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  4. I do occasionally decide to not finish a book – it doesn’t happen so often anymore, due to me reading samples before I decide or doing a lot of research. After so many years, I kinda know what to look out for.

    But I still get unlucky and pick up books I hate and don’t bother finishing. The last was ‘Nevernight’ by Jay Kristoff I think. I try to read at least a quarter of a book but don’t try to force myself if I really don’t like it.

    I have only read one of the books you mentioned – Lycidas (and liked it, although I can see your point.. the repetition of different phrases was very annoying to me)

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    1. Nevernight does have an odd style of writing, right? I have it on my shelf but have yet to start it. The negativity surrounding the book a few months ago hasn’t quite helped with that either.


  5. Oh, James Dashner. How I hate your books! Thomas was so annoying and like he didn’t stand out at all as a character. Theresa was an underused character, because I genuinely felt like an exploration of things from her perspective would have been helpful. But, no, let’s vilify our only female character. Because that’s a mature thing to do.

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  6. I don’t normally dnf books, safe for very desperate cases, like the ‘Divine Comedy’ (which i finished after many years and a fifth attempt for a challenge). There are books I end up hating, but I feel that for me to properly give a review, I need to finish the story and state all my reasons, from beginning to end, of why I didn’t like it. However, if they are really dreadful, I will stop reading them. It happens to me often with biographies.

    I liked ‘Dreamcatcher’ a lot, but I read the translation in Spanish and I don’t know if that made the book more easy to read. I haven’t read ‘Rivers of London’ but I have it on my tbr pile.

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    1. I don’t often not finish books either, especially not very early on. But some of these just ugh. I don’t have as much time to read anymore so I have gotten a little easier with it though.


  7. I have the Dodger audiobook. I had no idea that it wasn’t Fantasty, thanks for the heads up. I thought I had only read read one Stephen King book, It, but the other day I realized I had read Salem’s Lot and thought it was a different author, ha ha. I have not tried to read Dreamcatcher, but have you seen the movie? It is kind of a cult classic and I really liked it. I have seen it more than once. 🙂

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  8. I did NOT like the Maze Runner series. I think the plot was good, but I could not stand the writing style and almost all of the characters annoyed me. It just wasn’t one of those books

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