Book Haul

Book Haul #20

Well I can sit here and pretend this isn’t big, but you know, it is. Regardless I have been keeping to my book buying budget. (Read to the maximum amount.) So at least I’ve been getting more for my money? And more ebooks!


UntitledZoon van de Duivel (Duivel 2) by Adrian Stone I found this in a second-hand book store and as I already own the first book and am planning on reading that this year I thought it was good to get this. ★ Into the Still Blue (Under the Never Sky 3) by Veronica Rossi This finally was marked down a bit so I got it to complete the trilogy and hopefully get around to it soonish.


Gilded Cage (Dark Wars 1) by Vic James *
I heard about this at random during 2016 and pre ordered it. I found it a good read. And the author is very nice!

UntitledCaraval (untitled 1) by Stephanie Garber * I could not resist getting this pretty hc with the surprise naked hardcovers! I got the rose.

January Ebooks


book haul january 2017.png

The Blazing Star by Imani Josey I heard some good things about this book since its release and that cover is so gorgeous. I can’t wait to get to it. ★ Flower of Nightfall by Maialen Alonso * Review copy! ★ First Year (The Black Mage 1) by Rachel E. Carter I’ve heard some good things about this series and when Inge from Of Wonderland offered the ebook for the first five responding I obviously had to respond. Thanks again Inge!


Child of a Hidden Sea (Hidden Sea Tales 1) by A.M. Dellamonica
This was my Valentine gift from my husband. I have had my eye on this book for a while but the pb was constantly unavailable and the hc super expensive. So I got it from my husband.

UntitledWires and Nerve, volume 1 by Marissa Meyer * My pre order came in a little late but that was okay I guess. Having loved The Lunar Chronicles and Iko I had to have this.

The Hero of Ages (Mistborn 3) by Brandon Sanderson
‘You bought ANOTHER Brandon Sanderson book?’ Yes, yes I did. But let me explain. It was on sale for about 50% so I mean that is okay, right? I don’t even own the second one but I figured I could not let that slip. Now I really need to get on reading ALL those Sanderson books.

UntitledSourcery (Discworld) by Terry Pratchett I am collecting these Gollancz editions. I have been reading the Rincewind collection so out of order though, haha. I got this and the next book from a gift card. Go me!

Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones
Everyone seems to be singing the praise of this book so I figured I should give it a go as well.

Het Laatste Licht by Jen Minkman
The book I bought during Westerhof Young Adult Night

A Conjuring of Light (Shades of Magic 3) by V.E. Schwab
My pre order came in.

February Ebooks

feb ebook haul.png

Tweedehands Vleugels (Vleugels trilogie 1) by Vanessa Gerrits *
As I was going to the night in Westerhof I felt I needed to read this book by the author who would do her book presentation.
Memories of Ash (The Sunbolt Chronicles 2) by Intisar Khanani *
I needed to read on with this series! Very solid.

* = read

19 thoughts on “Book Haul #20

  1. Really want to read wires and nerve! Just finished Cress this month! I want to read caraval in march and at first I was hearing nothing but good things about it but now all I’m hearing is “meh” reviews, so i want to make my own opinion soon 🙈

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh you have to start Winter first. It is a bit spoilery for that one. Did you read Fairest yet?
      Haha, I have seen some of the negative ones. Everybody is drawn to different things so there is still a good chance you’ll end up liking it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I haven’t yet no, Winter is on my March TBR as well as Caraval. I haven’t read Fairest, do you think I should before Winter? I just don’t own it :/ Yeah, I’m hoping I enjoy it, I really wasn’t a massive fan of the Night Circus though and a lot of people are comparing the two! Fingers crossed ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I think Fairest is best read after Cress, but not entirely nessecary.

        I don’t think Caraval was too much like The Night Circus. Caraval is more a festival than a circus I feel.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I am going to read the Lunar Chronicles soon, I hope. Then, we can fangirl together. And Sanderson books are on my TBR as well. Let me know if you ever want to do a buddy read. Guess what, I finished A Darker Shade of Magic AND LOVED IT SO MUCH! I’m starting the second book in that trilogy this week (I hope).

    Loving this book haul!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What an amazing haul!!!!! I’ve read Wintersong very recently and LOVED it!!
    Can’t wait to see what you’ll think of it!
    Have you read the first book of the mistborn series? I’ve got the first three on my shelf and I’m so excited to start reading this series! And 50% off? Of course you can’t let that slip!!! 😉

    Those January e-books covers btw: so so sooo beautiful ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So curious about that one but so much to read so little time. 😦
      No I haven’t. The Way of Kings has been whispering at me more as of late. See you understand me.;)

      Right? Especially The Blazing Star! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ahhh this is SUCH an epic haul. *pets ACOL lovingly* My preorder arrived ON release date for which I was immensely pleased…until I realised the spine was all ripped. Then I was NOT immensely pleased hahah.😂 Luckily book depository is replacing it for me. And omg I have Caraval too and I got the rose!! TWINNING. I hope Wintersong is good because I’ve heard excellent things and that cover. Ahhh!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Wauw, wat een knappe aanwinsten. Sommige covers zijn echte kunstwerkjes. Die van The Blazing Star bijvoorbeeld maar ook Sourcery, The conjuring of light en Wintersong. De omslag van First Year doet me dan weer zin krijgen om een cosplay-outfit aan te trekken.

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  6. Those Gollancz Pratchett covers. 😍 They are not available here in the US, but I might start looking on Better World Books for used copies. Although I don’t think anyone will be trading them in. Ha ha. I want the Tiffany Aching arc in hardcovers.

    This wasn’t too bad, and you did stay within your budget! *pats you on the back* Getting ebooks (especially ones on special) does help in that department. I love your Caravel photo. The cover to The Blazing Star is beautiful, I agree. 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right? And book depository has them too. I would have loved those in hardcovers too but when I got them I couldn’t find them all like that. Just Shephard’s Crown. Sad face.

      Yes I should pat myself on the back more often for at least staying in budget. I am trying to get a bit more ebooks, haha.

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