Book Review – Flower of Nightfall

Book: Flower of Nightfall by Maialen Alonso
Release Date: January 19th 2017
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

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I received a review copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.



Mina never thought that her life would lead to something so beautiful and yet so tragic.

Mina woke up in the middle of a stormy night and her world is forever darkened. Drawn by her family’s screams, she walks downstairs where a sticky liquid stains her bare feet. A strange shadow rises in front of her, large and imposing. There, before her incredulous eyes stands a demon. . .

After more than a decade Mina is released from the psychiatric institute where she had been remanded. She knows what happened. Now she wants answers, and she wants revenge. No one ever believed her; demons don’t exist. . . But he, the violet-eyed demon, has each and every one of the answers to her questions. Is he really the killer? What is hidden in his gaze? Questions start to cloud her mind, and nothing is what it seems.

A frenzied voyage begins in order to discover the hidden truth. Together with Dunham, a solitary hunter, secrets will come to light, feelings will flourish and blood will run. . . Mina never thought that her life would lead to something so beautiful and yet so tragic.


Flower of Nightfall has yet another gorgeous cover as often the books by Maialen Alonso seem to have. I got drawn to that cover and had higher expectations than perhaps I should have had.

Last year I read another book by this author and I had some problems that I think were due to the translation. I have to say that I find this book better translated than that book. It flows a bit better and there are certainly less spelling/grammar mistakes in this one.  I do have to say that writing wise I wish there was more show and not so much tell. We get a lot of thoughts and things that I could have been better incorporated in conversation between characters or emotions that could have been conveyed in actions by the character.

The story sounded interesting to me. Demon hunters and a girl bend on revenge for the death of her parents. Of course it turns out it isn’t all quite that simple. The demon hunters have more ties to the demons than one would think while our main character isn’t quite as human as she thinks.

Unfortunately I felt the execution lacked. Subtleness lacked. The mc has believed for many years that this demon killed her parents yet when he gives her one hint that maybe it wasn’t him she immediately wavers in her believes and her switch to believing him happens very early on in the book. It took away a lot of tension.  There was also another character our mc has initially a dislike with but again these interactions turned friendly very quickly. First they were bitching at each other, the next they were off on a trip together and the best of friends. I missed some depth there.

The plot that combined the demon hunters and the demon world and gave us a war I couldn’t really get into. I just wasn’t that invested in the characters. I was pleased with the ending up to a point as it did not take the super happy route. I think that was realistic with a war. But I think other things were fixed rather easily. Our mc was also at each fight yet she was not a fighter at all. We got other point of views so we did not need her there to view these fights. It made little sense

Then there is also that our mc spend years in a ward where she suffered abuse and was medicated and so on. Yet when she leaves there seems to be little effect on her. Having grown up in a ward one would expect that she would have little idea for what is out there and that there would be social workers picking her up and helping her to get back into the world. But she was on her own from the start. If this is because of the state of the world perhaps an explanation would have been interesting. It would have deepened out the world building of the human world for instance.

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