Unhauling Some Books at the Start of 2017

Last year was the first time I actually did a big unhaul of some of my books and I thought it would be a good start to 2017 to go through my books again and see which ones I want to keep and still read. I actually already seperated some books throughout the year that I knew I was unlikely to want to keep after reading them.

Sometimes taking a critical look at your book case is nessecary. Especially if you buy as many books as I do, I would otherwise run out of space very easily. Now some of these I have read, others I have tried to read and others I have no desire to get to anymore.


The Graces, Isle of the Lost and Seeker
I read The Graces and wasn’t very taken with it. The other two just do not appeal to me anymore.

Fool Moon, Witch and Wizard and Dreamcatcher
I tried reading Dreamcather for a buddy read but we both could not get passed the halfway point. Fool Moon is the second book in Jim Butcher’s series that my husband picked up once for himself. He has no interest in reading it though and while I might have a small interest in reading that series, I will most likely buy the ebooks then since it is so big. Witch and Wizard I am just not interested in anymore.

The first three Falling Kingdom books
I read the first two and while they were somewhat enjoying not nearly as good as I had expected. I can’t seem to pick up the third one so they are going.

Schaduwschepen en Een Miljoen Zeilen
Two more books my husband picked up for himself but will not be reading. It is a fantasy book series by a Dutch author. I tried reading it buy I could not get through the first bit. I completely lost any interest I had in it from that.

The first three Vampire Chronicles books
Again, I read the first book but I can’t quite be bothered to pick up the rest. I also bought these when I had a lot more interest in vampires which has faded. Mostly because they tend to be either boring or not depicted as I would like to see them.

Mirror Crack’d/4.50 Train and the first two Grand County books
I read the books of Miss Marple but was not very taken by them. I also read the first Grand County book which is a bit of a detective. But again I was not very impressed by it and I can not be bothered to pick up the next one.

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer and The Catastrophic History of You and Me
I actually enjoyed Mara Dyer but the Dutch publisher doesn’t seem to be going to translate the third book and so I have lost a lot of my interest in the others. I don’t remember that much about the ending either. I might buy them as ebooks some day. Catastrophic History was an impulse buy as it was cheap but I’ve lost interest.

An Ember in the Ashes and Buffy the Vampire Slayer bind-up volume 3
I did not like either of these book that much.

Armada, The Martian and The King
Armada was a bit of a let down but still an okay read. But I have no attachment to it so it is going. I disliked The Martian and The King was an impulse buy because the hardcover under the dustjacket is so pretty. But the book has a pretty bad rating on goodreads and I’ve lost a bit of interest in it.

Anna and the French Kiss, Eleanor & Park, Fangirl and Carry On
Yes, my Rainbow Rowell books are finally going. I tried but she is just not an author that is for me. I enjoyed Anna but I can’t see myself rereading it or continuing on with the series really.

The Original Shannara trilogy and Kafka on the Shore
I tried with the Shannara books but they are just not for me. I also tried reading Kafka on the Shore once but could not get into it. I only bought it for the cat on the cover too, haha.

⌘ Throne of the Crescent Moon
And a recent dnf.  I had such high hopes for this one.

I have some others that I am still keeping seperate that I have not yet decided on like The Morganville Vampires series by Rache Caine.

Do you go through your books from time to time?

22 thoughts on “Unhauling Some Books at the Start of 2017

  1. Ik heb jarenlang alles bijgehouden maar nu ga ik regelmatig eens door mijn kast. Sommige boeken die ik jaren geleden kocht spreken me niet meer aan. Van andere weet ik dat ik ze niet meer ga herlezen, … dus tja, af en toe worden er enkele van tussen geplukt die plaats mogen maken voor nieuwe aanwinsten.

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  2. I like that you’re honest with yourself in this process. I have some of the books you unhauled, but I haven’t read them yet, so I don’t know if they’re awesome or not. What I thought was really neat, too, is the variety in what you read. Wonderful variety. Is there a specific genre you gravitate towards? Do you write books by any chance? What do you like to write? I ask because some of the books I have are for guiding myself to write in the given genre.

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    1. You can’t hold on to all of them forever I like to think.

      I like fantasy most of all which is why some of these probably aren’t that appealing to me anymore. I don’t write. Not anymore. I haven’t made the time for that in ages.


  3. Wow, your Vampire Chronicles look so different from the US ones! Or at least the ones I have and the other US covers I’ve seen. To be honest I think the US covers are ugly, but all of mine are from used stores and falling apart anyway lol. Ooh that cover for The King *is* really nice. Is that the cover without the dust jacket?

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    1. Yeah I think they were cheaper releases. I like seeing how every country has so many different covers.

      No that is with the dust jacket on. Without is a very nice naked hardcover with yellow, black and gray if I remember correctly.


  4. I have trouble doing away my books even if I know I probably won’t read them again. I also own the original Shannara trilogy in dutch, I had this time when I was in high school where I loved high fantasy and I really liked those books back then. What do you do with the books you do away? Do you give them someone or donate them or just throw them out? Just curious.

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    1. I had that problem too until I was pregnant last year, haha. Sometimes I look at the books and see if I think someone near me could potentially like the book. Otherwise I sell them at a second hand book store.


  5. Yes, “I call it culling my shelves”. I don’t have to do it that much anymore because I buy mostly ebooks and then only buy the books I am in love with in hardcover. Children’s books I get for review I either send to my Kookies and Milk reviewer (if they are for her age group), or give to a local not-for-profit daycare/preschool that helps out low income parents. All the Middle Grades I don’t want to keep for myself I give to my old high school buddy’s 5th grade class. YAs and Adult I separate out into a giveaway contest/trade pile and the rest I give to the local library’s used book sale. I also don’t have as many to get rid of because Quirk Books and Candlewick Publishing don’t send out random boxes of multiple books anymore.

    What do you with your books once you pull them out?

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