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Reading Statistics 2016

Now that we have hit 2017 it is time to round up our reading year once more. Like in 2015 I kept track of some reading statistics. In this post I would like to show you some of these again and compare them to last year.

Release Dates


It is interesting to see how I clearly read a lot of new releases this year compared to 2015 (17%). I suppose this comes from being more involved with the book blogging community and seeing a lot more new releases months before release. Before I started this blog I wasn’t quite as up to date and I didn’t buy as many new releases as I did this year.

The next group that I read a lot from is 2010 to 2014 releases. I think this comes from a lot of older series that I continued throughout 2016. Interesting enough in 2015 I read 43% of 2010 to 2013 releases.

Suprisingly percentage wise I read about as much releases from 2000 to 2009 as I did in 2015.

I am pleased to see that it is still reasonably divided among the 5 categories. I still read a lot of older books too.

2016 Ratings


One thing I always find interesting is to see how I rated over the year. I had a feeling that I wasn’t reading a lot of bad books or that my pregnancy made a little less critical. And I think that was correct. I rated 18 books 5 stars compared to 7 in 2015. That is more than double the amount even though I read less. One can wonder why that is. Was I less critical because of my pregnancy? Or have I just chosen more books that I would like? I think it is a mix to be honest.

Other than that I still rate books 4 stars the most with 3 stars following that. Though I did rate a whole lot more books 3 stars last year. But again that has to do with the above mentioned. Interestingly I dnfed more books this year. I think that is a good thing so I don’t stick to reading books I am not enjoying at all. As a result I have less 1 star reads.



Surprise! I read mostly young adult. Shocking, right? Still I’m happy to see that it isn’t a 50%. I would like to read more adult. But 2016 just was not the year my head was in the game for adult fantasy books. They tend to be a bit bigger and harder to get through.

I would like to read more adult books in 2017. There are a few I really want to get to. I don’t want to move away from young adult at all, I just want to even the playing field a little here.

I do find it interesting to see that I read a lot more middle grade in 2016 than I did in 2015. 20% versus 8%. That is a big increase.


With this I mostly find it interesting and apalling to see how little series I actually finished. I also reread considerably less. Two in 2016 versus 9 in 2015. I guess I just didn’t feel like I could reread with reading less and so I focused more on all the tbr books. I am pleased with the number of standalones though.


Books Read January – 5
Pages Read January – 1358

Books Read February – 6
Pages Read February – 2208

Books Read March – 5
Pages Read March – 1735

Books Read April – 16
Pages Read April -4067

Books Read May – 14
Pages Read May – 3879

Books Read June – 8
Pages Read June – 2586

Books Read July – 12
Pages Read July – 4935

Books Read August – 9
Pages Read August – 2926

Books Read September – 6
Pages Read September – 1850

Books Read October – 5
Pages Read October – 1946

Books Read November – 7
Pages Read November – 2257

Books Read December – 8
Pages Read December – 2769

Total Pages Read This Year – 32.516
Average Pages Per Month – 2709
Average Pages Per Book – 325

April, May and July clearly were great reading months for me. The first two months after not working anymore and the month before my due date. Interesting, haha.


11 thoughts on “Reading Statistics 2016

  1. Oh, leuk dat jij ook zo’n overzicht hebt gemaakt van je leesjaar. Zo’n grafiekje met publicatiejaren zit er bij mij niet tussen maar nu ben ik eigenlijk wel benieuwd geworden. Misschien moet ik dat dit jaar toch ook maar eens nakijken.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay for the Middle Grades and standalones! I am going to try and read more Adult books this year, too. Sixteen books in one month, good lord, I don’t think I have ever managed that, or even fourteen! I think twelve was my tops once. It very well could have been your pregnancy making you happier about books. I have always hated pink, but for some reason when I was pregnant I loved it, ha ha! These pie chart comparisons were very interesting. I might do this next year. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nice charts. It’s fun to see the numbers. I should maybe do it myself. Haha. Young Adult novels are definitely easier to get into. I’ve been reading a lot of them lately too, so I think I might have a similar skew to YA. It’s interesting that your pregnancy might have made you less critical. I wonder if there are studies done on that?


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