Book Buying Ban? No, a Book Buying Budget!

Here comes a confession that I don’t think will surprise you: I buy more books than I can read a year. Some months are better than others, but lets be honest, it is getting out of hand. It does not help that my husband is a book buying enabler.

Looking back on the last two years where I have kept track of the number of books I have bought, I have bought a lot of books. A LOT. I won’t name the specific number but more than 100 a year. I know. So when I say it is getting out of hand, I mean it.

Last year was a bit better as I did buy about 30 books less than in 2015. But more than a 100 is still a big number. And a lot of money. Especially the months June (boekenfestijn) and October (birthday) are terrible months when it comes to aquiring books. I don’t see that changing but a bit more restraint would be nice.

I know that a book buying ban would never work for me. It is one of the few things I allow myself to buy for myself and I would definitely be setting myself up for failure. But a book budget might…

So for this year I have decided to give myself a book buying budget. Not only will I keep track of how many books I bought but also what I am spending on them.

The amount per month: 50 Euro
The Rules:

  • Gift cards do not count towards the amount
  • Pre orders count towards the month they are released in
  • Books my husband buys for me count (unless birthday/christmas)
  • Boekenfestijn is an exception and I will give myself a seperate budget for that

At the end of the year I will see how I did. It is not so much a real year goal as just something I strive to do for longer perhaps. To get better book buying habits.

Have you ever put yourself on a book buying budget?



24 thoughts on “Book Buying Ban? No, a Book Buying Budget!

  1. I buy way too many too. It’s serious. šŸ™‚ Good luck! I’m afraid to actually figure out how many books I’ve bought or how much I’ve spent…

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  2. Afgelopen jaar ben ik heel goed bezig geweest en kocht ik slechts tien boeken in totaal, juist omdat ook ik merkte dat ik meer boeken kocht dan dat ik kan lezen in een jaar. Nu ben ik het jaar al begonnen met een aankoop van acht boeken, dus hopelijk doe ik de komende maanden wat rustiger aan :p

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  3. I’m on a semi-permanent book-buying budget because I’m pretty broke – I just don’t have the disposable income to buy all the books I want (also, I still live at home, so only have one room to fill with books – and I need to be able to find my bed.)

    I rely a lot on the library, and the library’s e-book lending system. Second hand or charity shops are also v helpful since they tend to be cheaper, and free e-books are great for stocking up on light reading – and sometimes finding hidden gems! šŸ™‚

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    1. Finding your bed does beat book buying, I agree.

      I moved a few years ago and didn’t get a library card here, then I started buying so many books so I feel that I have to get through my own books before going to the library (but also the books here in the library aren’t often what I want to read these days). I do go to second hand stores but I never find what I want. Insert weeping, haha.

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  4. I don’t buy too much. I mean right now I am on a ban which is imposed by my parents lol. the main problem apart from money is that actually my old shelves were so old, so I sold them second hand. I am planning on getting new ones, but we don’t have space in our house any more. My parents are planning on getting a new house this year or next year so hopefully that would be good. also my books for studies and all require a lot of space too! *sobs forever* JUST GIVE ME ALL THE SPACE AND MONEY IN THE WORLD OMG..

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  5. A book buying budge sounds like something I could work with!!! I couldn’t commit to a ban entirely..have tried and it was not fun. haha
    I have a terrible book-buying habit (both new and used) so I really need to get it under control. 2016 was my first year blogging so i went crazy and it’s understandable. But I can’t let it get out of hand again! x)
    Good luck with this!

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    1. Yeah I’m not one for a ban either. It just sounds rather frustrating. Blogging does tend to bring out the book buying enthusiast in us, haha.
      Good luck to you too!


  6. Ik werk echt al jaren met een boekenbudget. Zodra mijn man (toen nog vriend) en ik gingen samenwonen ben ik elk jaar een huishoudboek beginnen bijhouden. Op die manier weet ik perfect hoeveel geld er te besteden valt. Vermits ik zelf niet kan gaan werken probeer ik enkel boeken te kopen die binnen mijn boekenbudget passen. Dat bedrag bestaat uit geld dat ik voor kerst of mijn verjaardag krijg en de eventuele opbrengst van eigen boeken die ik verkoop na een boekenkast-opruimactie. Gelukkig kan ik af en toe koopjes op de kop tikken bij de plaatselijke Kringloopwinkel en het Boekenfestijn. Op die manier blijven er hier toch vrij regelmatig nieuwe boeken bijkomen.

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    1. Ik heb voorheen altijd gewerkt dus ik was er nooit niet zoveel mee bezig, maar nu met Merijn en ik thuis moeten we toch ook wat beter oppassen. Ik heb het geld van mijn boekenkast opruim actie vorig jaar in ons gezamenlijk potje gestopt. Maar dit jaar niet denk ik, haha.

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  7. So if you don’t spend all of the 50 Euro does it roll over into the next month? šŸ˜‡

    I am pretty good at keeping my physical book buying to a minimum, and I very rarely buy a full price ebook, but months when there are a lot of ebook specials on popular books even with sale prices the total can get high! šŸ“ššŸ“ššŸ“ššŸ“ššŸ“ššŸ“ššŸ“š

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  8. I may try this after I move. A budget would work much better for me than a ban, I think. I tend to do okay on a ban for a few months and then just lose ALL self control and buy WAY more than I should, and all at once!

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