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TTT #80 – Top Hidden Gem Books I Read in 2016

Looking back on 2016, and in particular the last half of that, I read a lot of newer releases and popular books. With a baby I’ve had to pick and choose more what I am most excited about and that often were some newer releases and more well known books. The buzz helps with that.

It is a shame though to the lesser known books I’ve been meaning to read. I have read some of those that are lesser known in 2016, and below I have listed those I consider a hidden gem.

Ā āŒ˜


  • Faith and Moonlight by Joe King and Mark Gelineau // Review
    A collection of novella’s set in the same world is what this duo of authors have been writing. There are various ones that all interweave in some way. I read one other but I particular liked the two I read of this set. NEED to know how it continues please.
  • On the Edge of Gone by Corinne Duyvis // Review
    It is an own voices book with an autistic main character. And it is sci-fi! How can this not appeal to you! While I am seeing an increase in people being interested in this book I don’t see a lot of people actually reading it. Please do. It certainly is worth your time.
  • Timekeeper by Tara Sim // Review
    A recent release that has gotten a bit of buzz but I would love it if more people talked about this book. I am a little in love with it. Cute boys, clocktowers, steampunk. It has great elements.
  • Sunbolt by Intisar Khanani // Review
    A book recommended to me by La La in the Library. It is a novella length book set in a fantasy world. I especially found the second half really great to read.
  • Vacui Magica by L.S. Johnson // Review
    Vacui Magia is a collection of short stories that all have a magical element weaved throughout them. From how to create a golem to taking revenge. Each story is dark. Some are violent. Some are sensual. And you never quite know what is real.
  • The Mysteries by Lisa Tuttle // Review
    A book I picked up on a whim but that I unexpectedly enjoyed. It is a bit of a magical mystery that drew me in.

25 thoughts on “TTT #80 – Top Hidden Gem Books I Read in 2016

  1. I’m in the middle of Sunbolt right now! I’m liking it a lot so I agree that it needs more attention. On the Edge of Gone and Timekeeper are two I have not heard of that I think I would really like! I’ll add them to my TBR. Thanks for sharing your hidden gems!

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  2. I bought Timekeeper thanks to your review! I’m saving it for my TBR later on because it’s a bit longer than some of the other books I have. I tend to read the shortest books first and the longest books last lol

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  3. I didn’t know that the author of On the Edge Of Gone was autistic herself! I will definitely be moving that up on my tbr. I am most certainly reading Timekeeper, too. I have my eye out for the Kindle book going on sale. High fives all around for Sunbolt!

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