2017 Reading Goals

It is that time of year where we declare our intentions for this new year. Now I am not one to make goals for the blog. I don’t have goals for followers though I am thankful for all of you who do follow my little blog. I however do like to make reading goals. I always tell myself that I will not make too many goals each year yet somehow I always end up with more goals than one. How does that happen?

The Reading Challenge

Read 60 books

While I would love to claim to be able to read 120 books in 2017 there is a good chance I won’t even manage 60. I’m not sure how life will be in 2017 with little Merijn so I am keeping this rather on the low side for me.

Beat the Backlist

Read 50 Backlist books

As shared in my sign up post I will be reading (or hoping to read) 50 books towards this challenge. Each month I will tally up the amount along with my TBR challenge

The TBR Challenge

Total unread books on shelf January 1st 2017 – 145
Goal – Under a 100

I recounted the books at the first day of 2017 so I can start fresh. I pulled a bunch of books that were also on my tbr that I wasn’t that interested in any more so that I am more likely to pick up backlist books. I’ll be combining this in my monthly wrap up to look back on. These do not include classics!

Read Books by Dutch Authors on My Shelf

Owned books by Dutch authors at start of 2017 – 8
Goal – Read them all

I always end up pushing books by Dutch/Belgian authors to the side for other more hyped up or international books but that isn’t okay. I want to read more by Dutch authors, especially fantasy so I want to make the effort this year to at least get to these books! While I still need to read the international Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt, I won’t be counting that towards this goal though.

  1. De Stem van de Zee by Mara Li
  2. This Is Where It Ends by Marieke Nijkamp
  3. Onder Mijn Huid by Marlies Slegers
  4. Profeet van de Duivel by Adrian Stone
  5. In Transit by Margaretha van Andel
  6. De Klauw by Adrian Stone
  7. Invocatie by Jurgen Snoeren
  8. De Drakenkoningin by An Janssens

Read 5 Classics

This goal is more a wish than a real goal. Because have you seen the stack of classics on my shelf? I’d like to read those, not just collect them. But I don’t pick up classics so easily (and it doesn’t help that they are high up and I am really short). But I think reading 5 in 2017 should be somewhat managable.

15 thoughts on “2017 Reading Goals

    1. Thanks! No 60 is the total though I hope to read more than that. The backlist books and the classics and Dutch books would fall into that. The classics and Dutch books can also fall into the backlist books. šŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh ok ok, that makes more sense to me. I was thinking they were all different goals and not one collective goal. That would have been a LOT šŸ˜‰
        Good luck!! I hope you can complete it as best you can šŸ˜‰

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  1. De stem van de zee staat bij mij ook nog ongelezen in de kast, die hoop ik in 2017 te lezen. In transit staat op mijn verlanglijstje maar moet ik eerst nog aanschaffen of lenen bij de bibliotheek šŸ˜‰

    Veel succes met je leesdoelen!

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    1. This is Where it Ends was written in English and only later translated to Dutch. The mentioned Hex (in the paragraph) was translated to English last year. The others are only in Dutch. šŸ™‚

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  2. Wat een mooie leesdoelen in dit lijstje. Ik heb zelf onlangs nog eens mijn tbr gecontroleerd (132 ongelezen boeken) en ga het dit jaar maandelijks voor mezelf proberen bij te houden. Alleen word ik al meteen tegengewerkt … Eerst vond ik twee novelle’s van Tahereh Mafi voor 1ā‚¬ stuk bij de Kringloopwinkel (tja, die kon ik dus niet laten staan) en toen bleek ik twee gesigneerde boeken van Jenny Han te winnen zonder dat ik meedeed aan een wedstrijd. Nu lijkt het plots veel minder indrukwekkend dat ik zo meteen in mijn vijfde eigen boek van dit jaar ga beginnen.

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