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BAK Secret Santa 2016 Unboxing

Like last year I participated in the Boekenadventskalender secret santa exchange that is hosted by Emmy at Zon en Maan. It is always fun to exchange gifts for the holidays and this one is a Dutch exchange so it is a little easier on my wallet.

The person that drew me had already send me a message before Christmas that the package would be a bit delayed as the book hadn’t been delivered to her yet. Today the package arrived. Insert an excited emoticon.

626421A4-EC35-4277-984E-8523346C529B_zps6yxixomr The card obviously wished me happy holidays and that I could maybe guess the book by the extra’s that were added to the package. I’ll be curious to see if I can. Of course the card also revealed my secret santa which was Monique.


The first thing I opened was this tea. I drink a lot of tea, especially in the winter, so that is always welcome. I like the packaging of this tea as well!

Next I spotted these smelling tea lights and the little things for make-up. I quite liked the smell that came from these.


I also spotted these book marks. You know I love book marks so that always makes me hapy. I don’t have any of these. Two are from book depository, the one with the eye is from a Dutch author’s boek and the one with the quote is from George. I am quite happy with that one.

1A559531-8897-4700-9D33-CCBEB12D48E2_zpstdyz1urp Next I unwrapped these. The handy book marks are of course great. Unfortunately I already have these. But that is okay. I can gift mine away. And nail polish in quite a lovely color I have to say. Can you guess what book it is going to be? I didn’t even though I put it on the list myself.

Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins! Of course once I had seen the book the other gifts made a lot of sense as hints. I just wasn’t catching on.

Thank you very much Monique! I am happy with everything I got.


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