Book Marks #5

Wow, it has been since February that I have done a book mark haul post. That is a really long time for me. I guess I just haven’t been getting a lot of new book marks lately. I mean I still have plenty for a new haul, but I haven’t been specifically buying them. A lot of these I did get in book boxes or as gifts. So you might have seen some of these pass by already.

These are some my dad has gotten for me when he visited book stores. And others have been giving him book marks as well. I actually got about 15 of those add for a book book marks. I don’t really collect those but my dad keeps getting them for me so I accept them anyway. But I like these. One is from the Libris store Waanders at the Broeren then I visit often when in Zwolle. And I like these other three as well as they have reading on them and they are cute.

These two are from the book boxes I got during the Summer. I did an unboxing for both that you can find here and here.

Some more book store book marks. Obviously one is from Waterstones Amsterdam when we went there this Summer. The two booklover book marks are from American Book Centre. One I got when I visited there this Summer and the other one was in the Bookly Bird box. And then the yellow one is from a book store I have never visited but I found it in a book I bought. How it got in there I don’t know, but it is yellow. And yellow is my  favorite color, haha.

These are add for books book marks that were in the goodiebag we received after the simon vs and diversity book club at Westerhof book store in Zwolle over the Summer. Look, it is the book mark for the Dutch edition of Simon vs!

The first three of these were in my Urban Books goodiebag. And then there is the signed book mark I received from Jessica Cluess for pre ordering her book.

These super cool hands were in the August Bookly Bird box. I kind of like these wired ones even though I would probably not buy them if I came across them in a store.

You might remember this book mark from a book haul post in which I showed my birthday haul. One of the things I also received was this bookmark from Booklove Speciality Shop, a Dutch online webstore. They have more like these.

And lastly I got these three. The branch with leaves was a cute cheap buy. The back says ‘Look at how far you’ve come, not how far you still have to go’. Then next to that is this pretty soft one I got from my penpal Carol. And the yellow box holds…

…a tea bag bookmark. You understand I had to buy that as well. They are easy gifts as can be seen from the white tag. You can pull that off if you want to use it as a book mark. The yellow top is magnetic.



7 thoughts on “Book Marks #5

  1. I like bookmarks even if I don’t always use them? It’s nice that there are so many now with all the YA books and author promos and stuff… 🙂

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  2. The tea bag bookmark is just awesome! It’s a real neat idea. The hand bookmarks are great too! This makes me want to get go and get some bookmarks for myself. I could really do with a few more 🙂

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  3. Do you have a chestnut tree? 😍 I love the little hand bookmarks, especially the one throwing a peace sign! The magnetic teabag one is fabulous, and it comes in a little box, too. *sighs* I love the story about the yellow bookmark. It seems sometimes things are meant to find us. 💛

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