Tells That Your Partner Is a Book Buying/Hauling Enabler

That I tend to have some big book hauls you might have noticed if you have followed this blog for a while. And while this is mainly the books fault – those book seduce me – I also have a book buying/hauling enabler.

My husband.

But don’t tell him that because he will deny it.

It is so hard to resist the pulls of a book addiction when you have someone who enables you to buy and get so many. If you are unsure if your partner (or someone else in your life) is a book buying enabler, below I have listed some tells for you.

D357E5D2-6AC0-40BD-A62E-EC11085B146B_zpsgtcuysgo.jpg⌘ He/She complains you buy too many books but has bought about half of the books on your book shelves

⌘ He/She offers to buy you a book at random

⌘ Then proceeds to buy you three

⌘ He/She tells you you can only look and not buy in the book store. But then asks after ten minutes if you saw a book and when you hesitate tells you to buy it.

⌘ Or when you agree on one book, have trouble choosing, and he/she tells you to get them both

⌘ He/She only buys you books or book related gifts for your birthday and Christmas

⌘ He/She talks about a book buying budget but never mentions a price

⌘ When he/she gets extra money and they offer to spend it on books for you

⌘ When you are in a book store and see a pretty edition of a book you already own and says it doesn’t count as having multiple copies of one book if they are in differing languages

Or is that just my husband? Tell me, do you have a book buying enabler in your life?

13 thoughts on “Tells That Your Partner Is a Book Buying/Hauling Enabler

  1. Hahahahaha yesssss. My husband complains ALL THE TIME about how many books I buy, but then he’s like “Here, have another!” Have to love them, especially if they don’t like books themselves.

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  2. You ladies are very lucky! My husband lives with a house full of books, but he’s never pushed me to buy more. I buy them and sneak them onto a bookshelf so he won’t notice. 🙂

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  3. You know there are worse things you can be spending your money on! Haha mine usually goes towards makeup, anime swag, books and whatever else I see fit. Everything else just kinda sucks you in.

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  4. This is so true! When I’m wandering around in a bookstore, my boyfriend usually asks if I see something I like. And sometimes he buys it for me. It’s so sweet! He says he loves to watch me falling in love with the books I want, so he wants to give them to me. I’m very gratefull for that.

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  5. THIS IS AMAZING I LOVE IT. And I need a book enabler in my life omg. Everyone in my family is like “why do you need that book”.😂 But thankfully the internet is a gREAT enabler. All I need to do is ask twitter if I need a book and they’ll all be like “YES” which is very helpful. 😉

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