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BookVault December Unboxing

When there is one, there shall be more…

Or so seems to be the case with Dutch book boxes. Where we first had Celebrate Books and Bookly Bird, and there is now also BookVault. It holds a recent Dutch release and at least two goodies. But for this first book box there were two books in it. Of course when I heard of this box I had to give it a go.

Merijn showing you the box and his new toy


So this is what I first saw when I opened the box. The By the Fire was the theme for this first box and the card has the explanation of the box on the back. I do think that this first sight gives away what the books are going to be even though they are packaged. I knew right away and I think that is a bit of a shame as the books are so nicely wrapped. Unwrapping them and not knowing what is in them would be more exciting.

4FCD65F8-E032-48DF-A5D9-5B6ACF50A6DE_zpsoybcuo0e One of the first things I pulled out was this Elias soy candle by Meraki Candles. I have never had a bookish candle so I was very excited for that. There were also at random straws in the box. I don’t quite understand that though they are really cute. F371BE9D-832D-41BD-AEF6-87DD956A306B_zpsuosr5tni

On the bottom there was a card with a recipe for a cake-ulaas. An appel-cinnamon cake. Kind of fitting for this time of year. I quite like this touch. And there was a tote bag  that was from Latte’s and Literature. From the cards that were in the box I gather this is a cafe that combines books and drinks (and apparently cheesecake) in Breda. Very curious to one day visit there. Sounds great.


And then there were these nicely wrapped items. I really liked seeing that. Like I said above, I think it can create an extra element of surprise/excitement. Unfortunately the books were no surprise. The Elias candle gave it away right from the start.

The smaller edition of An Ember in the Ashes and the big hardcover of A Torch Against the Night. Too bad for me as I own and have read An Ember in the Ashes and was going to unhaul that one. You might remember seeing in my review that I did not like this book that much. I was not planning on reading the next book but now that I do I might read it next year. We’ll see. My double copy of An Ember in the Ashes I’ll be giving away during a Sinterklaas game on Sunday evening with the family. The book mark from Till & Dill is super pretty though.


So this certainly wasn’t the box for me. But this is very personally as mostly the books weren’t for me. For those who haven’t read the books or have only read the first one I think this is a great box. I liked getting a bookish candle in it even if it is from a book I did not enjoy as much. And I liked that the books were wrapped and that the recipe was added. So definitely a book box to check out for the Dutchies.

10 thoughts on “BookVault December Unboxing

  1. Books and cheesecake? I hope that cafe is still open in the coming years when I am hoping to visit The Netherlands. I agree with the surprise factor, it makes it more fun. Aren’t other subscription boxes packed in an order to keep the book a surprise? You did still get some fun swag. So is the Sinterklaas tradition separate from Christmas? I should Google it. 🙂

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    1. I know, it sounds so good. I guess it doesn’t stand out though?

      Oh that is possibly a good way to get back into reading Dutch books yes. 😀 And you will be surprised as well. 😉

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  2. Wat jammer dat de inhoud voor je tegenviel. Ik ben zelf al een keertje bij Latte’s & Literature geweest toen ik met mijn nichtje naar Breda ging. Daar wil ik gerust nog een keer gaan rondneuzen tussen de boeken. De bladwijzer vind ik heel mooi én ik heb echt nog maar net ‘Een fakkel tegen het duister’ uitgelezen. Gelukkig heb ik er zelf wel van genoten.

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  3. Zelf vond ik het tweede boek een stuk beter dan boek 1. Misschien dat dat je kan overhalen om een fakkel tegen het duister toch een kansje te geven? Het plot is veel minder cliché en het verhaal wordt hier en daar zelfs spannend.. 😉

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