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TTT #74 – Type of Books To Buy For the Book Collector

Wow, we are almost hitting December. The last month of the year. This month is often the month of gift buying and giving with Christmas. Here in the Netherlands we also celebrate Sinterklaas at the start of the month. For the record, I do consider Zwarte Piet racist and I think his appearence should be altered. But let us not get into that debate.

So why not give us a holiday gift guide freebie for top ten tuesday The Broke and the Bookish thought. Because really, did we really need more ideas from our fellow book lovers to put on a wishlist? Well, maybe we could show our clueless family and partners.

So for your entertainment I have decided to list a few lovely books that most book collector’s would love to add to their collections and so they make great gifts. Some are special editons. Others are just pretty.


Barnes and Noble Leatherbound editions
Barnes and Noble is well known but they are worldwide perhaps best known for their leatherbound collection. The pretty pink Alice in Wonderland or the brown with gold The Complete Sherlock Holmes are just a few in that collection. What to think of Jurassic Park or Dr. Who stories.

Anniversary editions
Like the 30th anniversary edition of The BFG by Roald Dahl or the recently released 10th anniversary editions of The Lies of Locke Lamora and The Final Empire by Gollancz

Illustrated Editions
Game of Thrones recently had an illustrated edition released (can you imagine it’s been 20 years and this series still isn’t done?) But there are plenty of other books that have been rereleased and have gotten (updated) illustration. Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman for instance. And lets not forget the illustrated Harry Potter books being released every year. The perfect gift for Christmas the next few years.

Hardcovers that have a pretty illustration on the naked hardcover
I (and many book collector with me) drool when there is a pretty illustration surprise beneath the duskjacket. Passenger by Alexandra Bracken for instance has a gorgeous naked hardcover.

Of course there are many more gorgeous books. Just think about all the beautiful Lord of the Rings editions are out there! What beautiful book would you advice someone gift a book lover?

26 thoughts on “TTT #74 – Type of Books To Buy For the Book Collector

  1. I love boxed sets! I also love books in slipcovers. My holy grail is either a first edition, or signed, To Kill a Mockingbird. A signed first edition would be too much to hope for. Ha ha. Baz got me the illustrated Sorcerer’s Stone for Christmas last year, so I am hoping for Chamber Of Secrets this year. 😊

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    1. Oh boxed sets and slipcovers are great as well! I love the look of The Philosopher’s Stone in that purple slipcase. But I have enough copies of that book as is. 😀

      Here is to hoping he gets it for you this year as well. 😀


  2. I love those Barnes & Noble leatherbound editions, I have a few of them and they’re awesome. They make great gifts too.

    I didn’t know Locke Lamora was ten years old. Wow. And GoT- 20 years! Ack that’s crazy…

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    1. They are super pretty. I would love more but pricey…

      I didn’t know that either until I saw these editions. I can’t even imagine having followed ASOIAF since the first publication. I think I might have given up by now, haha.


  3. All of these would be amazing gifts! I love illustrated editions and have the Harry Potter ones on my wishlist as well 🙂 And of course gorgeous hardcovers with even more gorgeous naked hardcovers are a guaranteed hit!

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  4. Yes for these special editions! I always want them but never do buy them because I can never justify spending so much money for it. The illustrated Harry Potter series is one of the ones I want the most!

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    1. Oh yes same. I have the first illustrated one and it is so pretty but I can’t get myself to buy the second one that is out because I want to buy books I haven’t read with that haha.


  5. De geïllustreerde Harry Potter – boeken maar ook heel wat van de non-fictie boeken rond J.K.Rowling’s wereld lijken me geweldige cadeau-boeken. Vooral ook omdat ik van mezelf weet dat ik daar niet snel geld aan kan spenderen. Ik heb immers de verhalen al en kan dus onmogelijk de aanschaf van die knappe geïllustreerde edities goed praten. En dat terwijl ik eigenlijk best wel goed ben in het bedenken van excuses om een boek aan te kopen.

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