My Bookish Dreams

Dreams is something I think we all have. Some are secret. Others might seem unreachable. While others might turn into actual goals you are working towards. As a book lover I of course have my own dreams to do with books. Some are more attainable than others.

Have my own home library


This is one I think a lot of book worms dream about. I would love to have one somewhat larger room that has various book cases spread throughout the room, set up like in the library. These book cases would be tall so I would need a wooden ladder to get the books on the top. The book cases would be organized by genre. So a lot of fantasy in my case.

The room would have at least one window with a window seat with lovely yellow pillows and a great view. In a corner there would be another reading corner where there are pillows on the ground for kids to read and a very comfortable chair to curl up on. Some day I might get a seperate room with a chair for my book but I don’t think it will ever quite turn out like the one I described or what I have in my head, haha.

Work at the library

A more reachable dream would be to work at the library. To be surrounded by books would be great. As would taking care of these aging books as well. However I don’t quite have the papers for working in a library officially. Though I think for just working on the floor they don’t always require you to have papers.

Sci-fi/Fantasy book store


I think it was at the start of the year or the end of last year when a store in our shopping street became empty. It is a corner store that in the back has small steps to go upstairs and downstairs. Immediately I imagined opening an English sci-fi/fantasy book store.

But I have no business bone in my body to set anything like that up. And starting a specific book store like that in a small place like where I live is setting yourself up to fail. You would have to do something like that in the larger cities that also gets a lot of tourism like how The American Book Centre has two stores in Amsterdam and the Hague.

Even so I still imagine having a book store like that.

So do you have any bookish dreams like that? Or any other dreams?

14 thoughts on “My Bookish Dreams

  1. Definitely the home library one. I can imagine having a comfortable couch/reading space within the library which will have a window overlooking the sea. I also dream of being a professional reader, waking up each day and having someone pay me to read.

    I like the book store idea. I hope someday you go for it. You will never know, until you try. Great post.Cheers to dreams šŸ™‚

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  2. Ugh, yes, I would love to have a home library! And I have always ALWAYS wanted a bay window to sit and read in, ever since I was a kid. Opening a bookstore would be amazing too. It’s not something I ever plan to do since I wouldn’t know the first thing about that, but I can see why you like to imagine it šŸ™‚ I don’t care for libraries though, as strange as that sounds. Like, I think they’re great, but I don’t like going to them. I borrow ebooks when I want a library book lol.

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  3. I love the idea of bookshelves so tall you need a ladder! And a window seat is someting I have always wanted. There was one in my college apartment and I sat there every morning with coffee and some sort of reading; usually school work though, ha ha. How did I know you would pick yellow pillows? šŸ’› I have always wanted a music room/library combination room with tall book shelves and a baby grand piano.

    I always wanted to work in a library, but as with you, it requires a Masters in Library Sciences. All the floor work in our library is done by volunteers, I think that is the same with most US libraries, although some big city may hire people for reshelving. I would also love to learn restoration! I am hoping when I fully retire I can volunteer again at my library.

    Bookstore! Have you seen the movie You’ve Got Mail? Oh my how I wanted a little children’s bookstore like the one in the movie. However, like you, I know a very specialized store like that would never survive in a city my size. We can still dream though. šŸ“š

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    1. I know, I’m super surprising with yellow pillows. šŸ˜‰ I need a window seat in our next house.

      I think I wouldn’t mind volunteering at the library if I wouldn’t be able to find a job in the next few years.

      Oh a little children’s bookstore would be great too. We shall dream big in our sleep.

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  4. Oh, zo’n houten ladder wilde ik zelf ook heel graag. De echtgenoot vertrouwt het echter niet vermits hij me er zo ziet afdonderen. Ik heb een hele tijd als vrijwilliger in de bibliotheek gewerkt en dat was heel leuk. Maar eigenlijk ben ik al heel blij dat ik dankzij het bloggen onbeperkt over mijn favoriete onderwerp kan praten met andere boekenwormen. Als ze me dat 20 jaar geleden hadden verteld dan had het sowieso als een droom geklonken.

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    1. Ja daar kan ik me wel iets bij voorstellen. Ik denk dat Maarten ook heel blij was dat we geen ladder hadden voor de boekenkasten toen ik zwanger was (en nul balans had).

      En dat is ook zo. Ik ben ook wel blij dat ik hier mee ben begonnen. Ik had vroeger eigenlijk nooit gedacht om verder te gaan met iets met boeken omdat ik toen een periode had dat ik echt weinig las. Maar het is wel leuk om te dromen. šŸ˜‰


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