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Dancing Out of October 2016

This month was so busy and weird. I’m actually kind of glad it is over. From my birthday and taking a step back from the blog to having to say goodbye to my precious cuddle buddy.

The Reading Challenge

The Numbers

# Read 90 Books
Read this month: 5
Total: 85/90

  1. Crooked Kingdom (Six of Crows 2) by Leigh Bardugo – 5 stars
  2. The Hammer of Thor (Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard 2) by Rick Riordan – 4 stars
  3. De Wereld achter het Water (Het Boek van Voorheen 2) by Jen Minkman – 4 stars
  4. The Prophet (The Graveyard Queen 3) by Amanda Stevens – 3 stars
  5. The School for Good and Evil (The School for Good and Evil 1) by Soman Chainani – 3,5 stars

Almost there! Five more books to read in two months. I am definitely going to get to my goal. I worried about that at the start of September for a bit.





Not Going to Review

I am unlikely to review The School for Good and Evil at this point. I do however foresee myself reviewing the whole trilogy once I get around to (buying) and reading those.

Current Read

⌘ The Dreamcatcher by Stephen King
This is a buddy read with Fransinda from Books Ever After (Dutch Goodreads group). We are both struggling with this one a bit.

The Visitor (The Graveyard Queen 4) by Amanda Stevens

The TBR Challenge

# Unread Books
Total unread books on shelf end of September– 157
Books read in October (that count) – 3 (no ebooks)
Books bought/received in October (no ebooks or those already read in the past) – 15
Total unread books on shelf end of October –169

I shall go hide in the shame then, shall I? My initial hope of getting under a 100 was twarted when I started reading lesser than I had wanted to this year. So we can all blame Merijn for this really.

See what I did there?

How Was October for Me?

⌘  I decided to let my blogging schedule go because I had pressured myself too much as you can read in the last sunday post. I did have a lot still scheduled for this month so you probably didn’t notice this in October at all, but you are likely to in November. I also decided to combine my monthly reading wrap up and sunday posts into one big post. I just want to see how I like this. And I still would like to link up with Kimba’s Sunday Post because I like the group of people that link up there. So this one will be posted on Sunday.

⌘ I am also easing up on the commenting in that I will try and keep up with replying back once a week but I might not always reply back on top ten tuesday comments for instance. But of course I will still do the return visits. I will still visit other blogs outside of memes, but I might not comment on as many posts as I used to.

⌘ I changed (most) social media profile pictures to one and the same. I was constantly changing them for a while there but I am planning on keeping this one for a while. I changed it on here as well. (Now watch me change my mind next month)

⌘ We went to Primark in Almere this month and I scored some Harry Potter shirts. And one pj bottom. I am a happy fan girl.

⌘ I also finally signed back up again for Pottermore and retook all the tests. I was of course Ravenclaw!

⌘ This month was more busy in appointments and social things. My sister in law and my mother in law both had their birthdays this month. There was a wedding anniversary we had to go to. Volunteering also started up again at the end of September which is every two weeks on a Thursday evening. I also had to go back to the hospital as a last check up of sorts. Mostly just an after talk. And there were plenty of people visiting Merijn still.

⌘  And of course there was my birthday! I didn’t really want to celebrate it but I did end up having the inlaws visit on my birthday. I had made red velvet cake and made it again for the weekend when my parents came. Mostly it was uneventful.

⌘ Next to my The Others Swag I also received some swag from Jessica Cluess for pre ordering her book A Shadow Bright and Burning.

⌘ I won a Twitter giveaway. Which book you will see in my book haul next month when it has arrived!

⌘ Merijn is of course doing just fine. He is growing and has his days that he demands more attention than others. I think we do have more of a routine now and have gotten used to each other. I don’t get as frustrated as before when I am not able to get some things done. It is what it is.

⌘ But the biggest (and saddest) thing this month was that I had to say goodbye to my Amigo. I’d mentioned in previous sunday posts that he was ill (heart problems) and it got to the point that I could see him withering away. So we made the decision on October 18th to put him to sleep. We got him cremated. I miss him. He was my precious man.


What Happened on the Blog?

The Chronicles of Chrestomanci, volume 1 by Diana Wynne Jones
Sunbolt (The Sunbolt Chronicles 1) by Intisar Khanani
The Creeping Shadow (Lockwood & Co. 4) by Jonathan Stroud
De Wereld Achter het Water (Het Boek van Voorheen 2) by Jen Minkman
A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

Top Ten Tuesday
Most Memorable Villains // Books I read on Recommendation // Characters I’d Name a Child After // Scaryish/Creepy Books Still on My TBR

Other Posts
September Wrap Up and October TBR // (Biweekly) Sunday Post #45 – Semi-hiatus? // Unboxing Urban Books The Others Swag Goodiebag // The Birthday Tag // Birthday Wishlist // Book Stores #4 – Waterstones Amsterdam // Book Haul #17 – The One with the Birthday Haul!

What Did I Watch?

The Tomorrow People / Season 1 / Episode 1 to 18
This is so typical and nothing too special. But it is sci-fi and they don’t often show those here so we are following it every Monday evening.

Sleepy Hollow / Season 2 / Finished
I’m not sure where I am at with this show, really. There are parts that I like but I just can’t really get attached to these characters. Though Ichabod can be funny at times.

The Living and the Dead / Season 1 / Finished
This is such a weird paranormal show. There are a lot of elements that I liked, but it kind of misses strength in places. I don’t think it is a show that will be memorable for a lot of people. I think the creepiness is too subtle at the start. But a good watch for October.

Orphan Black / Season 1 / Finished
Orphan Black / Season 2 / up to episode 4
Another one I am watching with my husband. Initially my husband wasn’t convinced after 2 episodes or so but then did continue and by the halfway point he was obsessed and needed to know how it continued and what was going on. I love Felix. But I adore our housewife Alison.

Lewis / Season 8 / Finished
I love Lewis. I love the interactions between Lewis and Hathaway even though their work relationship has changed in this season. They find a new balance.

DCI Banks / Season 5 / Finished
I am so not happy with the last episode of this season. How could they do that???

Being Human / Season 2 / Finished
I finally got around to watching this competely on Halloween. How fitting, right? But I realized that I have become quite uninterested in it. It’s really not bad but it just can’t quite hold my attention.

Best of My Bookstagram

Motivation struck back half way through this month when I wanted to take pictures again of autumn with books. I even took Merijn, my husband, my books and myself out into the park near our house a few times to take pictures outside. It still takes some planning, but I am feeling a bit better about my bookstagram pictures again. I have a bit of a buffer again and that is always a nice feeling.

Best Liked




⌘ Aimal from Bookshelves and Paperbacks made Crooked Kingdom wallpapers! Beware there is also a discussion post on Crooked Kingdom below the wallpapers.
⌘ La La in the Library asked me for Saturday Evening Conversations!
⌘ Cait from Paper Fury talked about how not to stab yourself while writing a sucessfull first draft. She also tells us why collecting books is actually the worst.And you can read her book blogger confessions here.
⌘ Jolien from The Fictional Reader talks about diversity, privilege and wanting to learn
⌘ Nazahet from Read Diverse Books talks about the value in saying latinx
⌘ My Tiny Obsessions talks about access to books for international readers. And as you read this realize that this is in a European country.Now imagine what it will be like in other countries. So please be understanding of those that have trouble with access to books.

Dutch Blogs

⌘ Liesbet from Zwartraafje shares her Harry Potter wishlist
⌘ Kelly from Bright Blue Books made a book mark DIY
⌘ Emmy from Zon en Maan has announced her intention to start making bookish candles and sell them here in the Netherlands


⌘  Tilly shows her collection of Barnes and Nobles leatherbound books over on booktube!

What Is Up Next Month?

⌘ TBR wise I am actually quite undecided as to what I want to read in November. Obviously I’d like to finish the books I started. Technically I have started Frost Like Night as well but I couldn’t get myself to pick that back up in October. Maybe in November though.   Other than that I have just a mountain of books I’d like to read. First and foremost Caraval and The Diabolic. But Heartless, The Time Keeper and A Million Worlds with You as well. And let’s not talk about some ‘older’ books I need to read. So we’ll see what I’ll end up picking up.

⌘ Hopefully this month will be slow. We have a hospital appointment for Merijn nearing the end. I might go to a Sinterklaas meet up from Books Ever After. But mostly I just want slow, quiet weeks.

⌘ Blogging wise this month you will see it will be a bit slower than last month as I didn’t blog that much throughout October and so very little has been planned in besides a few reviews.

Linking Up

The Sunday post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. This is a bit of a recap post of the week (or month) where you can link to the posts you made this week, share news and wrap up your reading.


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29 thoughts on “Dancing Out of October 2016

  1. I kinda wanted to read The school of Good and Evil, i like that concept. Do you recommend it? And the Riordan books- I just gotta find the time. And good luck with your blogging changes- there’s only so much time in the day so yeah sometimes you gotta switch it up.

    I’m sorry to hear about Amigo.

    I haven’t seen The Tomorrow People but I’ve wondered. And I love Orphan Black! Alison’s a riot. And sestra- forgetting her name, the Russian one. You might not be that far yet? But she’s awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m glad you’ve been able to ease up a little. I had to laugh at your comment about your TBR pile. I keep ditching books I think I’m really not going to enjoy – particularly if I’ve not requested them etc… so my pile hasn’t grown that much. Plus I don’t buy or borrow any. Ever. Well, only when I take a month off reviewing at Christmas.

    I hope you do have a slow and restful November. x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I can see how you might not be doing too good on that TBR challenge if you get 3x as many books as you read each month, haha.

    The HP stuff is awesome, and yay fellow Ravenclaw! Also happy late birthday in case I didn’t say it yet, and congrats on your giveaway wins! I’m very sorry about your pet though :-/

    I love that you took your books to the park just to instagram them. You know you’re a bookworm when… lol.

    Have a great week 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ik vind deze blogposts steeds heel leuk om te lezen. Het TBR-probleem is ook uiterst herkenbaar. Eind 2015 stonden er 99 ongelezen boeken op me te wachten. Ik was zo ontzettend fier op mezelf omdat het er minder als 100 waren. Ok, slechts ééntje maar toch MINDER als 100. Ondertussen zijn het er een 126 denk ik én ik heb jammer genoeg geen schattige mini-me om daar verantwoordelijk voor te stellen. 🙂

    Ben je naar de Britse of Amerikaanse Being Human aan het kijken?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. YUUUUM RED VELVET CAKE. (And happy birthday!🎉🍰) And oooh, Crooked Kingdom was my favourite too! I AM SO FLAWED BY THAT BOOK’S PERFECTION. ❤

    Sad to hear about your pet though. That's always hard and I know the pain. 😕


  6. RAVENCLAWS UNITE! I would be in a state of shock if I kept track of all of my unreadbooks, ha ha. You are a brave soul! Here is to a better birthday month of October for both of us next year. I was glad it was over, too. 🎈

    I still feel bad about Amigo. You were lucky to have each other. 😿

    A lot of bloggers only do monthly recaps. I am just happy you have decided to do it on Sundays and continue to link up with The Sunday Post. 💜

    I was so excited to get my digital camera and start taking pictures of my books, but then not having the time to plan and set up the shoots has been disappointing. I think I will try your tactic and combine some with outdoor activities and utilize the good natural light and nature’s props and backgrounds. 📷

    Here’s to a great reading month in November! 📚📚📚📚 👈

    Liked by 1 person

    1. May October 2017 be the best for us. I’m turning 30 then. :O

      Still miss him but it was for the best. I picked up his urn on Thursday.

      Yes I went back and forth on that. I just don’t have the time to do it weekly anymore but doing these once a month should be fine. But I still wanted to chat with you all. 😀

      Bookish photoshoots take so much time. It is not even funny. Combining it with things when you can is great and grabbing real leaves and things from outside is also great. Nothing you have to pay for or have to keep around.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. This is a massive post. I love it!
    Looks like you’re almost done with your reading challenge. Congrats! I set mine for 75 and reached it a few weeks ago, but I’m still reading away and my regular pace without increasing the goal # because I don’t want pressure. 🙂
    I do love you recent Bookstagram pics. Keep up the great work 😀
    You said you’ll be blogging a little less in November, so take it easy and enjoy yourself. Hope you read some great books!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Massive posts are the best, haha.

      Congrats on hitting your goal! Not having pressure is a great thing at the end of the year. I moved my goal down at the start of the year because I didn’t want pressure at this moment with having the baby.

      Hope you’ll read some great books as well 😀


  8. I love this post!

    Thanks for sharing mine! I’m so grateful 😀
    I just bought The School for Good and Evil, so I’m excited to see what I think of it. And I just bought Crooked Kingdom too! I’m glad you loved it -and I hope I will too.

    Have a great November!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Oh, I am so sorry for your loss of Amigo. He’ll be with you always. He’s in your heart after all. ❤ I do think I have read some of A Monster Calls and I was moved by it quite a bit. I got the rest of Patrick Ness' books, so I am excited to marathon them all at some point. I have been slacking off on the reading business. I have The School for Good and Evil too! Sounds super exciting, too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pregnancy hormones leaving your body is terrible, haha. I guess I realized that I don’t have to have a strict schedule. I can post whenever I want to. 🙂
      Oh haha, that is a whole lot more. Hopefully you’ll be able to make a dent into it. Good luck! 😉


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