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TTT #69 – Scaryish/Creepy Books Still on My TBR

Halloween is coming this Monday so it makes sense for this Top Ten Tuesday (as always created by The Broke and the Bookish) to be Halloween themed. I think I did a post last year as to what books to read for Halloween, but I don’t think I have read a lot that can be added to that list for now. So I decided to go with a few books that seem like good reads for this time of year.

There are many books that can be fitting for a Halloween themed read. While this year I did not choose books specifically to read this month for that, I do have plenty of books on my tbr that could be great reads for this time of year. Now some of these books are on my physical tbr, others I saw pass me by on Goodreads and others are yet to be released.




So what scary or creepy books are still on your list to read? And did you read specific books for Halloween so far or are you going to?


30 thoughts on “TTT #69 – Scaryish/Creepy Books Still on My TBR

  1. Oooo… the Chaos Walking series is Halloween worthy? I have them as ebooks. Maybe I will save them to binge read next October. I just saw The Graveyard Apartment on another blog. I was on my way to see how much the ebook was and I got sidetracked. I will have to make sure I do that right now. šŸ‘»

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  2. I was going to read scary this month but I didn’t really get to any… but there’s still time. I’m hoping to get some ideas from this week’s topic lol. Anna Dressed in Blood I’ve heard is good.

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    1. I had that last year so I just kind of left it open this year. Whatever struck the mood. I’ve heard Anna Dressed in Blood is good too. Also check out Hex. šŸ˜‰


    1. Scary books never scare me so I don’t have the biggest draw to them either. But I do like to read creepish stories from time to time. Dracula does seem fitting for October. šŸ™‚


  3. DEFINITELY read the Chaos Walking series! One of the best series EVER. Ever. And I really want to read Nevernight too! I almost put it on my poll for the week, but it seemed unfair to the other books since I figured it’d win in a landslide šŸ˜‰ Same with Anna Dressed in Blood, actually! Great list, hope you get to read some of them soon!

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