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Unboxing Urban Books The Others Swag Goodiebag

The whole of last week I’ve been receiving packages from online orders with my husband’ name on it. He had placed an order for my birthday so getting all these packages was annoying. So when the package service came to the door with four boxes last Friday I really wasn’t surprised. One was huge because I had ordered diapers online. Hey, if you can get them at a discount, I’m not passing that up. Diapers are expensive things. If you think books are expensive…

So colour me surprised when one of the smaller boxes had my name on it. Something I hadn’t ordered and that clearly wasn’t diapers. So what was it?

Remember when I once mentioned that Urban Books, a part of larger publisher uitgeverij de Fontein, that has been publishing urban fantasy books in Dutch did a crowdfunding to be able to publish the fourth book of The Others series by Anne Bishop? Well for the amount I put into the crowdfunding I would get the book once it comes out (in November) and I would receive a goodiebag. I had seen on social media they had been packaging it and that some had received it, but they had said it might be a while for everyone to receive theirs. So I certainly wasn’t expecting to get mine on Friday. To be honest it had totally slipped my mind.

I thought it would be fun to show you all what was inside it though.



Some book marks. One with the original cover of the fourth book. The one with the clock is for the upcoming Dutch release of The Watchmaker of Filligree Street. Then the black sideways once says ‘This is a beastly good book’. Beastly good is a direct translation for beestachtig goed but I’m not sure if it is entirely fitting. I couldn’t find a more fitting one.

The card is more of a flyer for Urban Fantasy books. And then I have one of those hangers that says ‘Don’t disturb. I’m reading a beastly good book!’ Obviously the wolves have to do with the books.


The underground these items are on is a tote bag that says ‘beastly good books’. Below are some close -ups of these items.


These buttons were in there. You can read what one of them says. The other one says ‘I love beastly good books’.


The book plate with Anne Bishop’ autograph we can put into our book.♡


And then there is this beauty of a mug that says ‘Of course, you can take this mug. In exchange we only require your hand.’ This of course has something to do with the book.


And then there is this t-shirt that I am wearing while showing the mug. You can’t say the writing too well but it says ‘Sorry, I only date wereweloves.’

My husband said when he saw that, ‘Oh, so what does that make me?’ To which I said he was a werewolf, obviously. He said that was good to know. 😀


So yes I am very pleased with all these items. It was great to see during the fundraiser how each items was being reached. The higher the total amount the more that would be added to the goodiebag. The fundraiser went really well for them. And that was great to see. It can be hard to get series to be translated to Dutch completely so it can be quite the gamble to start a series in Dutch. The Raven Cycle for instance hasn’t been finished nor has Mara Dyer been. So it’s great to see that this doesn’t have to happen with The Others. What will happen with the fifth book is unknown as of yet, but we’ll see.

There is a novella bind-up that was also apart of the goodiebag but that wasn’t finished and we are likely to get that as an ebook at some point.

14 thoughts on “Unboxing Urban Books The Others Swag Goodiebag

  1. Love the mug, and Sorry I Only Date Werewolves, that’s pretty awesome. Love what they’re doing with crowdfunding and swag these days. Looks like a nice haul.

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  2. Wow! That was more of a swag bag than a goodie bag. You received better stuff from the crowd funding than usually comes in a subscription box and you are still getting the book. What a great “surprise” book mail. ☺

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  3. Aha, ik was dus niet de enige die niet meteen wist welk pakket ze kreeg toegestuurd. En dat terwijl de uitgeverij zoveel foto’s had gepost op Facebook én ik er dus ongeduldig op zat te wachten. Echt hé, soms zou ik mezelf zo’n stomp willen geven. De echtgenoot hier vindt het maar een zot t-shirt. Ook nadat ik hem zei dat hij mijn favoriete weerwolf was. 😉

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