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(Biweekly) Sunday Post #45 – Semi-hiatus?


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5+ weeks old


This is probably the last sunday post (at least this way) you will see for a while. I think I’m going on a semi-hiatus. I’m quite honestly not doing so well on moments and keeping things up to schedule with the blog is just adding a mountain of stress in my head.I have to admit to myself that I can’t keep up with everything like I did before Merijn was born. So need to let things go a bit for a while.

Whatever is planned is still coming online, and I will probably do wrap up posts and top ten tuesday, and if I do have a chance I will try and write a post here or there (with blog ahead in October for instance). But I just need the pressure to be gone for a bit. Because I have no fun in blogging when I can barely get 5 minutes to work on a post uninterupted.

So the semi-hiatus doesn’t mean I’m going away. It just means commenting and posting might become more irregular. Not as strict to a schedule as I have been working. See how I like that again. Just finish a post and not have a set date in mind before I wrote it. Just post it whenever. Maybe I shouldn’t even call it my semi-hiatus but my new way of blogging for a while.

Blogging has to remain fun. My husband commented this week it wasn’t my job. I’m not getting paid so there really is no reason to put such a pressure on myself. And he’s right. You’ve all been right. I’ve not been taking it easy, especially in my head.


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★ Josephine from Word Revel shared in her Bookstagram 101 7 types of backgrounds
★ Inge and Ally are looking for new co-bloggers for Of Wonderland!
★ Casting news for the movie for The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken. Amandla Stenburg was cast as Ruby! So excited to see who else will be cast!

30 thoughts on “(Biweekly) Sunday Post #45 – Semi-hiatus?

  1. Aww, cute pic. and good for you taking a step back- blogging can be so time consuming it does make it hard. Taking the pressure off is a good thing. Hope everything works out and enjoy the breathing space!

    Have a super week. 🙂

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  2. MERIJN! *big heart eyes* Yes! Take it easy. You will have more time later on when you can set him down with a toy and he can entertain himself for a bit. I used to blog whatever, whenever, during my first year and it was fine. Have a fabulous week and hug the bambino for me. 🙂

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  3. I’m sorry you’ve been so stressed :-/ But yeah, you should definitely do things however you need to. Your husband’s right, it’s not your job, so it should be fun! Don’t worry about a schedule if that’s too much pressure. Your idea to just post whenever and whatever you feel like sounds great 🙂

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  4. Het lijkt me een goed idee om een stapje terug te nemen. Lekker genieten van Merijn en alleen bloggen wanneer je er echt zin in hebt. Bloggen moet echt niet als een verplichting voelen!

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  5. I suspect everyone understands. I’m the same – I treat blogging like a bit of a job, but it’s not. We have other priorities. We’ll see you when you have time. In the meantime, enjoy Merijn!

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  6. Sounds like a good decision for you. Blogging will still be here when you are in a less stressed place. Your baby is gorgeous and no doubt tiring, all kids are. Savour your time and don’t try and do too much. Enjoy your semi-break.

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  7. Your baby is adorable and your hands are full now. It is hard to do everything and blogging should be fun. I’ve also taken a more relaxed schedule on my blog to reduce the stress of trying to do everything (family, work and blogging). The kids grow up so fast (my baby just turned 18 years old) so enjoy this time with them. Best of luck and enjoy your break.

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  8. I love that pic! And good luck with your semi-hiatus. I have a 2 year old and I know the struggle of trying to keep everything balanced and hobbies like blogging need to take a back seat sometimes. You’ll find time later to come back to it, or not! But either way, there’s priorities.

    Enjoy your break and your time with your beautiful little guy.

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    1. Thank you. It is cute, right?
      It’s hard to make the decision to make it take a back seat as I worked so hard during my pregnancy to be more interactive, but it is what it is.


  9. Take all the time you need! I’ve found myself treating blogging like a job too, despite not earning anything. There’s just a pressure in making sure I have my posts readied to be publish on schedule. Hope you have a relaxing break 🙂

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  10. Je echtgenoot heeft zeker gelijk. Ik merk echter dat ik er zelf ook moeilijk afstand van kan nemen. Ondertussen blog ik al minder frequent als eerder maar ik probeer wel nog steeds zoveel mogelijk blogposts te lezen, reacties achter te laten, social media te volgen, … en dan sta ik vervolgens versteld wanneer ik niet meer aan lezen toekom. Want uiteraard moeten er ook nog boodschappen worden gedaan en huishoudelijke klusjes en … Af en toe denk ik echt dat ik eens enkele dagen offline moet gaan en zonder afleiding moet kunnen lezen én zo meteen ook mijn batterijen weer even kan opladen.

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    1. Het is echt heel lastig. Ik vind het ook lastig om niet alles te lezen en te commenten. En dan zit je weer met je gezicht tegen het scherm tussen alles door. Ofline zou stiekem wel goed zijn, haha. Maar dat is ook al zo lastig. Hopelijk vind jij je balans er ook weer wat meer in.


  11. Your real life should always come before blogging—a lesson I definitely need to remember, myself. And I can’t imagine trying to maintain a blog schedule with an infant; it may be 22 years, but I remember those early months vividly (or as vividly as I can, given that I was completely exhausted all the time.) Enjoy your little darling (who is adorable!), get as much rest as you can, and blog only when it feels like fun. Your plan sounds like the perfect solution for your life right now, and as you can see, your readers are all very supportive of it. So go relax and enjoy Merijn!

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  12. Your husband is right. When you’re hobby blogging like most of us book bloggers are then it needs to be fun or what is the point. It’s just not worth stressing yourself out over. Enjoy your time with your husband and baby.
    I took over 9 months off and only started again fairly recently. I was putting pressure on myself when I didn’t need to.
    Enjoy your reading! 😀

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