Blog Ahead October 2016

blog-ahead-2016-button2-400It is time for Blog Ahead, all October long.

Blog Ahead (organized over on Herding Cats and Burning Soup) is a reoccuring event every few months where you can try and blog ahead as far as possible so that you will have posts ready for those busy months or unexpected things that can get your schedule to go wonky.You can find the sign up post here.

For me it is a good thing to blog ahead again with the baby. I also want to spend a good amount reading instead of worrying about the blog posts that should be going up  the last two months of the year. The goal is set to have an increase of 30 scheduled posts at the end of the month. But I also still need to work on some posts in October. And I have dialed back my blogging schedule a bit for the last two months. So I won’t get to 30. But even so, whatever I do get done for the months November and December will be great.

So here are some of my own goals.

  • Finish/Schedule 6 top ten tuesday posts November/December
  • Finish/Schedule 4 topic/discussion posts for November/December
  • Write/Schedule the reviews of the books read in October for November/December
  • Create the set-ups for Sunday Post November/December to fill in
  • Create the set-ups of wrap up posts November/December to fill in
  • Optional: write 5 topic/discussion/ post ideas or book tagsnot yet incorperated in schedule for next year

9 thoughts on “Blog Ahead October 2016

  1. Veel succes met je Blog Ahead Uitdaging. Ik merk zelf echt het verschil sinds ik niet meer dagelijks post maar nog maar 5x per week. Mocht ik nu ook nog het nakijken van Social Media Accounts en lezen van fanfictie een beetje kunnen terugschroeven dan zou ik véél meer kunnen lezen.

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