Books and Cats

Books and Cats #4

It has been a long while since I did one of these posts. Back when I started this blog I posted a few posts where I shared pictures of my cats with my books. Mostly our youngest cat Mika would love to interrupt me as I was taking pictures of books for bookstagram. But she has grown older (and lazier) and doesn’t poke her nose in nearly as much as she used to. Amigo never pokes his nose in. You just put a book next to him, haha. There was also a period where I wasn’t quite so interested in taking these kind of pictures or sharing them. But I have decided that it is fun to share these from time to time, even if it is just every few months.

There have been evenings where Mika was begging for my attention while I was trying to read…

Giving everything…
Showing her cute face
And if that doesn’t work, just grab the book and don’t let go
Or you could just drop on the pages….

She likes to poke her nose into everything…


Or just stand on everything I try to take a picture off…


And she has to be the cutest thing on the picture

But when I try to take a deliberate picture…

She’s not interested.

Amigo on the other hand just refuses to move…

…and will glare at you through the plants

He is however great to take pictures with when he is trying to sleep…

And on occasion he will cuddle them…

But bookish pillows get pushed of…


21 thoughts on “Books and Cats #4

  1. I love cats, and mine has a tendency to rub on my books whenever I’m reading too. But after she has left her odour marks all over my books, she just lays next to me and sleeps. Your cats are so adorable, I love how Mika gets in all your pictures.

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    1. Reasonably well. The youngest stays away for most of the day and the oldest wants to be pretty near during some feedings. I think he wants to cuddle by lying down on the baby, but that is obviously not going to happen, haha. At least he has good intentions.


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