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On My Radar: September 2016 New Releases

Now that Summer is almost behind us the releases of books are picking up again. And let me tell you, September is a monsterous release month. For my wallet anyway. Which of these books are you planning on getting or have you pre ordered?

I also felt the title of these posts were becoming a bit too long so I changed it to this.

International Releases

sept new releases 2016 prt1.png

September 1st

September 6th

September 8th

September 13th

sept new releases 2016 prt2.png

September 20th

September 27th

Translated to Dutch Releases

sept new releases 2016 part 3.png

September 5th

  • The Graces (The Graces 1) by Laura Eve
    Funny how this new release is released in Dutch 5 days later already. I think that is great!

September 6th

  • Vlammenwerper (De Wrekers 2) by Brandon Sanderson
    Firefight, the second The Reckoners book is being released in Dutch this month after Steelheart was previously released in Dutch  in June.

September 10th

  • Wink Poppy en Midnight by April Genevieve Tucholke
    I haven’t been hearing too many good things about this one…

September 12th

  • De Jongen met de Lege Ogen (Lockwood & Co. 3) by Jonathan Stroud
    Like last year this Dutch translated edition is released just before the newest Lockwood & Co. comes out. This translated version is The Hollow Boy of course.

September 14th

  • De Drakentroon (Heugenis, Smart en het Sterrenzwaard 1) by Tad Williams
    The Dragonbone Chair was orginally translated to Dutch back in 1992. This month it is being rereleased. I find it interesting that they still do this.




So, want to guess which ones I pre ordered?

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