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TTT #58 – Books I Wish I Read as a Kid/When I Was Younger

When we are younger we are very dependant on our parents, teachers and libraries as what kind of books we get offered to us. As a result there are some books that we might only come across when we are much older. I still read some of these books but I also realize with a lot of these that I would have likely enjoyed them a lot more if I had read them as a child.

This week The Broke and the Bookish gives us the Rewind prompt where we get to choose a prompt that was done in the past.

I realize some of these weren’t around when I was younger yet (I’m 28)but I wish they had been. That counts too, right?


34 thoughts on “TTT #58 – Books I Wish I Read as a Kid/When I Was Younger

    1. I think the books are interesting. I only read the first 3. I won’t easily pick them up for myself but I think they are great for kids. Stravaganza has an interesting idea. Only read the first book, but I know a lot of people loved this series.

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  1. I feel the same way about a Series of Unfortunate Events and How to Train Your Dragon. I feel like they might be awesome for me when I was kid, even now they might be good for me but I just can’t bring myself to get them, especially now that I’m the one paying for them. Haha. Maybe when I win the lottery one day, I’ll be able to get them. Now I just need start buying tickets…

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  2. Artemis Fowl is a series I really wish I’d read as a kid too. It was exactly the kind of book is have liked but for some reason I never picked them up. I tried reading them recently and I think I would have enjoyed them so much more if I’d read them as a kid. Im only one book in though so maybe it’ll get better.

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    1. I read the first two and the second one had the same feel to it as the first. But there are quite a few more in the series and I think Artemis gets older throughout each one (but don’t hold me on that, haha) so the later books might be different.


  3. I really like this list idea. There are so many books I read as an adult that I wish I had had around when I was younger. Artemis Fowl, HP, and A Series of Unfortunate Events would definitely be on my list too. I’d also add Inkheart and A Wrinkle in Time.

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  4. I agree with you on A Series of Unfortunate Events! I read them in my first year of high school but would have enjoyed them even earlier, though I might have been too creeped out by Olaf.

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  5. I would have love to come accross the Narnia books when I was a kid, I think I would’ve enjoyed them more, but I started reading those around the same time I picked up Harry Potter, and I was already 13 at the time.
    Also Stravaganza, I read that a few years back, and it didn’t capture me as much as I thought it would had I read it as a kid.
    However, I totally enjoyed A series of Unfortunate Events as an adult.

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    1. I only recently started reading Narnia, and they just didn’t work for me (so far) yet I love seeing the world in the movies. And I agree about Stravaganza.


  6. I’ve actually never read most of these, which is kind of unfortunate since I think I’d be too old to really enjoy them now since I don’t really read middle grade. I did get to read HP growing up though, so that was nice. But then again, the books all came out so far apart over so many years that I forgot most of what happened in the previous books each time a new one came out. I appreciated the series a whole lot more when I re-read it straight through as an adult. I also read the first Narnia book as a kid, but I don’t think I liked it that much :-/

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    1. Yeah, some of these are better read when younger or with children to appreciate them.
      And there are a lot of things in HP that makes it better to just binge read it.
      I’m not a big Narnia fan either so I get that.


  7. I’ve always loved Darren Shan but it was only now that I read his full book. I wish I read it sooner. It was horrifying yet intriguing. I did a review on the one I read too. I would definitely love to read Cirque Du Freak. I’ve just followed you too. Looking forward to new posts!

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