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(Biweekly) Sunday Post #40


The Sunday post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. This is a bit of a recap post of the week where you can link to the posts you made this week, share news, and even what you have been reading. Some categories might change per Sunday.


I have a bit of a schedule for the posts that I blog that I plan ahead of time. But lately I have been wondering if will be able to keep that up and if maybe I should slow down my frequency a bit. I have things planned out (but not all written yet) until the end of October. Where I tend to have top ten tuesday, two other posts (topic/discussion/wrapup/bookhaul/sundayposts) and two reviews. I wonder if I shouldn’t move the frequency down ahead of time to just make things easier on myself when it comes to blogging ahead. And secretly I fear not having enough ideas for topics if I keep this up. How do you deal with your posting schedule and these fears? For now I’ve kept things the same.I might put the frequency down at the November schedule.

You know the negative about blogging in English as a non-native speaker? That I catch English words when I type in Dutch. Especially if they are similar like title and titel or the and de.

These last two weeks weren’t that eventful on my side. Last weekend I went out to dinner with my mother in law and sister in law which was really nice. We hadn’t really done a female outing like that before.

This last week it was super warm here as well. Over 30C which I know isn’t that warm for some of you, but we’re totally not used to it. And with the pregnancy I have a harder time with it even. So those weren’t fun days for me and I was mighty cranky. But at least the baby has lowered its head first into my pelvis so I don’t have to worry about his/her position anymore during giving birth. I now have weekly midwife appointments as well.

Currently Reading

★ Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett – On Hold
★ The Way of Shadows (Night Angel 1) by Brent Weeks – Reread
★ The Raven Boys (The Raven Cycle 1) by Maggie Stiefvater – Main Read


Make Me Read It Read-a-Thon Wrap-Up

The read-a-thon went okay. I finished Illuminae and The Winner’s Kiss in three days but after that I felt less great and had a harder time with reading. Vicious didn’t appeal to me all that much so I left that to the side and picked up Steelheart which I did finish, but didn’t enjoy as much as the other two books I read.

What I Watched

The 5th Wave – I finally got this one on dvd and we watched it last weekend. Even though I knew that the reviews weren’t great I still had hope it wasn’t going to be too bad. But it wasn’t great. Everything just seemed to obvious, there were plot holes, and there wasn’t enough deepening of the characters. Zombie’s team got zero introduction. They followed the book rather well from my memory but they still messed it up.
How to Train Your Dragon 2 – After years (lol 2) we finally got around to watching this movie. We really loved the first movie so I was hesitant about a sequel. I liked it. I like that Hicup is older and they don’t keep him so young in all movies. He grows up. The plot was just okay in my opinion. The dragons, however, were brilliant as always. Stars of the movie honestly.

Blog Posts

(Biweekly) Sunday Post #39

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TTT #55 -Books That Are Set Outside of USA
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Blog Posts

The Awakening (The Darkest Powers 2) by Kelley Armstrong
Flamecaster (Shattered Realm 1) by Cinda Williams Chima

Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli
Written in Red (The Others 1) by Anne Bishop


Best liked on my Bookstagram these last two weeks. Find me there! My username is signourney, as it is almost everywhere.

But I personally really liked this one the best.


★ Aimal from Bookshelves and Paperbacks (if you aren’t following her yet, please do so, I love her discussion posts as they make me think) talks about negative reviews and why you shouldn’t apologize for them. She also made lovely wallpapers of The Raven Cycle
★ Shannon from It Starts at Midnight turns blogging lemons into lemonade
★ Deborah from Hills of Books talked about why some series are left unfinished
★ Cait from Paper Fury shares how to fabulously get started on bookstagram
★ Naz from Read Diverse Books shares a masterpost of the diverse book tag so we can all find more diverse books to read



24 thoughts on “(Biweekly) Sunday Post #40

  1. It’s been hot here too. And love the cat pic- nice! I’ve been kinda working on my schedule too so I can relate- I have to switch it up every once in a while.

    I’ve been kinda wanting to watch The 5th Wave, I heard it wasn’t great but not bad so I’ve been sorta waiting. If I can watch it cheap maybe I will. Bummer it was disappointing.

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    1. Thanks. And true. Keeping things the same can become boring for yourself to work. on.
      If you can find it or watch it cheap you should. While it is dissapointing if you go into it without too many expectations I think it still can be fun. 🙂


  2. I finally saw 5th Wave too. Glad the baby is in position and that you enjoyed Illuminae. I post ahead, but don’t really do any memes other than Sunday Post. Most of mine are reviews and discussion posts. I am only out as far as mid September with those.

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  3. IT’S LIKE YOU READ MY MIND ABOUT MY BLOGGING SCHEDULE. I’ve also been wondering if I should cut back and post less each week because I’m worried that I’ll run out of ideas or eventually just not have the time. And I blog ahead too, but who knows when something might come up, so it couldn’t hurt to have posts spread out and be even more ahead. And then I’d have more time for visiting other blogs… But I don’t know. I kind of have too many review copies that need to go up by certain dates to post any less reviews, and I like having a discussion post each week since those are my favorite… So I think I’m just gonna keep doing what I’m doing, and if something ever comes up, I can always spread out whatever is already scheduled or skip some posts if I have to. Sorry, kind of went on a whole tangent.

    Glad to hear the baby is in the right position, that’s one less thing to stress about at least. Though the heat does seem to be killer everywhere. Out of all your books on the read-a-thon list Vicious is the one I actually want to read, haha. I’ve yet to try any V.E. Schwab. Anyway, have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha. Yeah planning ahead when you move away from your normal schedule feels like such a puzzle. Because can I really move that around or that? But I agree, if something does come up you can always still spread things out. I figured I’d do the same if I come to that point. No sorry nessecary. 😉
      Oh, you should give A Darker Shade of Magic a try. I really liked that one! And I think it’s a good start into her writing. Vicious feels very different from the few chapters I read.


  4. Oh, definitely ease up if you’re feeling tempted as you have so much on with the pregnancy! Don’t push yourself too much. But… I cannot believe you’re up to October!!! I occasionally have individual posts written in advance (for publication date) but never other posts. Very impressive.

    I’m actually thinking of participating in more memes etc but don’t really know what’s on offer. I must take note.

    PS. Don’t be too hard on yourself! x

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    1. I like blogging ahead a bit because it takes the pressure of for me. Otherwise I worry, haha. Which is great for now because I only have to see if there is something special like a wrap up or a sunday post to post.
      There is top ten tuesday, waiting on wednesday. I think if you google you should also find a list with a bunch of different memes. I remember seeing it once but I can’t remember who made that list.
      I’m trying. ❤


    1. I do my best. I don’t like making too many posts that rely on what I’m reading besides wrap ups and all, because I’ll feel stressed out having to make them last minute. 🙂 So I tried to steer away from that.
      Ah, breech birth sucks. I was in breech at the time too and my mom needed a caesarion section. Thank you.


  5. I just don’t have a posting schedule, the only thing I usually do each week is the Sunday Post and I have started doing it every other week now. I just go with its my blog and I’ll post when I like!! Saying that I do have about 15 book reviews to write!!!

    So exciting with the baby heading in the right direction, make sure and rest. I was pregnant both times over winter so I missed the whole heat thing.

    Have a good week!

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    1. Haha, good luck with writing those. 😉 I like to have thought out a bit ahead of time what to post but that is what fits best with me personally. 🙂
      So lucky you missed the heat thine! 😀


  6. Sorry to hear the heat is making you cranky. I still remember the summer my mother was pregnant with twins and there was a heat wave. We got to spend nearly every day at the lake our friends lived near. Good luck in the weeks going forward.

    Sunday Summary #12

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  7. I’m glad you finally watched How to Train Your Dragon 2. Toothless is basically my cat. Like, they’re identical. 😀

    Sorry about the heat. I’m so glad the bulk of my pregnancy was through the winter, but toward the end when it was starting to get fairly warm (May), I was just about dying. Best of luck to you in that regard!

    I’ve been debating about rereading The Way of Shadows. I’ve read books 1 and 2, but never did make it to the third in the series.

    Whenever I start to feel like I’m not going to be able to keep up, I start scheduling my posts farther out instead of keeping up the frequency. Like, if I had been posting 7 days/week, I’ll start intentionally scheduling weeks with 6 posts, then 5, then 4 and gradually start spacing out my scheduled content. When I had my newborn, I didn’t get on the computer AT ALL for, like, the first month or so (which means I may have TOTALLY forgotten to pay a few bills — oops), so I was glad I had a backlog of scheduled stuff to at least keep up the pretense of having a blog.

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    1. Haha, your cat must be great.
      The heat has gone down a bit again so at least it is a bit easier to fall asleep.
      Oh you should. I read them back to back in 2009 and I remember really enjoying them. So far I am also enjoying the first one during this reread.
      Yeah, I might do that if it comes to that, but for now I still have time to blog as far ahead as I can as I am expecting a lot less time.


  8. Die cover van Ink and bone is echt prachtig. Oh en dat van die inspiratie heb ik ook regelmatig. Ondertussen ben ik al een tijdje dagelijks aan het bloggen en regelmatig vraag ik me af hoelang het zal duren vooraleer mijn inspiratie-bestand uitgeput zal zijn. Meestal krijg ik dat enkele dagen later weer een hoop ideetjes die ik wil uitwerken. Maar ja, ooit zal er waarschijnlijk wel eens een moment komen dat ik vrijwel elk onderwerk heb behandeld en het risico loop om mezelf te gaan herhalen. Hopelijk duurt het nog heel lang vooraleer ik dat punt bereik.


  9. I love the cover of the Natalie Kotch book! We have had a heatwave here, too. The bad part was it was still around 30° C at night. It did cool off last night though, so I hope it cooled off for you, too. I am so excited for our The Dream Thieves buddy read! Here’s to cooler weather in the coming week. ☺

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    1. All three of her books have such pretty covers. It’s cooler here now. Around 20-22 C during the day and colder at night. It should stay that way for most of the week 😀 So perfect buddy reading weather, haha

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  10. “How do you deal with your posting schedule and these fears?” I don’t make a schedule and basically just flail around! XD I really do need to start scheduling posts, but I worry about running out of ideas too if I pack too much in at once.

    I see you have Ink And Bone (I love that cover so much!) I have it too but haven’t started yet. The sequel is out soon…or out already, I think.


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