Tote Bag Collection

Tote bags have become a bookish item in recent years. Publishers make them with bookish text, etsy creators share designed quotes from books on them, and of course there are the cute little ones designed to take a book in. But tote bags have been around so much longer.

Tote bags come in various sizes and with different prints. But often they are made from a strong cloth like canvas with parallel handles that come from the side of the bag. They are easy to carry along as they aren’t too heavy from themselves and can easily be rolled up and carried along in a coat pocket or a small hand bag.

So looking at my collection of bags, and yes I used to buy a lot of bags, I realized I had quite a few from previous years, though not nessecarily bookish. I thought I’d share them with you guys.

This colourful tote bag is one of the biggest ones I have ever seen. I got it after buying something at a Desigual store a few Summers ago. It of course was meant as a beach bag, but since I hardly ever go to the beach I don’t really use this one. I put other bags inΒ  it to keep neatly away in the closet. Oops.

The blue owls one I got from my mom recently and I really like it. I’ve been keeping it at the baby room and I might use it as the diaper bag. Because hello, those are expensive. And I can get the bits that are in one seperate as well in most cases. But we’ll see. The London one isn’t a typical tote bag as it has only one handle, but I still wanted to show it. We bought it in London a few Summers ago. The black one I have had for years and years. Even in my high school time. I don’t even remember where I got it from.

The tote bag underneath the other two has some cute flowers on it. I think I got it when I bought something, but I can’t recall it. I’ve had it for years. The black one I got when we went to Salzburg back in 2009 with my car and tent. Obviously this bag was perfect with the cat on it. And I think we got the cute animal one when we went to one of the zoo’s in Austria during that same trip. It’s really cute, right? The black one too.

And up next are two bookish ones that you can find hanging around in most Dutch book stores these days. They were created by the Dutch publisher Blossom Books. They have other bookish items like this. I used to have one hanging out upstairs with the other book shelves but since those have been moved to the baby room, I can’t really keep them there anymore. Still I would like them to hang somewhere that others can see them.

And last, but certainly not least, I have my most recent tote bag purchase. I bought this super cute tote bag when we went to Rotterdam and visited the Donner book store. It is so cute. And the bag has the cats butt!

So do you have any tote bags, and which one is your favorite?


20 thoughts on “Tote Bag Collection

  1. I’ve only recently become obsessed with bookish bags, haha. Well…obsessed enough that I’m actually acquiring them. My favorite is an “Eat, Sleep, Read” one I got from…ugh, someone’s Society 6 store, I can’t remember now!

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  2. Die laatste heb ik zelf ook een keer vastgehad toen we in Tilburg rondslenterden. Zelf heb ik vier verschillende tote bags van Blossom Books Γ©n een Griffyndor-tas. Oh ja en zo’n exemplaar dat je kan opvouwen voor in je handtas (van Ikea). Mijn andere boodschappentassen zijn van die geweven exemplaren.

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  3. I love the cats butt tote. Ha ha! Yes, I have tons of totes. I also have a set I use for grocery shopping. Most of my older ones have environmental pictures and sayings on them, but of course all of my newer ones are reading inspired! About the diaper bag… I never had one. I found an inexpensive black faux leather backpack with lots of pockets and used that. It was more fashionable and good when Sebastian’s dad had to take the bag. I loved it πŸ™‚

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    1. It’s brilliant, haha.

      Yeah. My mom keeps pushing me to buy a diaper bag but they so don’t fit me. I found another bag in my closet (I had a bag obsession at some point instead of a book obsession haha) that was Disney with the chipmuncks so I’m going to see if I can fit everything in there. πŸ˜€
      Gotta do what fits best with us, right?

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  4. These are so great! I love it! My favorite I think is the cute animal one, but I love the owl one too- which, would totally work as a diaper bag! I used one for awhile, but now I generally just shove some diapers and wipes in a tote and call it a day (easier, of course, when the baby doesn’t need quite as much stuff, but still- it could work!) Thanks for sharing these πŸ˜€

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