(Pregnancy Induced) Reading Slump

A reading slump is something we as readers are familiar with, unfortunately. It comes in many shapes and forms. From not being able to finish a book to not being able to pick a book from your shelves. And, often, looking back you can pin point a reason as to why your reading slump started. Stress, work and so on.

Looking back, in my case it is very clear that I started reading less at the point I became pregnant which was the end of November. They say a lot changes in your body once you become pregnant, but I didn’t know that included my reading. They don’t tell you these super important things.

Still it took me a while to catch on I was in a reading slump. I was still reading, just less. It took me longer to get through books. But it was still a slump. Once I discovered I was pregnant I just pointed the finger to the constant nauseous feeling I had for 3,5 weeks. But even when that feeling was gone, my reading did not increase.

24394896-7E0B-445F-8486-64FD3FE88982_zps2bd866bl.jpgInstead, I started reading books I would  usually love, put them down after 30 pages and not pick them back up. Examples Truthwitch and The Warrior Heir have experienced this fate so far. Next to that I couldn’t seem to manage to pick up the books I had started rereading like The Hobbit or The Illustrated Philospher’s Stone. They often say rereading can help you in reading slumps. Well, clearly not this one.

Not only did my reading slow down and did I not pick books back up, I all of a sudden started having  a pull towards a genre that I am usually not that interested in. Mystery and detective type books. Mostly this genre is a miss with me which I discussed at the start of June. This pull has since faded though. Apparently this was a first trimester kind of thing.

I also seem to have become very disinterested in some books on my shelves which has resulted in  a big stack being sold to the second hand book store. Good for the space on my shelves though. I guess this has to do with the cleaning bug pregnant women often seem to get. I don’t even like cleaning or tidying up, and I can be a bit of a hoarder at times. But not when pregnant apparently. It all went, including those books.

What has helped me with my reading are short read-a-thons. The interaction with others, the buzz, and wanting to hit my short term goal help me to pick up books. Unfortunately not those I haven’t been able to finish, but others on my shelves.

But week long read-a-thons are hard. I can have so much chaos in my head that it can be harder to focus on a specific target for longer than a few days. Next to that I have clusters of days where I don’t sleep well at night and become severly cranky. I can’t read when I’m that cranky.

And having a baby kick your ass from the inside out makes it hard to focus on that book in your lap to be honest. It is like he/she has a party in there sometimes. So getting through a book throughout the week and inbetween read-a-thons can still be hard, especially when it does not capture me instantly.

So have any of  you experienced any of this  during a pregnancy before when it came to your reading? Share your experiences! 



8 thoughts on “(Pregnancy Induced) Reading Slump

  1. When I was pregnant I wasn’t in a reading phaze because I was working during the day and doing music at night, but I do remember going to the library and getting tons of books about babies. I quit doing my music gigs at about 6 months along because my belly was putting my guitar at an unplayable angle, so when I started having my evenings free I started devouring those books, and taking notes about making homemade baby food, and eye tracking cards, breast feeding, nursery decorating, what music to play for them to stimulate their brains. Ha ha. It might not have been literature, but it was still reading. XD

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    1. Reading is reading. I have to say that I don’t have a pull towards pregnancy or baby related books (unless they are to read to the baby haha) I guess because these days you can pretty much find everything on the internet.

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    1. True, but it is not something you consider when you get pregnant. Oh I’ll probably read less and read different things, haha. It’s like how you don’t consider you’ll snore more (or start the snore as in my case, obviously. 😉 )

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  2. Met een zwangerschap-gerelateerde leesdip heb ik geen ervaring. Wel merk ik dat ik me tijdens fysiek mindere periodes veel moeilijker op een boek kan focussen. Dan ben ik erg snel afgeleid en overheersen de pijnklachten zodat het lezen niet wil vlotten. Op zich is het uiteraard geen ramp dat ik eens wat minder lees ware het niet dat ik op zo’n moment echt het wegduiken in een verhaal mis. Ik wil immers net dat het lezen me afleidt van dat averechtse lichaam én dus niet andersom.

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    1. Ja het minder lezen tijdens fysieke klachten ken ik ook wel heel erg. En inderdaad, juist dan wil je kunnen wegduiken in een boek om de pijntjes juist te vergeten maar dat lukt dan niet. Heel frustrerend.

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