Why Do I Review Books by Dutch Authors in English?

It is one of the things I asked myself when I started this blog. What will I do with books by Dutch authors that have not been translated to English? The answer came quickly to me. I would review them just the same as any book on the blog. And as you have seen I have kept to that. Books by Dutch authors that I have read since this blog was started have been reviewed in English. But why?

For one thing, I made the decision to start this blog in English despite being Dutch myself. I’ve always been used to communicating in English with others online. While my English isn’t perfect, it is pretty okay I like to think. I should probably spell check more often though. So when I made that decision, I also made the decision I wanted to keep everything on this blog in English.  This includes books written by Dutch authors. Most Dutch people can read in English so they would still be able to read my review.


But why not just leave out those books? While I don’t review every book I read, I do review books I have something to say about, that struck me or that I just really liked. Since I am a tad bit picky with what Dutch authors I pick up and in what genre I pick them up in, there is a good chance that I am going to like the book at least. I want to share that on my blog through a review like I do with other books.

And while some of these books might not have any English translation now, that doesn’t mean they will not be translated in the future. Just to name a few that weren’t translated right away: Winter in Wartime by Jan Terlouw,  The Letter for the King by Tonke Dragt, and more recently Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt.

Lastly I do want to show to you all what kind of books are being published in the Netherlands, mostly in the genre of fantasy, when I get the chance. Sometimes we have so little idea of what is being published in non-English speaking countries by their native authors. And I partly think that is a shame. Because there might be some real gems there.


While I know that these reviews don’t gain the same amount of views, likes or comments as other reviews might do, I still want to offer them to you. And I personally want them here as well. Because the blog is going to show my reading throughout the coming years, and it would be a shame to cut out books by Dutch authors.

11 thoughts on “Why Do I Review Books by Dutch Authors in English?

  1. Ik vind het tof dat je Nederlandstalige boeken ook in de spotlight zet op je blog – wie weet help je zo wel mee om te zorgen dat er vraag is naar een Engelse versie 🙂 Ik ben soms trouwens wel te lui om in het Engels te reageren op je blog: hopelijk vind je dat niet erg? Anders zal ik in het vervolg Engels reageren hoor ^^

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  2. Nice to hear your thoughts on this! I haven’t been reading a lot of Dutch authors lately but I look forward to reading about it on your blog. I’ve given this some thought myself, but also regarding other situations, like if I should comment in English or Dutch on your blog or posts by Dutch bookstagrammers.. haha. It doesn’t really matter in the end though, so I just go with what I’m in the mood for :’)

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    1. I don’t always read a lot by Dutch authors either because I am a pit picky, but I do have a few still on my shelf that deserve some attention. 🙂
      And I think that is fine. I don’t think anybody really minds if you comment in Dutch. 🙂 I don’t.


  3. It’s good for the exposure of non-English writers as well. Though the market for English books is huge, it is important to show that books are also written in other languages. I usually abhor translations, but Dutch authors do bring something new to the literary world, and they deserve attention and … to be translated into English.
    So keep on posting about Dutch books and authors!

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